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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Sounds cool! Could I be the girl? Sorry, I know, it's annoying..... and I'll be the prince if you really want me to, but I would love to be the girl if that's alright. I can be the Demons, and the other royalties, and the nobles I guess as well. We could also add another guy and girl if you wanted to do doubles.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Ok, cool :) So do we make charries then?

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Ok, no problem, I have a class soon too, so I guess we can just do them whenever we get a chance. :)

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MJ Desmond Bachenn

Age: 27


Desmond was born as a poor servant to a noble family. He ran away as a child, and after finding out that he had magical talent, he tried to join the Red Order, a secretive organization of sorcerers that guard the secrets of black magic. Of course they turned him down, thinking that he was just a mongrel without much power. He trains on his own, making a living out of thievery , gambling, and deceiving, all the while learning new things about his powers. He is a true virtuoso of the art of magic, having grown in so much skill just by training on his own. At the age of 22, Desmond disguises as their servant, and cheats out the guards and steals a piece of the secret scroll.
He couldn't even get to steal all the scroll, because just by touching it, he was almost violently possessed with power. With much will, he could only tear off a piece of it, knowing that if he took the whole thing, he'd be driven to madness and eventually die.
Currently, he is on the blacklist of not only Red Order but also many nobles. He is always traveling and running from his many enemies. When he gains full control of the black magic he possesses, he plans on stealing rest of the scroll.

Personality: Sarcastic, blunt, and jaded. Despite the jarring qualities, he has his own code of life. He'd never steal from the poor, or use violence against the weak. He often philanders with women, married or single, noble or common. He likes cheap wine, and has the best luck in gambling (sometimes due to his cheats of magic).

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Cool! Here's mine:

Name: Lexi James
Age: 25

Lexi has always been able to see demons. They haunt her wherever she goes. She used to talk about them, but her father beat her for it, and others grew scared. She ran away from home, always running from the demons. She knows something isn't right, but she isn't quite sure what. She is sheltered, and always tries to keep her distance from others, just in case they find out her secret, and try to use it, or worse, kill her for it.

Personality: Outgoing, stubborn, strong willed. Or she would be, if she didn't have to keep her distance for her safety. Lexi comes across as quiet and shy, because she has to distance herself from the world. If she did get to know anyone, she would probably open up and show her natural bubbly self. However, gaining her trust is a tricky feat.

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MJ OK, cool! Would you like me to start first?

message 7: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments That would be great if you could. ^-^

message 8: by MJ (new)

MJ Ever since Desmond entered the Northern Glades, he could sense a strong energy of darkness. It didn't bother him that much, as he himself possessed a bit of that aura, as well. However, it made him wonder. What could be in this beautiful countryside to emit such a dangerous aura? He climbed the hills, looking for a place to spend the night in. Afar, he saw smoke rising from chimneys and hearths. A small town! It looked innocent afar, but the atmosphere was heavier here. And as he approached it, the feeling became more and more oppressing. The commoners wouldn't know it, but sorcerers like him were sensitive to these things. He saw a local bar/inn, and grinned. "Maybe I could stay here awhile and find out what's so special about the place," he muttered, when a woman bumped into him from behind, pushing him over. The streets were crowded and this happened often, but it still annoyed Desmond.
"Watch it there, woman!" He said, turning.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments They were here, and there were so many of them. Lexi hated them so much, the demons. They just looked like horrifying shadows to her, clouds of smoke with red eyes and gaping mouths that flew or crawled here and there. Sure they couldn't hurt her, or they hadn't yet anyways, but every time one touched her, it sent shivers up and down her spine, and dread seeped into her bones. What was worse was when there was one that decided to chase her around. There was one such demon on her tail now. Lexi ran through the crowned streets, her heart pounding in fear. She lifted up the hem of her simple brown dress so that she could run faster. She spotted and inn up ahead and hoped to get into it and out of the open. She was only watching the in sign when she ran headlong into a strange man. She stumbled a bit, inwardly groaning. She couldn't afford to draw attention to herself like this. She hastily picked herself up, her eyes wide with fear. "S-so sorry. I-I didn't m-mean to." She managed to stammer, out of breath.

