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Day (yes2danny) | 45 comments Mod
Upon the creation of your Templar's you can make it as you wish of course BUT keep in maind you need these things to start you off.Work on your Bad Ass Male/Female now. :P

☆Skill Area:
☆Weapon of choice/Fav way to kill:

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Name: Marco Casadei ("il Mentor" among Templars)
Age: late 30's
Gender: Male
Skill Area: He master the light sword very good, but he is also quiet precise with the crossbow.
He is also very good planing and ordering his resources, which is the reason he is a good leader among the Order.
History: an Italian Noble, he entered the order thanks to his teacher in the university, who thought he could be useful to them because of his natural leadership. He quickly advanced in the Order's ranks. While training in the army on his life out of the order, he gained the rank of General.
Once, while having a talk with his Teacher in the cathedral, an Assassin interrupted and killed his teacher, he escaped, but since then he became paranoid and always make his soldiers walk with him and cover any area where an Assassin can hide if he ever leaves the place where he is. He took the place his teacher left in the order and started to recruit more people to it, specially his soldiers.
He recently was called to Rome to accomplish an important mission for the Order.
Personality: he is very serious, but however he knows how to talk with people and get what he wants or convince them to do something, even if don't want to. He has a natural leadership and a great heart, he doesn't like to kill and he cares very well his fellow soldiers and Templar pupils.
Appearance: He has the average height and weight of a man of his age. His hair is black, his eyes are honey-colored. He has a compete beard. He rarely use his military armor, preferring to use instead opulent clothes of the nobility.
Weapon of Choice/fav way to kill: Light Sword. He will cause as less pain as he can to his enemies, so he prefer to cut throats if he have the chance.

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Day (yes2danny) | 45 comments Mod

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Yeah... I thought you needed a Templar.

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