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You see are in a room with a girl. She is wearing some of the stupidest clothes your eyes have ever seen. She asks you how she looks. Do you?

A. Say that she looks okay, and you would be happy to giver her style advice.
B. Tell her flat out that she looks ugly and like a horrible wreck.
C. Offer a smile and tell her that she looks fine.

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You find yourself now in an open field. You look around and your eyes rest upon a man. He looks unconscious an he has a nasty gash on his head. He could be faking it though. It may be safe to approach him, it may not be. What do you do?

Write in answer.

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Risk it and go help him. If he attacks me then I use my knowledge to get away, I'm fast anyway

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You now find yourself in the midst of the factionless. They have you surrounded and they are demanding all your food, money, ect... What do you do?

A. Fight them. I may be outnumbered, but at least I can say I tried to get out.
B. Try to outsmart them
C. Give them what they demand without hesitation. Then run home and grab what you have and give it to them.

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Your report card just came back from school. You appeared to be failing all but one of your classes. What is your reaction?

A. This can't be mine...
B. Run upstairs and begin improving your grades.
C. When did I attend school last?

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Your final result was Erudite.

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That's what I was goin for

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I guesses. XD

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