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Ta da. (view spoiler)

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Thanks. So what type of RP's do you like to do?

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Hmm. Okay... Would you mind if I did a girl in this?

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I stink at playing guys... And I'm so sick of it... Thank you!

So should we do charries next? Or come up with some sort of plot line?

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Hmm. Okay. What about there are two people in college and they have to work on a project together. At first, the thought is just wretched, but then the begin to grow closer to each other?

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Should we do charries then?

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Should we use the same template?

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Simple, complex, or in the middle?

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Do you want me to make it?

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I didn't add a history because I prefer to do it as I go along. But feel free to put in a history. :)

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[Name] Lindsey Reinhardt
[Age] 18
[Gender] Female
[Personality] TBD
[Other] She has a cat and wears a liver locket around her neck wherever she goes.

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So... What now?

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How much do you usually post?

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Ahh. Okay. Umm. Average post then?

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I meant, what is your average post. >_< I'm so vague.

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