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S. Usher Evans (susherevans) | 9 comments Double Life, the first in the 5 book series, Razia, is a fun, introspective, and witty science fiction novel about a woman who leads a Double Life (hah! See what I did there?)

Check it out at the below link(s)


My site (where you can pre-order)

It will be available June 12th!

Since she was a little girl, everyone - from her father to even God himself - has told Lyssa Peate the same thing: she's worthless, a bad soul. But when she becomes Razia, a pirate bounty hunter who captures other pirates in rival crime syndicates, she can see her worth - right down to the price tag on her own head. Piracy is a game - the higher the bounty, the more respect. Unfortunately for Razia, all she's allowed to capture are petty thieves and purse snatchers. "Girls aren't pirates," and although she's got the chops to keep up with the boys, she's never given an opportunity to do so.

To pay the bills, she's stuck working as a Deep Space Explorer scientist, discovering far away planets and selling them for cash. It's the family line of business - including most of her brothers and her mysterious father. The latter was infamous for his obsessive study of Leveman's Vortex, a black hole said to be​ the origin of life in the universe, and the home of a great deity. Lyssa is the only one who knows exactly what her father was studying, which makes her a target for her slimy boss, who assigns her an intern to spy on her, one of her brothers

Things start to look up when, in a case of mistaken identity, Lyssa is confused for Razia by the police, who think she's taken a young hostage. Suddenly, Razia is one of the most wanted (although not yet respected) pirates in the universe. She's ready to finally rid herself of the life, past, and fate of Lyssa Peate - until her intern, now aware of her secret, demands that she fulfill the obligations of her internship, lest he spill the truth about her double life

Double Life is the first book in the Razia series. ​​

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S. Usher Evans (susherevans) | 9 comments Do you ever make such a stupid "mitsake" that you have plastered everywhere and then have to slink back and edit on fifteen different places?


I hope y'all won't use my "paste" against me.

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