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message 1: by Julieta (new)

Julieta (shamanik) Could anybody change the following information, please?

Where it reads "Los mejores cuentos de la literatura universal Vol. X" the number must be "XII".

Thanks ^^

message 2: by Julieta (new)

Julieta (shamanik) And if you could also change this one, please.

"Los mejores cuentos de la literatura universal Vol. XI" ---> the number must be X.


message 3: by Julieta (new)

Julieta (shamanik) PLEASE, can anybody add the covers that I uploaded in my profile here: to the following books I created? I hadn't scanned the pictures back then and later I wasn't able to edit the book information =S

You can use the Roman numbers as a guide (see that they match with the description of the correspondent books).


message 4: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 576 comments #2 and #3 done.

message 5: by Julieta (new)

Julieta (shamanik) Betsy wrote: "#2 and #3 done."


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