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MJ Her bright green eyes stared at him. They were pretty eyes, but Desmond could tell there was more to her beneath. The darkness. It was seeping out of her. It made his head feel lighter, like he had just drunken five shots of vodka at once. He lifted the hood of his dark cloak, and asked, "What are you, a witch?"
It wasn't an insult, it was an amused exclamation. She wasn't human. Well, not a normal human, anyways, as far as he could tell.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi's throat constricted and suddenly her mouth was very dry. She swallowed hard, starting to tremble slightly. He knew? How did he know? She backed up slightly, trying to get away. "I-I don't know what you are talking about..." She mumbled, backing up more and more until she turned, starting to walk as fast as she could away. She was trying to put distance between herself and that man, before he started calling her a witch in front of others. Others who could harm her.

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MJ "Sh, alight, alright, girl, you're obviously old enough not to be running around the market streets," he said, grabbing her arm. There was frantic fear in her face that he couldn't ignore. Helping lasses weren't his thing, but this particular one had caught his interest.
"I won't call you a that. What the hell are you running from?" He asked, looking back where she had run from. There was nothing there. But...There was something there. It was a feeling hard to describe, but it made him on the edge. What was wrong with this town? There was a conglomeration of darkness here that he didn't like. And it became stronger now, that he had seen this woman.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi practically jumped when he grabbed her. Seeing that it was just the man, and not a... something worse, she relaxed a little, groaning inwardly at the same time. Why did he have to come after her? Why couldn't he just leave her alone? She looked around at the crowded streets. Even if she wanted to tell him, she couldn't do it here, there were too many people around to hear. She looked back at him. "I cant tell you." She whispered, barely audible.

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MJ "This town is no good, is it? These things come after the spiritual ones. You can see them or feel them, they'll follow you all around. Like a fucking pet." He muttered. He didn't see the demons, but he was aware of their existence, and he could certainly feel their presence when they were near. Usually the smaller fries just skittered about the walls, making babies cry and dogs bark. But this one didn't seem so benign. With his other arm, he got ready to fight, sending a pulse of energy to his fingertips, but holding it in.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi frowned slightly. So he knew of them? Could he see them too? If so, maybe he could help her! Maybe he was a friend... "C-can you see them too?" She asked softly. "The demons?" Her words were hesitant, and careful. There, now he knew that she knew of them. Now he knew she could see demons. If he wasn't a friend, she was dead already. Her heart started pounding frantically again.

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MJ "You can see them?!" Desmond exclaimed, whispering. This wasn't anything to be discussed in public. "By the gods! No wonder this town is so...Affected." He said, trying not to accuse her of anything. It wasn't her fault that the demons were following her around. But having sight of the demons was no small matter. Even he couldn't see them, and he counted himself among the very few who possessed great powers of magic. "Come in, now, lady," he said, unable to call her anything else. She had to be highborn, perhaps a daughter of a renowned sorcerer. "I can't see them, but I know how to keep them off. But we should be somewhere less so crowded." He entered the bar, opening the door for her.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi nodded, not sure what else to do. He could keep them off! He said so himself. If that was true... then she really needed his help. She hated the demons. Hated how they followed her everywhere. Lexi followed him into the bar and looked around warily. She would go with him for now, but if this proved dangerous, she would have to try and make a quick escape... She scanned the tavern for any escape routes, should it prove necessary.

message 18: by MJ (new)

MJ Sitting down at one of the tables, Desmond asked, "If you can see them, can you touch them, as well?" He poured some cheap beer into his cup with a chipped edge, and took a sip. He was about to pour one for her, as well, but decided against it. He didn't know if she was the drinking type. But having her drink might make her more amiable, he thought.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi sat down hesitantly across from him, shooting nervous glances around the room. She nodded slowly. "To an extent." she said softly, "They aren't entirely solid. They can pass through me if they wish, though I have bumped into them before." She explained. She watched him carefully. "Why are you so interested?" She asked, slightly suspicious as to what his interest was in the subject, as not many people were.

