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rp here with approved erudite characters only

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Lied (lied) Alexis walked into the computer room. She had read an amazing chemistry book and she really wanted to do some more research. She walked to a computer.

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Bloodyhell Naomi bounced into the computer room. She saw someone was already here. Why, it was Alexis! A sneer bloomed on her face. She walked to where Alexis was. "Why, if it isn't my dear Alexis! Why are you here?", said Naomi mockingly.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Katarina sidled silently into the computer room. She was terrible with technology, but she knew that is she was to succeed in erudite, her faction choice, she would have to get someone to help her, and fast. She stopped short. It was Naomi. 'Oh no,' Katarina thought 'oh no oh no oh no' Naomi was not the person she wanted to make a fool of herself on the commuter in front of. But she'd chosen erudite for a reason; so she continued walking and sag as far away from Naomi and the other girl as possible.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Sorry, I couldn't find either of yor initiate threads so I jus made stuff up, hope I got it right)

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Bloodyhell ((You got it right about Naomi :), but Alexis is 32, so not a girl:) ))

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Lied (lied) "Well hello Naomi. Me, oh, just doing some research after a book. You? Trying to learn how to use a computer? " avis said with a fake smile with fake innocence. In her mind she added 'which you need'. Alexis saw someone else coming in. She sighed. Like one person isn't bad enough.

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Bloodyhell Naomi laughed, but there was no warmth in her laugh. "Oh you're always such a joker! What is that book? Typing for dummies? Kihihihihahaha", she sneered. Then her eyes glanced at another direction, a girl was there. She smirks, "Another visitor? How charming!"

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Lied (lied) " well, she lookes like she needs typing help. And if you're such a great typer maybe you should help" alexis said and she let go of a laugh. Hahaha. "I loooove your new hair by the way" A said and she gave Naomi another cold smile.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Katarina glanced round and blushed. Being in a room with two adults was bad enough, but being in a room of bickering adults, that was pushing it. She turned round and immediately began typing up her recently developed story. She wasn't going to search how to use a computer after thst comment.

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Bloodyhell "Thanks, your hair is great too. But oh, is that a split end. And I also see some gray hair. Oh Lexi, are you taking care of yourself?", Naomi said the word 'lexi' with so much sweetness it could give any sane person diabetes. She tutted,"No good, no good at all Lexi! Who else will clean up the floor when you're sick. You're so valuable", Naomi smiled, but her eyes weren't smiling.

((bitching is fun!))

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Bloodyhell ((Orders?))

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Lied (lied) Lexi, sigh, she hated that name. "Nan, this are working marks. This marks show how much time and effort I've put into being as smart as I am right now. So keep working sweety" she said and she smiled a mean smile. "There's a long way to go if you want to keep up with me"

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Lied (lied) ((Uuhm, maby?))

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Bloodyhell "Hahahahahah", Naomi kept laughing as if she had heard a great joke. Her lips turned into a cruel sneer again, "So how's the family, Lexi? Or more importantly, how's your sister?" She knew about Alexis's history.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Katarina glanced over her shoulder again, she really needed some help, but these women were really being mean to each other and she didn't want to become the target of their anger. She wished Nicolette was here, she'd know what to say; but she hasn't seen Nicolette since the choosing ceremony...

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Lied (lied) Alexis didn't even try bring "nice" after that. If steam comed out of her ears it would. " I dont know." he said. "You kind of remind me of her. You are weak as a feather, stupid, mad in your head and so on. If you want to excuse me, I'm trying to find a cure for people like you." She said and rurned to the computer. Typing: cure for mad people' in the search

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Bloodyhell "Kihihihihihahahaha", Naomi giggled. "Sore spot for you isn't it? Why did she leave you in the first place? Because you're incompetent!." She was cackling now. Her face twisted into ugly and cruel features. She glanced at the other girl in the room and smirked. That girl was about to see a show.

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Lied (lied) "Who is cleaning yoir diapers Nao? I mean its getting kind of smelling in here! You must have done a poopoo! A kuchakuchakuche." She said and she made a I talk to babies face. "Where is your dauntless daddy?"

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Bloodyhell ((shall we continue tomorrow? This is fun!))

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Lied (lied) ((Yeah! Just waned to say the same thing... :p))

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Bloodyhell ((So Alice, you're still here? We need an order: Naomi, Alexis, Katarina? Sorry for asking this late))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (yeah that's fine; might be a bit on and off though cos I've got to revise for my gcse science exams next week, I've got 3, and a maths mock! :()

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Bloodyhell ((Good luck with your exams :), exams're terrible, we are waiting for your turn))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (k sorry)

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Katarina turned round again, determined not to be afraid. but she was an easily intimidated person, and talking to people wasn't one of her strengths. she blushed red. "um, hi, do either of you know how to use a spread sheet please?"

