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Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) Name: Kiana Renee Peony (pronounced Renay)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 2-28
Faction Before the Choosing Ceremony: Amity

Written Description:
Hair Color: White/blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Tan
Body Shape: hourglass
Height: 5'1
Weight: 120
Pitch of voice: sweet and sounds kind
Other: She has kind of a hunchback but not very noticible. She can sing very well. She has a birthmark (blob) at the top of her neck.

Personality: She gets uncomfortable around Dauntless. She is very kind and sharing. She likes to hang around people a lot. She is a very hard worker. Kiana looks up to the people in Abnegation. She thinks they are very kind. She doesn't really like any boys because she isn't that kind of person.

History:(lol, LA skills:)) She grew up in Amity. She finds herself in the Abnegation sector a lot. Her mom and dad are still alive. They are married together. Her sisters have all left leaving her with her parents. She helps around the house when she is not in the fields. Her mom works in the fields with her. Her dad works there too. Her sisters used to until they moved away.

Mother: May Peony,45, Amity, She has grown very close to Kiana and couldn't bare to see her go to another faction.
Father: Joe Peony, 47, Amity, he is very sweet and is like one of those people that help homeless hedgehogs.
Older Sister: Fiona Peony,19, Erudite, she loves her family very much but loves the Erudite even more. yes, she is that kinda person.
Older Brother: N/A
Older Sister #2: Nancy Peony,17,Abnegation, She is awesome. She can have fun but she has a nice and caring personality.
Younger Brother: N/A

What Faction(s) Your Character got on the Aptitude Test: to be determined.
What Faction your Character Chose: to be determined
Divergent: nope

Other: Well, she doesn't like weapons, except those little stun circle type things (Insurgent). She can become a silly little girl when she wants to and then can be all grown up another time.

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As of right now, no girl initiates are being accepted.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) dang it. can I still keep her up till you guys are don't doing your things?

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) cuz it took me a while

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I don't really care if you take her up or delete her. But she will most likely not be accepted for a while. If you want a character, I would suggest going in and creating a male.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) it's fine I'll wait.

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It's gonna be a while. And you have the potential of missing a good part of initiation.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) ehh, I'm pretty sure no one is in Amity. plus I don't feel like making anything now.

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Okay then.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) are you gonna accept mine once I get the pic?

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It depends... I look only at the stuff you put in once you have a pic.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) ahhh a nice good picture!!!!!!

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1. You need to update the italics underneath her picture.
2. We do not know who the Abnegation leaders are yet, so therefore, she cannot be good friends with them.
3. Do not speak for the Dauntless. You do not know if she annoys characters there.
4. In the History, don't speak for other people in Abnegation. You don't know if they will transfer to Amity or not.
5. Delete my blurb next to Family:
6. Delete any mention of the Divergent movie. And all people from Abnegation are called Stiffs, no matter what.
7. She has not taken the Aptitude Test yet nor chose her faction, so how does she know she got Amity?
8. Fill out the final other.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) kk, I'll have to change her age then.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) done :)

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1. Her hair color is more blonde than white.
2. Her age must be 16.
3. I still won't accept her personality.
4. Same goes for the History. I can't involve any other characters but her and her family.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) okay I'll fix it wonderfully for the sake of the group

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Thanks you Claire!!!

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) I need like the rocky song playing in mah head for finishing the history!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDDD

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) there we go!!!!!!!! :) nice, big, finished, Kiana for ya :)

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1. You just need one more sentence for the personality.
2. Her dad needs another job, not government. Like a field worker. If this groups survives, then I have a grand plan for jobs.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) could he be like, part time government?

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No. Sorry. He must have a job that most of the population has.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) okay. both mah parents are field workers. wow that's gonna look good on a resume!!! :)

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) okay done!!!!!! :)

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) dang I didn't realize how much it bothered me until I made a gap between Personality and history :)))))

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Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta go get mah rp on!!!!!! whoop whoop!!!!!

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) it must feel nice to make someones day twice in a row :)

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You can't possible be talking to me...

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) I am :)

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Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) :)

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