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Rp here with approved candor only

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Jenna | 284 comments Sierra looks behind her to see if anyone was looking. No one was so she opened the door. She is having a hard time figuring out which fraction she wants to be in. She knows what her test results were but, what if she wasn't cut out for it?

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Jenna | 284 comments The door closes behind her. She looks around again. "Good" she thinks. She knew it was going to be empty this evening. Now to see if she was really cut out for it.

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Jenna | 284 comments Once she gets up on the balcony she looks down. She isn't sure she could do this at all. She wants to try though.

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Jenna | 284 comments She pushes a chair aside, getting ready for the rush of adrenaline and almost inevitable pain. She gets up on the balcony bar, crouches down, and...

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Jenna | 284 comments Jumps. She falls and falls. Adrenaline rushing, and strangely not too scared. Until she's close to the ground, she mentally smacked herself. "What was I thin--" She hits the ground. Pain shoots up her leg, she bites her cheek hard so she doesn't scream. She slowly gets up, her leg gives out on her, so she just lies there.

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Jenna | 284 comments "I cannot get caught like this." She says aloud to herself. It doesn't bother her that she would have to lie. She was never cut out for candor, it's just her mother. She's her moms only family if her mom knew she was thinking about another faction.... "GOD!" She yelled. Hitting the ground. Her voice echoed. She started trying to get up again.

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Jenna | 284 comments She finally gives up. Just waiting for the next time someone comes in. Well if someone finds her she'll have to think up a lie. Good thing to occupy her with. She sighs and grits her teeth in pain. Then starts thinking

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