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YA Fantasy with Elves and Female Dwarves

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message 1: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 5 comments I stress female dwarves in the title because they are a rarity in fantasy fiction. One of the main characters in my newest book, Source of the River, is indeed a female dwarf.

I'd love to get some reviews posted to Goodreads and Amazon. The book goes live this week, and I'd appreciate anyone who could read and review within the next couple of weeks. Please PM or respond here. Thanks!

source of the river cover art

Source of the River

Journey into the mountain home of the dwarves, where an evil spirit dwells.

High in the mountains, an evil presence has unleashed a plague upon the dwarves. When news reaches River, he begins a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact that will expel the entity, freeing the dwarves from its murderous grasp. Along the way, he finds friendship in a dwarf girl, who possesses extraordinary magical powers of her own. Together they will be the key to preventing a genocide among the dwarves.

Without his knowledge, River is pursued by a powerful elven sorcerer who is determined to bind the soul of an elemental. Using a practice that has been banned for centuries, he plans to combine River’s power with his own. If he succeeds, he will possess the strength to become a god himself.

message 2: by Hope (new)

Hope (hopechristine) | 6 comments I am currently reviewing another book, but if you don't mind waiting a few days, I would be interested in reviewing your novel. :)

message 3: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 5 comments Thanks Hope! I will message you.

message 4: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Strain (wendystrain) | 1 comments Hi Lana. I'd be interested in your book, and possibly promoting you on my #5MinuteFiction challenge if you're interested. Let me know.

message 5: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 5 comments Thanks Wendy! I will message you.

message 6: by Mike (new)

Mike | 12 comments Hey Lana I would also love to review for you

message 7: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 5 comments Thanks Mike. I sent you a message.

message 8: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 1 comments Hi, Lana! I would like to review your book, too. It sounds like a great fantasy story. :)

message 9: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 5 comments I'm willing to take a few more if there are any more takers. I should also mention the formats I have available: epub, mobi, and pdf. Thanks!

message 10: by Dana (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) not sure if you are still looking for people to review your book, but I am interested if so! :)

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