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rp here with approved erudite characters only

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((Wait so can initiates come here instead of dorms and meet and greet?))

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((If they are erudite born. Transfers rp on their faction of birth until the end of the choosing ceremony))

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Tris {I am selfish, I am brave} Eaton wrote: "((If they are erudite born. Transfers rp on their faction of birth until the end of the choosing ceremony))"

When does that finish?

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((Once everyone has chosen))

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Katie (readpanda) Reid ambled into the library, not expecting to find anything new to read just yet since he was currently in the middle of a novel whose name he constantly forgets. The library was silent except for a continuous ticking resounding from the clock that hung on the wall above the sliding front doors. After standing for a few minutes or so, staring at the clock, Reid decided to at least browse through the nonfiction shelves while he was in here. He meandered over to the 300s and immediately snatched up a book off the shelf and leaned against the shelf, lost in the words captured in the pages.

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regan Sophia felt like a kid in a candy store. Everything looked delicious and she couldn't decide on just one thing. She had a hodgepodge of books stacked in her arms. She had books on history to molecular bioengineering to astronomy. She even had a few fiction novels. But nonfiction was her forte. Sophia was itching to just get more information in her head. She walked all the isles every time she came to the library, making sure she got everything she wanted. Someone was reading in the next isle she walked into and she was still in her wonderland. Her books balanced precariously as she walked by, making a beeline for another book, stacking it atop her teetering pile.

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Katie (readpanda) Reid was trapped inside a thought-provoking story that was more interesting to him than a child's disgust for school. He was vaguely aware of the hurried paddling of shoes flashing madly across the floor, but he thought it was in his imagination until a flash of color whizzed past him. He looked up dizzily, as if pulled from sleep, and saw someone making a beeline, an enormous pile of books teetering in their hands. "Whoa," he stuttered. "Want me to help carry anything?"

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Can Katarina join please?)

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regan "I'd say yes, but then I'll just walk home with two armfuls of books," Sophia smiled. She had been so focused on getting her next book she didn't really pay much attention. "What book are you reading?" she asked, generally interested. Any book that's got something to it was worth her while, she didn't like anything that was simply published to be published. Old books were best though. Even the smell of the yellowed pages was wonderful.

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Katie (readpanda) ((If people want to join, feel free! :) The more the merrier))

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Katie (readpanda) Reid laughed and replied, "I know exactly what you mean, except normally I don't have multiple people carrying books just multiple hands." She didn't seem interested, but he understood and didn't really mind. "I'm reading..." He paused, trying to remember the title, but when he couldn't, he flipped it so the cover faced up, his thumb skipping from his spot in the process. He crumbled and began thumbing through the pages hastily, desperate to read more.

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regan ((Sorry, I didn't see your post Alice! I'm cool with you joining))

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regan "Oh, um, sorry," she said softly. "I'm being puerile, I didn't mean to bother you from your book," a touch of color touched her cheeks, embarrassed that she could be so inconsiderate. He was obviously trying to read, not be troubled by someone. She hastily grabbed an old book from the shelf behind her.

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Katie (readpanda) Reid blushed at his stupidity and hastily replied, "No, I'm contrite for being so absurd. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Reid Withers, and you are?" he asked curiously. He was really only half inquisitive, most of his attention was centered on the pages he was searching through. He shrieked giddily when he found the spot he had been on, and apologized for his excitement.

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regan "Sophia Elm," she replied giving a smile. She couldn't help but grin when he found his place again. She'd done the same exact thing the other week. When you had a lesser amount of bookmarks than books, it was difficult to save a spot without having to dog-ear the page, which was something she'd never do. "It must be a good book, considering your affinity for it," she smiled.

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Katie (readpanda) "No," answered Reid sarcastically, "it's an abhorrent book that I hope no one ever has to lay eyes on again." He smiled and added, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Sophia Elm, even if you're coincidental appearance lead to great anxiety in the world of this book." He lifted the book he was holding, his thumb lodged into the page to keep Reid from losing track. He chuckled softly and flicked it open to his page and was instantly lost again in his reading trance.

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regan Sophia laughed a little and rested her chin on the top book of her stack. "Nice to meet you as well, Reid Withers. My sincerest apologies to the world of that book. I hope I have not made it atrabilious and left it bereft of joy." The last great book Sophia read was absolutely miserable but she loved it. It was miserable in the sense that the story was upsetting and sad and left her tearful but she loved it in the sense of its impact and writing. Sophia really didn't know if she'd find something to top that.

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Katie (readpanda) Reid, who still did not know the title of the book that he held in his hands, winked slightly at Sophia and flipped the book around so he could see the cover. "Goodness," he muttered to himself, "I didn't realize that people even wrote about this stuff anymore." He abruptly snapped the book shut, placed it back on the shelf, and disappeared off towards the 500s section, not missing a beat. He ran his left hand through his shiny black hair as the fingers on his right hand tip-toed across the aisle, searching an interesting topic he hadn't yet picked up. "Ah," he ejaculated to himself, "philosophy. Always a good start when testing out a new theory, I do believe." He precipitously freed the words from the enclosed text, the spine popping as it bent to release the imprisoned concepts.

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regan Sophia watched him go and looked at the book he had placed back on the shelf. She walked up to it slowly and for some reason felt like she had to be clandestine about it. Gently placing her brobdingnagian pile of books upon the floor, she slid the book Reid had been immersed in off the shelf.