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MJ Desmond chuckled. "I won't tell you that. You don't seem to trust me, but I don't trust you either. I have enemies who wish to kill me, and one does not survive by blabbering on about himself." He took another three big gulps from the beer. "You're a peculiar one, though, and educated men like me would be interested, regardless. Have you no one to instruct you in the art of magic? Which family do you belong to?"

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments He was wanted dead as well? Lexi wasn't sure if that made him trustworthy, or someone to avoid. He said he wouldn't tell his secrets, so why should she tell hers? "One does not survive by blabbering on about herself." She quoted, crossing her arms. "Why should I tell you? I have no reason to trust you what so ever. I have already told you too much." She said firmly, frowning slightly.

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MJ Desmond laughed heartily at this. "Yes, yes, of course. I'm sorry I've tried to pry. You have talent that is beyond human though. If you can see the demons. Now, since you don't seem to want my company all that much, I'll give you a few advices and let you go. You see the demons, they see you. Not in just the visual sense, they see through you, your emotions. They feed on fear, so you'd serve yourself right by taking them on rather than running from them. Such a shame, though, a lady like you rolling among these mucky commoners. You should've been properly trained since childhood...I guess power makes people more afraid than pay respect." He gazed at the woman in front of him, hoping for a reaction of some sort. At least to satisfy his curiosity, he wanted to find out more about her...Without putting himself in danger.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi sighed heavily, running her hands through her hair and staring at the table. "Why shouldn't I be here, among these people? I am one of them. The lowest of the low." She said softly. She looked at her hands. The demons fed on fear. So was that why they followed her around? She was curious now, a little more inclined to listening to this stranger, but still keeping her distance. If she wasn't human, then what was she? "I've grown up in the streets my whole life." She answered finally, deciding to give him a little information. "No one ever wanted me." She said softly.

message 24: by MJ (new)

MJ "No one wants you? What?" Desmond exclaimed, surprised. Was he the first to unearth the jewel? He leaned closer, and said, "Your sort of magic isn't the normal kind. It's..less than great, i guess. Most people would call it black magic, but that's just the ignorant fools. It only turns 'black' when one cannot control it. But you, you just seem to control it so intuitively..." A bit anxious, he took another swallow from the beer, emptying it, demanding more from the servant boy. He turned back to her and asked, "I'll tell you my name. Desmond. You can't know my last, it'll be the death of you.What's yours, lady?"

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Black magic? So she didn't deserve to live after all? Her ability was of the dark kind... that made her gut sink. She didn't feel like she was controlling it. She looked up at him slowly, almost surprised that he had told her his name. She managed a small smile. "Nice to meet you Desmond. My name is Lexi." She told him simply. He was one of the few who knew that. She rarely talked to people at all, let alone give them her name.

message 26: by MJ (new)

MJ "Nice to meet you too, then." Desmond said. But again, he was bothered by this. He, the fugitive and enemy of the Red Order, and a mysterious girl who wields so much dark power...If they stayed together too long, where there were other eyes, there was bound to be trouble. He looked around, uncertain, to see if there was anyone looking at them.
"We can't keep talking like this, I shouldn't be talking to you, really." He stood up, in a hurry. "Be aware of the men of the Red Order, Lady Lexi. They will destroy you, and your family, if you have one. And they might follow into this town if they found out I had been here. No god would be able to protect you then..." He looked aside, realizing only now the extent of Lexi's power, and learning that he may have opened the floodgates of hell.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi's eyes widened. She was being hunted by some... Red Order? And there was no one who could save her? She swallowed slowly, her throat dry. "So that's it then." She said softly, looking down. "That's my future. Good to know." If she wasn't going to survive, then why keep fighting? She might as well just hand herself over now and ask them to kill her quickly. And Desmond obviously didn't want to be around her. "I'm sorry for troubling you." She said, standing up as well. And again, she was cast out to fend for herself. Typical. She left the tavern in a hurry, running out into the dark streets. She ignored the demons and went out into an alley outside the tavern, huddling up against the wall. It was somewhat dry here, and she figured she could sleep there for tonight. She closed her eyes slowly, not even noticing the men in the shadows, that were advancing towards her slowly.

