Room No. 10 (Inspector Winter, #7) Room No. 10 question

what the hell happened at the end??? spoilers very welcome
laura laura Apr 28, 2014 12:51PM
so, why did Paula and her mother have to die, why were Paula and Ellen in the appartment 18yrs ago, wouldn't Ellen be 47 at present day which means she had Paula at age 17??? what did she do with her then and why did Mario marry Elisabeth? why was Jonas afraid of Krister? Who killed Jonas's dog? why did Krister paint body parts? what was the deal with the suitcase? I am totally lost, please help me out...

You have every right to be confused (if you're still here). Krister's wife left him, and her sister was helping her run away, so both needed to die. Paula had gone with her mother, an equal betrayal (I think). I have no idea who killed the dog, how it got buried there, or how Ellen was buried there without anyone noticing. And I have no idea what the dog was barking at originally. I don't remember any explanation for the suitcase, and I just finished reading the book last night. I think Mario married Elisabeth after she took Paula away - he was a red herring. The whole 'white' thing was unexplained, as far as I remember.

laura thank you for your input - I wish I remembered the book better now! maybe I should read it sometime again, it wasn't bad! :) ...more
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