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Lostinwonderland Hmmmm

Lostinwonderland Their parents hate each other and forbid them to be together?

Lostinwonderland Ok

Lostinwonderland Sure

Lostinwonderland :)

Lostinwonderland Northy Addison
appearance blonde hair and blue eyes with a dark tan, muscular.
personality he is very shy and timid

Lostinwonderland I'll post my picture later

Lostinwonderland Ok

Lostinwonderland Northy was in his room listening to music loudly. He was playing on his computer and talking to Ren. They have been dating for a while now.

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Lostinwonderland Northy heard his mom call him doensdownstairs. "Brb."

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Lostinwonderland (.)

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Lostinwonderland (ATHENA!?)

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