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Fill out the format below completely. Wait for your character to be approved by a mod before going on to Dorm Request.

[Former] 1st Former, 2nd Former....

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Nickole Rose (Emobarbie22) | 22 comments Mod
[Name] Raven Alexandria Snow
[Age] 16
[Gender] female
[Former] 1st former
[Personality] sweet, smart, extremely shy and hard to understand at times
[History] she comes from a home of relegis nuts, when she was marked her mom and dad freaked out and just shipped her off and refused to ever see her again

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Courtney | 4 comments it's third former fourth former fifth former and sixth former, there is no first or second former

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Courtney | 4 comments and my name is Marabelle Johnson
i am a female
fourth former
i am a country bumpkin and i like fire
my history is that (tell me if y'all don't like this but my rp character for hon has always had this) i have wings, always have and always will. my hobbies include flying, hanging out on the farm (before i was Marked) reading, hanging out with friends although since i got Marked all my friends and family left me

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