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MJ Hanscom had been chasing after Desmond Bachmann for six years, now. The slippery rat had been able to outmaneuver him on every turn, but him and his Brothers of the Order had finally located him in a small town by the Northern Glades. Immediately when they set food in the country, one of the men foamed and died on spot. Hanscom himself had felt this darkness. Who was wielding it, he could not even guess. But today, he had found another worthy prey other than Desmond himself. that redheaded girl...She had an aura about her that he could not ignore. They had waited and stalked her until she was alone, and now was the opportunity.
"Not a good place for such a pretty lass, eh?" He said, approaching her. She was surrounded, though she may not know it. All twelve of his disciples stood behind the buildings and walls.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi practically jerked upright at the voice. She looked up at the man with wide eyes. What was with people and talking to her today? Either they were all determined to be friendly today... or... the exact opposite. Lexi swallowed hard. He seemed to be alone however, so that was good at least... She scrambled to her feet, brushing herself off hastily. "I-I was just about to move on." She mumbled, ducking her head and trying to get out of the alley again. She walked quickly towards where the soft glow of a lantern was shedding light onto the street in front of the tavern. She was itching to get inside again for some reason. She wanted to lose this man, regardless of whether he was friendly or not.

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MJ Hanscom laughed, and in a blink of an eye grabbed her arm, and cast an immobilizing magic, talking in a demon tongue. Snakes crawled from under the ground and coiled around her ankles.
"I'm sorry, lass, but this man isn't done with you."

Desmond had let her go when she left him so abruptly. He had to leave her, as well. She was dangerous for him and he for her. But...What if something did happen to her? Red Order was doggedly chasing him. All Desmond could do was being out of their grasp by the inches. He shouldn't have even bothered with the girl. But of course, he felt guilty, knowing that if anything happened to her, the blood would be on his hands. He turned to the direction Lexi had run to.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi's eyes practically bulged out of her head from shock and fear. What on earth is going on? Why can't I move? Her heart started to pound frantically in her chest. It was so heavy it sounded like a gong in her ears. This man seemed to be more than he was letting on. Then something cold touched her ankle, and started to wind around it slowly. Lexi shivered involuntarily and her skin crawled, realizing what they were... Snakes!? Why me!? She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, to do anything! But she couldn't. A single tear fell unbidden from her eye and traveled slowly down her cheek.

message 32: by MJ (new)

MJ "You have such darkness in you...But you're not dark. How is this?" He asked, not particularly expecting an answer, but more amazed. He had never seen such a thing before. Master would love to see her. He ordered the snake to bite into her and put her to a deep, dreamless sleep. Their jaws opened for the bite, but before their fangs punctured her skin, they tore apart and burst into small flames as they got hurled away from her legs.
"Hanscom, what you want is me, I believe." Desmond said, coming out of the shadows of the wall. He had run all this way, and he was panting under his cloak, but he wouldn't let them know he was tired. He looked around, and he sensed that Hanscom was not alone.

message 33: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi didn't know what to think. The snakes around her were torn away and burst into flames. How on earth did that happen? Then she heard a voice. She recognized it as Desmond's. Had he done that with the snakes? So he could use some form of magic...? And he said this man's name was Hanscom? Why did Hanscom want Desmond? Why did he want her? She wasn't sure if she was saved, but Desmond had just offered himself over instead of her... that was something, right? Maybe he could help her...

message 34: by MJ (new)

MJ Hanscom grabbed Lexi's arm, holding in case she tried to run.
"Ha, Desmond Bachmann, finally. What, do you like this lass? You've come to act the hero of the day?"
"Hanscom, you seem to forget, you're not the only one gifted of the demon tongue," and Desmond put his palms against the walls, and pulled, with electric pulses firing out of his arm. He mumbled, "Grecht Sinnehd," and chimera roared into life, summoned with his words and his magic. "Power is only power. Its true form is determined by its wielder." He said, smiling.

