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Rp here with approved candor only

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Christine walks into the candor common area. Drake hangs on her arm in his sunglasses and leather jacket. She leans down and tells her son to go play but to stay close. As a mother she isn't very strict.

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Lied (lied) Avis walked into the common area. It wasn't very crowded, but she did saw a little dauntless boy and a woman. She looks at thr boy, he looked very cute in his dauntless clothing. She smiled at the women and walked in her direction.

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Chris looks up and sees a girl smiling at her. She shrugs it off and stands back up. She's wearing a black skirt with a gold buckle, a black crop top, a leather jacket, and various jewelry.

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(( Basically this --->. http://www.polyvore.com/dauntless/set...))

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Lied (lied) She looks at the woman. She is really young and looks hot. She looked at her outfit. She was wearing standard candor clothing. ((http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=94...)) She would love to wear amity colors but she couldn't yet. She was by the girl/ woman now. "Hey, I really like your skirt" She said honest and with a big smile.

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"Um ok." Chris twirls a purple strand of hair around her finger. Drake Gus on his moms skirt. He asks for his crackers and once he gets them he just ignores Chris again. "I'm Chris." She says, semi interested in the conversation.

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Lied (lied) Avis looked at the boy. He must be her son. It made her happy that Chris introduced herself. She liked meeting people.
"I'm Avis, nice to meet you. Is that your son?"She said curious. A smile came on her face again she loved children. The purple hair looked really amazing on Chris.

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"Yes that's Blake." She nods toward her son. She grabs her phone and checks her messages. Technically she should be working back in dauntless but she doesn't really feel like working. Still she checks to make sure she isn't needed back in survailence.

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Lied (lied) Avis followed her look at her son. He was running around. She smiled, he made her think about her little brother.
She saw Chris looking at her phone.
"Why are you in Candor, if I may ask?" Sh said curious.

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"Because I work in survailence. I need to check the security." Chris says. She switches from camera to camera on her phone, checking that they cover the entire area. "Why do you candor ask so many questions?"

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Lied (lied) "I've only asked you two question" She said indignant. "I just tried to be nice." She said still a bit indignant but she didn't like to make people mad so she tried to make a joke. "Why do you Dauntless always wear leather jackets?" She said and she grinned. She looked away hoping that Chris wouldn't get mad. Daniel said that Dauntless could be very unkind sometimes.

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Chris rolls her eyes. "Because tey are comfortable and cool. Plus they really easy to fight in." Chris smirks. Blake runs over and gives his mom his empty cracker bag. He then runs away again.

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Lied (lied) Avis laughed when the Blake gave her his empty bag. "Yes, they look extremely badass!" Avis said and smiled. "I'm sorry, I won't ask any more questions." She said and she made a zipper move with her hand.

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"Blake can you say hi to Avis?" Chris asks. She squats down to his level and wipes crumbs off his face. "Hey av-i" he says, mispronouncing Avis' name.

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Lied (lied) Avis squats too and looks at the boy. "Hey Blake, Nice to meet you. I like your glasses."She said and she smiled at him. He had the kind of hair you really wanted to get your hands trough.

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Lied (lied) ((I need to leave in a few. Do you want to end the roleplay or continue tomorrow?))

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((Continue I guess))

"They're mine!" Says before sticking his tongue out and running away. Chris stands up again.

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Lied (lied) Avis couln't hide her astonishment. "Wow, eh, he seems really cute and ehh dauntless.."avis said a bit confused. She didn't want to upset this dauntless lady. Chris seemed nice, but Avis was really scared of making her angry. She didn't like to fight or make people angry.

((Sleep well))

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"Well duh. I want him to stay dauntless so I raise him dauntless. It's kinda obvious." She says matter of factly.

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Lied (lied) "Yes, I understand but at the end it wont matter how you raised him.." she said thoughtful. Avis was raised like a candor. Through and through, but still she lied once in a while. Not because she liked it but because she had to.

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Chris glares at avis. "He won't leave. Not after what his dad did." She realizes what she just said and mentally smacks herself.

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Lied (lied) "Oh, okay.. if you, eh, say so. You know him best." She really wanted to ask after the father, but she promised not ro ask any questions. She wasn't really serious when saying that but she has the feeling that there shouldn't be asked questions about. Still, she was very curious. She opened her mouth to ask the question but she but closed it again after saying "what ehh". . If chris wanted to explain herself she should.

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Chris sighs. "Now you want to know about his dad. Of course you do." She shakes her head and shoos Blake away. She doesn't want him to hear about this until he's older.

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Lied (lied) "Yeah, but I understand of you don't want to tell it." She said with a half smile. She saw chris pushing blake away. So he really did a bad thing. Now she was really curious.

