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RP with approved dauntless characters only

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber walked in, still smiling. She walked over to Seths door and knocked. As she waited she thougt back to what had happened. This, she decided, was a VERY weird day.

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Seth hears a knock on his door. He's in the middle of practicing on his punching back. He's drenched in sweat. He stops momentarily to go answer the door. When he opens it he sees amber standing there, covered in what looks like soda.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber returned to the world as Seth opens the door. She smiles then notices what he's looking at. She was drenched in soda, and cheese powder. She nodded and said, "Long story....." She smiles again. "Anyway, you said to stop by and say hi."

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"Yeh I remember that part." He smiles. "I have no idea why you're knocking though. I mean this is practically your house." Seth says. He opens the door wider and wipes sweat off of his forehead.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber smiles. Judging by how much he was sweating, he had been using the punching bag. She nodded and steped in. She stepped aside so Seth could close the door. Sure enough, there was his punching bag.

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"So you can do whatever. As you know. I'm just gonna go get my dad and drew." Seth unhooked his bag from the ceiling and carries it over his shoulder as if it weighed nothing. He walks into another room to get Sean and Drew.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber chuckled and shakes her head. As Seth walked out she looked around. The house looked like it always did, and that neveer really changed. Everyone in Seths family loves athletics. She didn't really mind. So did she. She leaned up against their punching bag and waited.

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Drew walks into the main room of his house and sees amber leanin against a punching bag. "Hey amber. How you been lately?" He asks. He opens his fridge and takes out a beer.

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Seth walks back in. He found his dad but still had no idea where drew was. That is until he looks up. Drew is standing over by the fridge, beer in hand. You'd think that drew would spend time at his own house but no. He's almost always here.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Seth, Amber, Drew right?))

"Good, thanks." Amber replied. Thank gosh Seth didn't tell him yet. Or at least she hoped. But if Drew asked him, he would tell him. He never lies. That can be good and bad. "You?"

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((Sure but in comes Sean now... So Seth amber drew Sean?))


Sean walks in behind his son. He's clothed in black jeans, a black tshirt, and a leather jacket. "Amber! Hey. What's new?" He asks. Seth told him that something new was going on but he wouldn't say what. If drew had heard Seth, well they would've gotten very physical about it.

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"Yeah amber. What's new?" Seth smirks. He wants her I answer the question. If someone else asks him, he's going to tell the truth. It's what he does. "And drew. Do you ever stay at your own place?"

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Yep))

Amber gave Seth the death stare. And that was one thing she was really good at. Glaring. As soon as she had glared at Seth for a while, she searched her brain for something to say. Finally she decided it would be less weird coming from Seth. "Ask Seth. Or check his answering machine."

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"Really? I waited all day and resisted punching my son in the face for not sharing details and now he's just gonna tell me anyway? You children are evil." Sean jokes. Well partially. He wouldn't punch his son but he might punch the wall. He's only ever this chill around his family, amber included. "So Seth. What happened?"

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Skiped Drew... but whateves))

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"I could beat you up dad. And you know it." Seth flexes his muscles. "And well amber has a new boyfriend or something. Already scared the guy out of being an ass. Not that he would be one. It's just a precaution. Sorta."

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((Oops!!! I just wait for his next turn.))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber sighed. She waited for the reaction. She wasn't so much worried about Sean, but there would be a reaction, but it was more Drew she was waiting for. Another lecture. Yay.

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"And neither of you told me right away because?" Drew asks. He puts the beer down on the counter and walks over to Seth. "You especially. You've been home for hours and you didn't tell me." He's angry. "Amber, whoever this kid is. He's coming here. And soon. You don't really get a choice."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((This is going to be interesting..))

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"I agree with drew. He's coming over. I need to meet this kid. Although I'm sure Seth probably freaked him out. Speaking of which, this kid is dauntless right?" Sean asks. As head of the faction he shares Seth's hatred of factions such as amity. Except his is amplified by ten.

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"Yeah dad he's dauntless. Do you really think I would deal with him at all if he weren't. Jeez I'm like you, only way more attractive and alot stronger." Seth says.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber sighed loudly. This is what she gets for coming over. Rodrick better watch her back. Well, at least Seth didn't tell them about Daniel. Great. Now she jinxed it. "Cut it out! Will you guys stop trying to run my life!"

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"Amber chill out. This is our job ok? You're practically my little sister. And we won't kill him. He just needs to come over for dinner." Drew says.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Can't wait XD))

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"Seth, it is impossible to be more attractive then me." Sean says. "And amber. Drew is right. I probably already know the kid. Atleast by name. I do run this faction."

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Seth looks at his dad and brother. He chooses not to mention Daniel, for now. "Amber just do it. They aren't gonna shut up til he comes over."

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((If amber texts him he can come over now))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((:-D))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Well, is that cool Enchanting? And if you post Seth I can post.))

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((I posted Seth))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Thanks, Enchanting??????)))

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((I'm here :P!))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Okay, well can amber text Rodrick about coming over?))

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Well it's kinda late here :(...I can still post a few posts if you want but I only have like 10minutes :(.Really sorry :(!!!!I'll still post a few though before I have to go :).))

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((I gotta go soon too anyway))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Okay!))

Amber groaned. She sighed and realized he was right. They were never going to leave her alone if she didn't get him down here. She pulled out her phone then texted Rodrick. It read, 'So sorry, but your going to have to visit Seths house, he told his family'. "There, happy?!? His name is Rodrick Moon."

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"So happy amber. So happy." Drew said. He smiled and grabbed his beer again.

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Sean looks at his two sons. "Drew I'm trusting you won't punch rodrick the minute he walks through the door. And Seth, well you already met him."

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"Dad. We have your genes. No promises drew wont react badly. Atleast at first. But this kid isn't as bad as I expected." Seth replies to his father.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((:-D))

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Were they supposed to know his name yet Ally?I don't know ;)...))

Rodrick received the text from Amber.So that's where she went.Great.Now the whole family will know and give him lectures.He goes anyway, he didn't want to dissapoint Amber.When he gets there,he knocks on the door.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Sorry,did I reply too early?))

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((Nah that's fine! And his mom would have a different maiden name so Sean wouldn't recognize the last name))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber was seriously considering smacking that beer out of Drews hand. Soon, she did. The beer went flying across the floor. There were very few people whjo dared to do that. And those few were among his family.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments (Sorry, didn't see Enchantings! Just have the Drew answer the door.))

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"Really amber? I was drinking that!" Drew says. He goes over and grabs another beer. He acts like he's about to drink it but instead dumps if on her head. Normally he would punch someone who did that. Just not amber.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Okay, have Sean open the door.))

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Sean hears someone at the door and goes over to answer it. He opens it and sees a teen standing there, dressed in black. "I'm assuming your that rodrick kid? I'm Sean Daniels, faction leader."

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