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message 1: by Joanna (new)

Joanna | 42 comments Mod
Each question requires two answers which are the opposites of one subject!
What are the…

1. First and last books in your collection?
2. Cheapest and most expensive books you own?
3. Books with a male protagonist and a female protagonist?
4. A book you read fast and one that took FOREVER?
5. Prettiest and ugliest books you own?
6. National book and an international book?
7. Thinnest and thickest books you own?
8. Fiction and non-fiction books?
9. Most romantic and action books you own?
10. Happiest and saddest books you have read?

message 2: by Joanna (new)

Joanna | 42 comments Mod
1. I think the first book I ever bought myself was Beware! Killer Tomatoes by Jeremy Strong which, by the way is hilarious. The last time I bought I book was a couple of weeks ago when I went to Waterstones and bought two books: Nowhere and Ready Player One.
2. The book that I payed the least for is probably The Dragons of Ordinary Farm which I bought from our primary school's Autumn Fair for about 50p. The most expensive book I own is probably my hardback copy of Lily Alone.
3. My favourite book with a male protagonist is probably The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time though there are a lot to choose from. A book with a female protagonist is harder to find but I'm going to go for The 5th Wave which is mainly from the view of Cassie Sullivan, who is a girl.
4. The book that took the least amount of time to read is Attachments which took me a full day to read and was the first book I read in one day. Rainbow Rowell is a very good author. Lily Alone took a very long time to read because when I was little I found Jacqueline Wilson's writing terrifying yet interesting.
5. In my opinion the prettiest book I own is Sky Hawk, mainly because of the beautiful osprey on the front. The ugliest book would probably be The Dragons Of Ordinary Farm which is not only in terrible condition but it also just has a bad cover.
6. The book set closest to where I live is The Book of Secrets which is set in the future when most of the world was flooded by global warming and the main characters travel to the Scottish city of Embra (get it?). The Lionboy trilogy is based all around Europe, and a little bit in Africa, which I really enjoyed as a child.
7. The thinnest book I own is Underground which is such a tiny book, it is only 198 pages long but still very good. I don't own any particularly huge books but the biggest is probably Fangirl.
8. Almost all of my books are fiction other than Big Cat Diary: Cheetah, not that I've actually read it.
9. The most romantic book I own would probably be either Every Day or Fangirl and the most action book is probably War Horse though that technically doesn't belong to me, I still need to return it to my P7 teacher. Oops.
10. The saddest book I've ever read is Thirteen Reasons Why because it's so ridiculously depressing! The happiest book I've read is probably Ella Enchanted because it has a reasonably sad plot but the style of writing is very light-hearted.

message 3: by Fiona (new)

Fiona | 11 comments 1. Umm… Probably some Mr Men books? I have a lot of those. The last book I bought was The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, since he’s meant to be amazing but I’ve not read anything by him before.
2. Cheapest books would be the ones I now get for free on Kindle (Austen! And Brontes! Yay!), most expensive probably A Memory of Light, the last book in the Wheel of Time series, which I could not wait to come out in paperback so bought in hardback, something I never do.
3. The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller is pretty much all a male protagonist, and it’s one of my favourite books. The Alanna series by Tamora Pierce has a female protagonist, and she is awesome.
4. I read the last Harry Potter book crazy fast, partly for its awesomeness and partly because everyone else in my family was waiting to read it. I managed to read Anna Karenina a couple of years ago but it took forever… I had to keep leaving it and going to read something quicker!
5. The prettiest book I own is actually one in German – Alles, was draußen ist by Saskia Hennig von Lange. I had to buy it in hardback and it’s just really nice! Even down to the pages, I never realised they could make them feel nicer than books usually do. And the ugliest is unfortunately my paper copy of Jane Eyre…
6. I have a book called Warriors of Alavna, which I’m taking to believe was set in my home town in Roman times, since we had a Roman fort called Alauna. Around the World in Eighty Days is super international, even if some of his people from other countries are hilariously stereotypical.
7. Thinnest is Mr Men! Thickest is Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson; apparently its 1088 pages was the longest his publishers could manage without splitting it into two books.
8. Basically all my of my books are fiction; but I was given a super good non-fiction book last month called Writing Revolution.
9. Most romantic for me is The High Lord by Trudi Canavan (but why that ending? Whyyy?) because it’s great in every way. I really liked the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, I think they count as action!
10. It’s hard to pick the happiest book… Maybe something by Terry Pratchett? The saddest is probably something by Jamila Gavin, like the Surya trilogy – I’m not even sure what they’re about any more, I just remember they were too sad for me to ever read them again.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate (katemate) | 7 comments Mod
1. I think the first book I ever bought with my own money was 'the twits' by Roald Dahl, one of my favourite childhood authors.
The last book I bought was 'infinity' by sherrilyn Kenyon, the first book of the chronicles of Nick, a famous American series. Its very interesting, as it has a few of my famous things - Zombies, Vampires and Demons!