message 35: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi seemed to be in control of her motions again, but this Hanscom guy had a hard grip on her arm. She didn't have the strength to fight him at the moment, so she just shied as far away as possible from him. She was trembling violently, in shock from everything that was going on. Out of dazed eyes she saw Desmond summon something. What was it? A demon? She couldn't tell. She was so scared right now she was making herself sick. She swayed a little, her legs seemingly turning to jelly.

message 36: by MJ (new)

MJ "Dammit, come out, Brothers!" Hanscom called. Red cloaked men in the darkness came out, a few holding torches.
"Rip and claw, my friend. Destroy them all." Desmond whispered, letting the chimera go. The creature shrieked, pouncing unto Hanscom. Desmond saw from the corner of his eyes the Brothers of the Order getting ready to utter spells of sorcery. He ran and jumped toward Lexi, grabbing her while the chimera tried to bite Hanscom.
"Come on, Lady, you run, and keep running."

message 37: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi stumbled and picked herself up a bit, trying to run. Her vision was blurry, her mind not working entirely clearly. She was in shock, and her movements were slowed. She watched everything happen with her eyes half open. She felt like she was underwater, all the sounds were muffled, and she was moving so slowly... Then the world started tipping side to side, threatening to topple her off. She groaned softly, swaying.

message 38: by MJ (new)

MJ "Go on, I can't go with you, but you run, alright?" Desmond said, hoping that Lexi was hearing him. She looked half-dazed. He then turned to the red cloaks, and concentrated his energy at the tips of his fingertips. This wasn't a summon, and he wouldn't require the spell to be cast. He simply stretched his power forward, just as the enemies summoned a horde of cobras to his way.

message 39: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments I'm trying! Lexi thought. She was. She could barely move though, she was so dizzy. She was in shock, and was not taking this too well. She swayed violently suddenly and fell to the ground. Seeing how close she was to those men still, she grew panicked. In her daze, she started to project the panic. Demons swarmed towards her, waiting around her. Lexi stared at the men in shock and fear, not even noticing the demons. As if by sudden command, the demons grew solid and started advancing towards the men, their fangs bared.

message 40: by MJ (new)

MJ The orb of energy left from each five fingers of Desmond's hand, grew into a flailing fire, crushing and burning a good chunk of the Brothers' line. But the cobras still remained, slithering, growing in size. Desmond cast another fire blast against them, but the swarm was too much. The ones that caught on fire squeeled and hissed, twisting. Desmond looked back, trying to see if Lexi was gone. She was still here! "Damn, what's wrong with her?!" He yelled. Then he saw more of the Brothers of the Red Order approach her. She didn't seem to be doing anything.
"Lady—" he was about to call out, but he saw perhaps the most insane, fearful thing he'd seen in his life. Out of the darkness formed clouds of shape, their darkness adding, multiplying as they formed. A few of the Brothers fell, unable to control their own darkness.
"Ugh," he groaned, and he saw that he had been bitten by one of the cobras while distracted.

message 41: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi had no idea what she had just done, but she did see Desmond get bitten. Time seemed to stop and all she could hear was her heart in her ears.
As if breaking out of a trance, she got up slowly, swaying, and walked over to him. She was till in shock, but she knew she had to help him.
"Are you ok?" She asked softly, worry on her features. she had no idea how to help him, but there had to be a way right? A snake bite must be poisonous, and if not, at least knock him out for a while. Either way, there was not much she could do.

message 42: by MJ (new)

MJ "Damn them all!" Desmond said, and sent electrifying energy to the cobras. This time, it did it. His rage and pain was added to his own dark energy, amplifying the effects. The cobras ripped and turned into small bits of twitching blood and flesh. But the venom was in him. This was no ordinary venom, it was a demonic one. When it'd reach his heart, he would lose his mind to its powers. There was no healing magic in the magic he practiced, everything was meant for destruction. But...There was one thing he could do.
"If you wish to help, give me your hand. I'm not sure about it, but I could do something." He extended his own hand toward Lexi.

