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Asma Asma Apr 28, 2014 02:53PM
The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles i have an exam on it could we discuus on it ?? i still didn't get the main point of writing this book ... really i dont like much the victorian era please tell me more about it

The Victorian era is not really the issue here. Fowles' objective is to explore the relationship between the author, the narrator and the other characters.

If you haven't taken the exam yet, pay close attention to the footnotes and the ending(s). Thinking about why the footnotes are there, and why the ending is written as it is, will better prepare you.

This book is not a Victorian novel. Rather, it's a post-modern play on one.

Asma thanx i have done my exam well and i reaaly loved the victorian era after i finished the book thanx a lot
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You don't get the main point (not just of the book itself) ...okay, that much is certainly very clear.

But you're saying you don't grasp the main point of why the author wrote the book at all?

Probably because he is an author; that probably has a good deal to with why he wrote this novel. That's what authors do.

After all, he wrote other novels before this; and he wrote more novels afterwards. Several of them were made into very popular--and very respected--movies. Including this one.

Then of course, he probably wrote the story because its a very powerful, and emotionally-moving romance.

Fowles also wanted to describe the Victorian Era in a fresh and insightful way to modern readers. He wrote this story because he had important and relevant and useful information to impart to us.

If you 'don't like the Victorian Era', I'm betting its merely because the fashion and clothing styles 'look strange to you', or something like that. Right?

But its a great timeperiod, actually. Almost a century when Great Britain was at the height of its power and fame. An era when fabulous works of art, literature, and music were created. An era where many features of our world today, were being tried-and-tested, and perfected: government, law, medicine.

A simpler time--not many modern luxuries. No hi-tech, modern conveniences. No automobiles or airplanes. No television or radio. It was a society with very strict rules, orders, classes, and codes-of-behavior but nevertheless, people-dealt- with-each-other in a much more direct, face-to-face manner. More so than even is done, today.

John Fowles wrote the wonderful 'French Lieutenant's Woman' to show us a glimpse into life as it really *felt* to two young lovers living back then. He shows that it was not dull, stoodgy, or stale.

He describes the Victorian culture with vividness (from a very 'familiar', accessible, viewpoint). He makes that world come alive so that we understand it better.

Asma sorry but maybe this is the first time i read a book like this where there is a fiction about fiction i hated the character of charles as an 'undecesi ...more
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