2. The cheapest book I have ever bought was a Jeremy Strong book, with £1. It was in a book swap at my school, so the Jeremy Strong book I bought had already been read.

3. I read a lot of books with a male protagonist, but my favourite is probably 'The Maze Runner' which I enjoyed very much, and is one of my favourite books. I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen in September! I only read a few books with a female protagonist, but the ones I have read I can definitely relate to the characters. although books like 'the Hunger Games' and 'divergent', etc all have the same type of girl. most of them have the same type of personalities, but I like books with a female protagonist which is different to the others.

4. I read the first book of the series 'the mortal Instruments' called the 'city of bones' in less than 4 hours, even though it was at least 400 pages long. I was very impressed with myself, as i was quite young, it was one of the first teen fiction books that I read. the book that took me ages to read was 'The Hobbit' I started it when I was 9, and I'm still attempting to finish it!

5. The prettiest book cover I own is 'The maze runner' whenever I see it, I have to stop and stare at it for a while because its soo amazing, with the walls of the maze and the moss growing on it. It also looks quite 3D, as you can see further down the maze. I just really wanna step into the front cover! The ugliest book cover I've got is called 'Under the NeverSky' Its got a half-naked guy hugging a woman... I found it extremely awkward to take into school, I actually had to buy it on my kindle because i was so embarrassed! Its a great book too.

6. I don't read a lot of national books, but I recently read a book that is set in Scotland, but is slightly different as it is about witches. I have a lot of international books, as I go to America at least three times a year, i go to my favourite bookshop and get at least 6 books that I've only ever seen there. I don't think I could name just one!

7. The thinnest book I've ever read is probably a Mr Men book - I loved them! The thickest book I've got is 'His Dark Materials'. Its actually the whole series of 'the golden compass' in one book. I don't think i could pick it up its so big! I still havn't gotten around to reading it.

8. I only read fiction

9. I read a lot of romantic books, like Every Day and The Fault In our Stars. I do love a cheesy and cry-worthy book now and then!

10. The happiest book I've read is some sort of comedy book, most likely kiddy! The saddest book I've read is probably again something like The fault In our Stars and Noughts and Crosses!

message 5: by Annie (new)

Annie | 7 comments 1. the first book i ever bought might have been one of the Alex Rider series on my kindle, and the most recent book i bought would have been The Book Theif.

2. cheapest would be the classics that are out of copyright and therefore free ebooks, and my most expensive is probably my original french translation of les mis, because its not on the uk amazon so i had to get from the french amazon and so it had to be shipped from LITERAL FRANCE and the shipping was quiet expensive.

3. a book i have read with a male protag would be the knife of never letting go by patrick ness (squee!) and a book i have read with a female protagonist would be dustbin baby by Jacqueline Wilson.

4. i can answer harry potter and the order of the phoenix for both of these, because the first time it took the whole summer, but now i can read it in a week, depending on school and stuff.

5. not sure if this counts, but the ugliest book i own is probably my french text book. the prettiest book i own is probably This Thing Of Darkness. it has this really atmospheric ship water color on the cover.

6. i have a book of scotish fairy tales, which are set in scotland where i live. an international book I have read would be Kite Runner, which is set in Afghanistan and later California.

7. The thickest book i own is Les Mis. i dont have a rules right now but it is about half a pencil thick.(also i feel like i answer les mis to a disproportionate amount of these questions?? sorry your all probably really sick of hearing about it. the thinnest book i own is the little book of Russian fairy tales. its like a pocket edition type thing, which is as thick as the pointy bit on a pencil.

8. i haven't read non-fiction in a while...although my brother has a copy of the Guinness book of world records which lives in the spare room and i read it when im procrastinating my homework. a fiction book i have read is Dracula.

9. i do actually own most of the twilight series, so i guess thats my romantic one. The alex rider books are a kind of spy/action seiries. (i know they are aimed a eleven year old boys, shut up)

10. the saddest book i have ever read is probably something by Michal Morpurgo. I have had to just stop reading them because i can't handle the emotional trauma and stress tbh. the happiest book i have ever read is probably this joke book called the big book of jokes or something. comedy gold.

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