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Chris waits until Blake is out of earshot. "Short version is that I met a guy when I was seventeen. We started dating. I got pregnant. He flipped, slapped me and pushed me off a suspended bridge. I broke my leg and almost lost Blake. Trev, the guy, left and went to factionless. I had the kid when I was 18." She says, avoiding eye contact and keeping her voice low.

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles) Nicholette bounced in, and saw Avis. She runs over and squeals, "Avis! It's you!" She smiled and looked over at who Avis was talking to. "Oh, sorry, and I interrupting something." She smiled, and twirled around, "Don't you just love this dress?!" (view spoiler) She was also wearing a messy pony tail, and light makeup. She was one of those girls who goes way out on the make up, and looks bubbly and nice, but is sometimes snotty. (view spoiler)

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"You kind of are interrupting. And you better not spill about what I just told you." She threatens. It definitely isn't an empty threat.

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles) "Me?" Nicholette points at herself, "I didn't hear anything honestly, so there's no reason the threaten me." She shrugs, then smiles, "Nicholette. Pleased to meet your acquaintance."

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"I was telling Avis not to spill." she says. just then Blake runs over to his mom. he tugs on her black skirt and looks up. "I want my juice, Mommy!" he yells up.

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Lied (lied) She looked shocked at Chris! That is pretty schocking.
Then Nicky came in.. "Ehh, Yeah uh,. Awesome dress."She said looking at Chris with a half eye. "Eh. no ofcourse not. I'm sorry. I really hate that that had to happen to you..". She smiled a soothing smile. She smiled when Blake came again. "Hey Nicky, how are you doing?" She said with a big smmile.

((Little question. If the choosing has already took place can I still be here? Or is this before the choosing ceremony?"

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((Until the choosing ceremony ends you can stay here))

"You better not spill or ill kill you." Chris picks up Blake. She balances him on her hip and wipes food from his face. "You wanna play soccer later?" She asks Blake who nods his head vigorously. Chris chuckles.

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Lied (lied) "No, no. no ofcourse not. This is not something to spill about!" She said and she looked at chris. She smiled a comfort smile. She looked at Natasha with a I don't know either look.
She smiled when Blake came again. There relationship looks awesome.

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"Good." Chris says. She tickles Blake who I'm turn starts punching his mom and cracking up. Chris relents and puts him down. "Stay here." She says. "So I'm pretty much done checking the system." She says but doesn't leave, thinking that this teen may want to talk more.

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles) Lied wrote: ""No, no. no ofcourse not. This is not something to spill about!" She said and she looked at chris. She smiled a comfort smile. She looked at Natasha with a I don't know either look.
She smiled whe..."

(i"m here?!?!? How cool :P ))

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Lied (lied) She chuckles when Blake punched chris.
"Oh okay, Yeah. That's okay. Uhm, nice to meet you chris. And nice to meet you Blake"She said and she smiled. Although it was a bit scary she really liked meeting Chris. She was actually pretty nice.

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"Yeh yeh. I don't really wanna go back to work though. Imma stay here for a little while." She leans against the wall and lifts Blake.

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Lied (lied) "That would be fun! How old are you Blake."She smiled and hoped that he wouldn't get mad again. although it was kinda funny she liked it when people were kinder.

((I'm going to sleep! Sleepwell))

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Blake looks at Avis. He holds up three fingers. "I'm free!" He says. He then crosses his arms. Chris laughs at her son. She takes off his leather jacket when she notices he's sweating.


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Lied (lied) Avis laughed " three already, that's pretty old " Avis said dividing pretty in two . (Pre-tty). She loved the way how he said free instead of three. It reminded her of her little brother. .

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"Mommy. When we play soc-cer?" He asks Chris looks at Avis and then answers Blake. "In a little while spike." She says, using his nickname

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Lied (lied) Avis smiled, spike was a cute nickname. It fits blake.
"You can play soccer with him if you want, I don't want to keep you up."Avis said with a smile. She really started to like chris eventhough she was a little scary, but she din't want to keep her up. That makes the conversation awkward.

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"Wave goodbye to Avis." Chris tells Blake who waves. "Well you seem pretty cool. Maybe ill see you around." Chris says to Avis. She picks up her bag and Blake's jacket.

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Lied (lied) "Byeee Blake" avis said and she waved back. She turns too Chris again. "It was nice to meet you. It really was. Goodbye" She said knowing that they wouldn't meet here, but maybe in Amity. The total opposites.

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Chris takes her stuff, checks her phone, and walks toward the exit.

((Chris has left))

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Lied (lied) ((BYEE :), is nat still here?))

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles) ((Sorry, I haven't been on much. I'm here!))

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles) Nicholette turned to Avis, "Who was she?" She smiles curiously.

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles) ?

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