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Katie (readpanda) After standing for approximately thirty seconds, Reid felt uncomfortable and slid down the side of the book shelf and slumped to the floor. He became indulged in the glorious script that danced across each page, listing theories and possibilities, two things that Reid adored about life and experimentation. He shifted around constantly, unbelievably incommodious, but his focus never wavered from the pages that flipped faster than bullets could be shot.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Thanks, sorry, took my while took reply, I've only just checked my notifications :))
Katarina wandered down the isle, not really looking where she was going; but being a immersed in a book she couldn't help it. She just hoped no one would notice it was fiction, the erudite seemed to have a thing against it. Suddenly, she tripped over something on the floor and landed in a heap on top of it. The book went flying and proceeded to hit the thing, or rather boy, on the head. "I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, then lowers her voice, remembering where she was. "Please except my upmost apologies"

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Katie (readpanda) ((Should the order be Sophia, Reid, Katarina?))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Fine by me)

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regan ((Works perfect with me. Sorry, had to do hw))

Sophia jumped at the noise. She had opened the book and was immersed. If there was such thing as written pulchritude, this book was it. Ignoring the noise, she went back to reading. She used her tall pile of books as a chair and read the bliss.

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Katie (readpanda) ((Sorry, was depressed after Woellamo d Cup match))

Reid was more startled than hurt. His nose, which had been stuck so far into the book was pulled out ferociously as if someone had told him that they would torch the library if he didn't scadaddle. No, he probably wouldn't hear them, and yet here he was, not looking at his book, and another book was resting on the floor beside him. Suddenly, as if he was out of the eye of a cyclone, his head pounded. He gritted his teeth and replied to a voice he vaguely remembered hearing, "It's all good; I'm not dead." Then his brow furrowed and he picked up the fallen book. He didn't bother reading the cover, but when he cracked open the first page, he was lost in a fictional book, no doubt.

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Katie (readpanda) ((Ahhh!! Curse auto correct. World Cup Match, not the weird stuff it says below.))

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((Mwahahaha Argentina!!!!!))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Sorry, confused by all your posh language, what exactly did Reid do? Did he just get up and carry on? Whose book is he reading please?)

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (:( wanted NEDARLANDS to win cos they hav nice name, like neverland )

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Katie (readpanda) ((My freaking home country lost to the biggest nuisance of a team ever DX!!! And, yes, that's basically it, Alice))

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regan ((Who do you guys want to win now? Germany or Argentina?
Also, who's turn is it to post?))

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Katie (readpanda) ((Alice. Germany, duh :P))

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((Argentina. Duh))

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Katie (readpanda) ((Hahahaha. So funny.))

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((Serious. Although I'm related to müller))

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Katie (readpanda) ((I'm related to noteworthy people that there are no notes on, and betrayal.))

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regan ((Muller?! Lucky! I'm rooting for Germany. And none of my family has done really anything important I don't think, besides serving in wars))

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Katie (readpanda) ((But that is important because they helped mold our future, I guess))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Shall I add something? How about, my grandad's friends with the Archbishop of Canterbury who christened George? Not that that really lives up to muller but hey :))
Katarina was worried. At least the boy didn't seem hurt, he had just picked up her book and completly ignored her. But now he would realise what a lunatic she was because of it. "Um, hey" she hesitated "I'm Katarina, are you alright?"

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regan Sophia put the book onto her stack. She felt like she was stealing Reid's book but it was too good to not finish. She carefully picked up the precarious pile of her precious books and walked over to a reading table. She laid them all down and organized them into piles based on genre. She volunteered at the library every other day and today was a volunteer day. She walked over to the check out station and sat down with her molecular bioengineering book waiting for someone with a book to check out.

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Katie (readpanda) Reid hastily looked up at the girl named Katarina. He politely handed her book back replying, "Hello, Katarina. I think I am quite all right, but I must say the book you picked out, though fictional it may be, is rather enjoyable. My name is Reid and it is a pleasure to be acquainted with you, unless of course, you would rather never speak to me again," he added with a faint smile. He pulled himself to his feet and released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding after reading.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments "well hello reid" Katarina replied, trying to mimic his intelligent tone. "it is a pleasure to meet you to, although I was afraid I had squashed you and that it would be you running away from me, mainly due to my acquaintance with fiction."

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regan Sophia pulled out her other Biology book. She was researching fish. Currently in her serum research, she was trying to figure out why molecules in abyssopelagic fish were different than photic fish. If she got her serum just right, she could produce something that would changed the molecules in a person just for a small period of time. That person would then be able to dive into water without a submarine into depths that'd normally crush them. Sophia could read this stuff all day acquiescently.

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Katie (readpanda) Reid chuckled to himself and answered, "I've made an acquaintance with fiction too, so I'm more likely to run into the book than away from you. Do you think there's another copy?" he asked. "I was rather enjoying the story, but I wouldn't be interested in taking your copy in case you haven't yet finished its contents." Reid looked towards the check-out desk and the girl, who currently looked rather mesmerized in a book, that he had earlier bumped into. "I think I was going to check out something anyway." He faced Katarina again. "Which way, Mademoiselle?"

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regan Sophia's brow scrunched together at something she couldn't quite understand. She looked at her watch and realized her volunteer time was up. Swiftly, she walked over to the one desk to pick up her books and walked out, heading to someplace she could look up some more information.

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments Bella walked into the Library with Emery behind her. She grinned. Bella had not done this in forever!

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Kaylin Behrens | 35799 comments Mod
"Okay." Emery said quietly looking at Bella. "What exactly do you want me to do?"

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments "Something that will disrupt them- a lot." Bella said. "You choose."

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Kaylin Behrens | 35799 comments Mod
Emery smiled. Her mind wandered thinking of all the awesome stunts she could pull. "Got it!" She said to Emery. Emery walks in stealthily and hides in between a couple of bookcases. "Fire, there's a fire! Everyone out!" Emery runs out of the building with all the Erudite running out behind her. She sees Bella. "Keep running, don't stop!"

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