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Where Jedi Padewan can interact on a social level whilst in training.

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Tassadar nodded. "It's okay." He said. "This is a nice place, that you've got here."

Alexis blushed slightly, "Thanks." She limped to the kitchen table and sat down.

Tassadar sat in front of Alexis. "So, are you from Corucant or were you born in another planet?" He asked her.

Alexis looked into his eyes, lost for a moment. She blushed upon realizing this. "I was born on an offworld that no longer exists. The sith destroyed it. The Republic brought me here because I was on a Republic ship at the time conducting a trade. That was 5 years ago."

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Quemares Tassadar looked at Alexis. "So you are an off-worlder." He said. "So, what do you here in coruscant?" He asked, wanting to know about this very interesting and attractive girl he was currently looking at.

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"Honestly , its because I had feeling I had to come here. Something about Corsucant made me move here."

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Quemares Tassadar nodded. "So do you have a job or belong to any special organization or such?" He asked her.

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"I work as a courier for various organizations. I get paid for ensuring secure deliveries. And you?" She asked, then paused. "Oh yeah, jedi ." She blushed bright red

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Quemares Tassadar smiled. "It's okay." He said. "You look cute when you're blushing." He looked into her eyes. "Not that you aren't attractive when you're not blushing, not get me wrong." He looked down. "Hey, is dinner ready?" He asked, quickly changing the subject.

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Alexis smiled, still blushing. "Umm.. yeah. Sorry." She brought out two bowls of soup with a spoon in each. She set tlone in front of him, and the other in front of herself. She sat down and smiled at him nervously

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Quemares Tassadar smiled. "Thanks." He said as she set down the bowl. He grabbed the spoon and he brought a spoonful of soup to his mouth. "This is some good soup." He said. "I have been meaning to ask you. What were you doing near the Jedi Temple? And why did you run inside?"

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Alexis blushed, "I heard the explosion, then people in pain, I had to at least help them." She was being honest, despite being a sith, she was good at heart. "Then it collapsed, and yeah."

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Quemares Tassadar nodded. "Then I pulled you out." He said. "You're a good person." He said. "You're beautiful, inside and outside. I guess if I'm going to risk getting into trouble with the Jedi Masters, I'm glad that it is because of you." He smiled.

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Alexis giggled, getting close to him before kissing him on the lips softly. "I'm glad its me too." She bit her lip, pondering if she should come clean about the sith

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Quemares Tassadar kissed her back. He looked into her eyes and smiled. "You live alone, right?" He asked her.

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"Yeah. Me and my droid, but he wouldn't care." She giggled

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Quemares "A droid?" Tassadar asked. "How did you afford a droid....or did you found it and fixed it?"

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"Fixed up an old droideika. Don't worry, it only will attack if I say so, its not an AI really, it just does what I tell it." Alexis kissed his cheek softly. "Where were we?"

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Quemares Tassadar smiled. "I asked you if you lived alone, and then you said that your droid wouldn't mind." He said. "You look good in that dress. I bet you look just as good without it"

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Alexis blushed, "Maybe I do, maybe not. You'll have to find out."

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Quemares Tassadar smiled, got up and walked to her. He put his arms around her waist and kissed her.

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Alexis smiled softly, kissing back eagerly

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Quemares Tassadar picked Alexis up and sat her down on the table, as he kept kissing her. Once he sat her down on the table, he started to kiss her neck.

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Alexis smiled gently, moaning softly

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Quemares Tassadar stopped kissing her and smiled at her. "Should we take this to your bedroom?" He suggested.

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Alexis odds, moaning

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Quemares Tassadar smiled at her and stood back. "Lead the way, then." He said. "I don't know where it is."

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