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message 1: by Pubslush (last edited Apr 28, 2014 07:22AM) (new)

Pubslush | 70 comments Mod
Have you ever been a part of the crowdfunding process? What book did you support? Did it succeed? What do you like about the process?

If you've never supported a book by crowdfunding, would you?

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message 2: by Austin (new)

Austin Dragon (adragon) | 2 comments I'm working with them now with my sci-fi series.

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven Atwood (stevenatwood) I would and I will support one. I will be doing one myself for my upcoming sci fi sequel to Amari.

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 7 comments I've contributed to many book projects (about a dozen I think) and have launched one myself for Hollow World. I wanted to raise $3,000 and got about $32,000 when all was said and done. I'm pretty happy with that result.

message 5: by Mirror (new)

Mirror World (mirrorworldpublishing) | 1 comments No, I haven't, but it's a good idea for most other media, so I suppose it would work well for books also.

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary Rowen (maryrowen) | 2 comments I did a successful Pubslush campaign to raise funds for my book Leaving the Beach, which will be launching in a few days. (During the Pubslush campaign, it was titled Grunge.) One of the coolest things that happened during the campaign was that Kim Hruba, who was running a campaign for her book, called Elevator Girl, donated to my campaign, and I then donated to hers. Not only did we help each other out, but we have also gotten to know each other over email, and she recently read and reviewed my book. Now I'm currently reading hers. I really liked that part of the process. In my experience, crowdfunding encourages community among writers and readers alike.

message 7: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Adorno (danieladorno) | 7 comments I've supported a crowd funding campaign for an author before (Yazen by Nicole Sloan) and it felt great to help a fellow author realize their publishing dream. I'm hoping to launch my own Pubslush campaign later this month or in early June depending on logistics. I think crowd funding is the future of publishing for debut authors like myself and as much of an undertaking as its proven to be, I love having creative control of the process!

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