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In Search of Grace > Chapter 6: Praying with Practical Christians

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message 1: by Rowan (new)

Rowan (rowanfair) | 10 comments Mod
Rev. Butterworth is quoted as saying, "That's the purpose of deep prayer, to be still enough to attune ourselves to what already exists." For him, God is a force like gravity: "I drop a ball, it bounces -- gravity did its work. You can't tax or strain an infinite process like gravity, just as you can't tax or strain God -- the infinite mind, love and healing."

Did this chapter share anything new for you about Christian Science? Does your faith community believe that spiritual practices or prayer can heal the sick? What is the purpose of prayer (if any) in your tradition. Does the concept of "nowness", now being the "day of salvation", resonate with you?

message 2: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Lin | 8 comments I had only cursory understanding of Christian Science so this chapter was helpful. I've only met one person who attended a Unity Church in Palo Alto..she has since joined an Episcopal Church after attending a local United Nations Assoc. program there.

As a retired hospital employee and former volunteer chaplain, I think prayer has a role in healing, esp. if you convey that to the person who seeks healing. However, I react negatively to the practice of using prayer only to heal, whether physical, emotional, etc. We as humans are given ability to heal and that included more than prayer.

message 3: by Joy-Ellen (new)

Joy-Ellen | 25 comments Mod
I have attended Unity, New Thought, and Religious Science services. There is very much a connection between the New Thought teachings and those of Kriya Yoga. There is also a connection with Unitarians through the study of transcendentalism. In Kriya Yoga, there is prayer, but we pray "in God" not "to God" for the aid of those who suffer. For those of us of a more spiritual persuasion in UU, we send out healing thoughts to those in need. I believe that a combination of modern medicine and meditation/prayer is the best way to a healthy life. And the less invasiveness the better.

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