message 43: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi bit her lip, frowning slightly in worry. She had no idea what he was planning to do, and naturally was wary of it. Especially after what had just happened. However, he had been bitten, and she knew that he needed help. Besides, she wanted to help him if she could. She couldnt just leave him with that injury. She nodded slowly in consent and placed her hand gingerly in his, her heart pounding.

message 44: by MJ (new)

MJ "th-thank you Lady," he said, feeling his blood turning black, air suffocating out of his lungs. Only way to purge a demonic venom was only strength. Energy. More energy than he could ever muster. A piece of her powers travelled through to his arm, to his heart, to his leg, where the wound was. A violent reaction bursted out of him, destroying everything around them. This was more than he had asked for-but of course, she had no idea of controlling her powers. He tensed his muscles and tried to control it for her, before the whole town would be wiped. Soon the dust settled, and he fell away, exhausted, gasping. He could breathe now and the pain was gone, but there was no energy left in him.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi looked around in confusion. What had just happened? She felt a little weaker, but not too bad. Though Desmond was panting, he seemed alright as well. Lexi smiled weakly, glad that she had been able to help. She looked at him for a second longer, before her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out on the cobble stoned streets from everything that had happened. Her body was weak, and so was her mind, and neither could take it anymore.

message 46: by MJ (new)

MJ Desmond sighed, finally getting up. He looked at his leg. The clothes had been torn, but the skin was healed. Only a small scar remained of the wound. When he saw Lexi on the ground, he shook her, trying to get her awake. "Lady? Lady!" But no use. Afar, he heard Hanscom scream. The chimera growled against the walls, and the roaring dissipated. The Brothers had retreated...For now. Despite his creaking legs, Desmond stood, and picked up Lexi as well, holding her in his arms. She shifted a bit but wasn't conscious. He didn't look back once, and left the bit of destruction behind him, running away from the site. They only rested at the edge of the little town, where he found a small inn. He paid an elderly woman plenty of silver coins, and got a room. But having only enough money for one, he laid the woman on the cotton sheets of the bed, and sat beside her. Watching color return to her pale face and her breath steadying, he muttered under his breath, "Just what are you..?"

message 47: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments When Lexi finally woke up again, she blinked her eyes and stared at the room around her. She was in a bed. This must be some lovely dream. She'd never had a bed before. She sat up slowly and spotted Desmond. Her eyes widened and she scrambled back until she hit the headboards of the bed. She was in a bed, and he was here too! A strange man! Lexi started to tremble, hoping those were not his intentions. She still felt groggy, but not as bad as before. She was thinking clearly now, now that the danger was gone.

message 48: by MJ (new)

MJ The bed shook, and it woke Desmond. He had fallen asleep, siting beside the bed, leaning against it. He groaned with a bit of the headache, and saw her sitting up, looking comparatively well. He looked at her face expression and then realized what she was fearing. By the gods, he loved the women just as any other men, but he wouldn't take a tried, unconscious woman! He tried to appease her, and asked, "Do you want breakfast?"He coughed, and cleared his throat.

message 49: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi relaxed a little, drawing the covers around herself. She nodded slowly, not able to deny the pain in her stomach. "Food would be quite nice." She consented softly. She didnt want him to spend money on her though. She remembered how much he had wanted to get away from her yesterday, and knew she was probably just an annoying hinderance to him. She sighed softly. "I can manage without." She said honestly, looking down at the sheets. She had gone without food before, she could easily do it again.

message 50: by MJ (new)

MJ Desmond shook his head, and said, "Look at you, the rats in the sewers probably eat better than you do. I'll bring something over." He replied. He went down stairs, haggled with the old woman, and gave his last silver coin for some cold soup and hard bread. He'd have to hit the bars again and find some wretched gambler with money.

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