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (a spread sheet :), I couldn't think of anything else, but I actually can barely use one :))

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Bloodyhell ((hehe, no worries, Katarina's now the scapegoat for the two mean ladies >:D))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments (Great :), ill see what I can do to fight back :))

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Lied (lied) ((muhaha, poor girl. fong your turn.))

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Bloodyhell ((Yeah, I will post in moment. GR updates have gone crazy! :P))

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Bloodyhell Naomi laughed. She plopped down to a seat. She placed both her feet on the desk. She found Alexis' insults entertaining. They had been at it for year! She was about to make a retort but then she heard the other girl speak.
She was asking how to use a spreadsheet. She sniffed. Young people these days! Useless. Then she smirked and gave a look to Alexis. A look which said "this is our new victim"

((Lied! I just realize. Naomi doesn't hate Alexis at all. They still dig at each other. But if there's a 3 rd person, they will unite. Kinda like a bitchy friendship. What do you think?))

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Lied (lied) ((Thats awesome! :p friends with fighting benefits :D))
Alexis had a small smile on her face. But turned her head irritated. She hated teenagers, but not knowing how to use a spreadsheet.. uhg.. why would she be in erudite. How would she handle this. She chose to look down at the girl.
"Ohw, girl, don't you know?" She had a smile on her fave that said are you stupid? "Look, you can use the mouse to click on things. So you'll have to moove the mouse to click on new spreadsheet. Then you can type words by pushing on the keys with a letter on it." she talked to her like she was mad. She knew the girl knew this already but she knew that she would hate this. She glanced at Naomi with a face saying: poor girl, this must be so hard for her. Alexis knew that that would make the girl feel like a mad person even more.

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Katarina tried to stay calm, but it was hard, her face was on fire and she was hating, hating this woman right now. "Umm actually," she said "can you show me how to add columns up please?"

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Lied (lied) ((Fong?))

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Bloodyhell ((Sorry Lied, I won't do any RP from now on, too busy :( ))

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Katarina has left

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Lied (lied) ((Bye then guys!))

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Flaming Phoenix (FlamingPhoenix) | 147 comments Aiden Pearce walks into the computer room, his eyes scanning the room. He sits at a nearby computer, logging into his profile. Aiden was wearing a ball cap, a V-neck t-shirt, and jeans. He blended in well on the streets, but in here he stuck out like a sore thumb.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas walked into the computer room.He hadn't really wanted to come here,this wasn't where he usually went,but he was sent to come here,he had to fix a computer in this room.He was good with computers,got good grades for fixing and using them but he didn't particularly like doing it.He would prefer to read a book.Lucas walked over to a computer at about the right side of the room.He examined it,and then started to fix it.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas was busy with fixing the computer.He looked to the book he had put near the computer.It was his favourite book and he had hoped to read it while he was here.But probably wouldn't have enough time to continue it.He loved to read with all his heart.He glanced over to see a guy reading a book.He looked about sixteen,an initiate."Hey there" he says friendly.He doesn't look at the boy though,he keeps focus on the computer,it needed to be fixed.In truth,Lucas was a quiet type,shy too.But he decided to open up a little to this guy.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas glanced over to the guy quickly.He then looked back at the computer.He knew how the guy felt.He probably wanted to read his book,like Lucas wants to now,but he can't because of some idiot broke the computer.Lucas sighs.He really doesn't want to fix the computer,but the sooner he'll fix it,the sooner he will be able to read his book.He doesn't say anything else,not wanting to make the guy stop reading his book.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Alright Bye :) ))

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas looks over to the guy."I don't really know.Maybe a younger person" he shrugs.He still keeps focus on the computer but listens to the guy.Lucas isn't much of a talker,he is shy,yet he decides to talk to him.He continues to fix the computer.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas half smiles."Not really" he says.He doesn't mind what the guy does."I'm Lucas,and you are?" he asks.He looks over to the guy instead of focusing on the computer.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas thinks for a moment."Yes I actually do." he says.He does wonder that alot."I thought I was the only one." he says.Nobody seemed to think that alot.They just care about what happens in their faction.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas nods.He thinks about that too sometimes.Though he knows he belongs in Erudite,he thinks what if he went to another faction?Would he be a different person?Would his personality completely change?What would he be like?Lucas realizes he has gotten deep into thought,he focuses on fixing the computer but still listens Cohen.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas keeps focus on the computer.He was nearly done.Then finally he could go read his book.It doesn't take him long to fix a computer.He does it pretty quick.He reads books faster though.He could read more than 3 in a day if he wanted to.But he usually gets sent to fix computers or do other things.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Lucas sighs."I don't know.They just pick me all the time.I was the best student in the class when I was in Initiation.So now they think I'm some sort of Einstein." he shrugs.He hates being picked to do everything.It annoys him alot.Though they know he is a good pick.He is the best in the class still.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "I just hate being picked" Lucas sighs.He lets Cohen walk over behind him and help."You can a bit if you like,though I am nearly finished" he says.He looks into the computer and starts to fix an area in the corner.

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