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Shadow wolf (shadowwolf910) | 6 comments Raspial stood atope the colosseum looking out at roma the place that he has called home for the past 21 years. He expertly climed down and blended with the crowd.

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Day sat not far from the port looking around as he quickly pickpocketed a very rich looking man's pocket.He moved away looking at the things he had collected.

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Shadow wolf (shadowwolf910) | 6 comments As he arrived at his destination he sat down to wait.

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"Damit old rich bastards are being more carefull,Only 20 gold coins" he said sighing.

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Shadow wolf (shadowwolf910) | 6 comments After resiving his assignment from his master he walked around until he wound up at the port were his target would be found.

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Day sighed looking around at everything."It seems that i need to find some way to make better gold can't keep stealing shit "Day said as he walked over seeing on the sandy beach.

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Shadow wolf (shadowwolf910) | 6 comments He show his target walking on the sore and followed him.

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Shadow wolf (shadowwolf910) | 6 comments when he got his chance he he slated his target.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Marco Casadei arrived to the Gates of the city, he was on a charriot, surrounded by horsemen and soldiers on foot, some of them with flags. He leaned his head of the charriot when it stopped right in front of the gate, he waited until it was fully open and the charriot continued its way. He was especting to meet with the Templar grand Maestre on that same night at the Vatican district.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) In front of him in the chariot was one of his captains, Templar, also.
He too out of his pocket a little silver medallion with the Templar insignia on it, he looked at it, it once belonged to his master, who was assassinated by those corrupted and evil Assassins.
"May the father of understanding guide us..." He said to himself as her played with the medallion on his hands.
"...and reveal his secrets." Completed the captain. Marco looked at him with a small smile.
"Very well." He said. "Your initiation is almost complete." He said "...tonight." He said.
The chariot stopped as a huge crowd of people blocked the way. Marco, confused, gave the instructions to one of his soldiers to see what happened, the young soldier entered into the crowd...

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