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You get home from a very long day at school. What is the first thing you do?

A. Go upstairs and do homework, then study.
B. Run outside. Homework can wait.

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hud A

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You are in class and someone forgot to do their homework. They turn to you and begin to plead for the answers. What do you do?

A. Tell them that good students to their homework and don't share.
B. Share your answers, but only part of them.
C. Share all your answers.

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hud B

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You are walking to a shopping facility and you see a boy crying on the curb. You walk over to him and ask him what's wrong. He tells you that his brother stole his Teddy Bear. Your reaction to this is:

A. You explain to him that he would eventually get rid to the Teddy Bear anyways. And that he was growing up and grown-ups do not have stuffed bears/
B. Invite him to come shopping with you.

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hud Is it okay if I say that I would ask where his brother is and demand it back? If not, I guess A. I feel heartless.

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Now, you find yourself coming to a fork in the road. Different paths branch off from here. You must choose one path and stay on it. There is no turning back. Which path do you take?

A. The path that leads to an open field with a few trees scattered.
B. The path that leads down to a beach.
C. The path of utter darkness. You don't know where it will take you.
D. The path of a dense forest.

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hud C

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Your final result is Erudite.

Go ahead and plug it in in your character and replace the yes, if put, for Divergent and replace with a no.

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