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A small, dark room with a low ceiling and wooden walls lined with weapons ranging from small daggers to blades as big as an elementary schooler. There are a range of mainly medieval weapons, with a few crossbows and other weapons thrown into the deal. The majority of the weapons are knives or swords and bows with quivers of arrows. There are also a few spears that the leaders have requested and collected over the years. The deadly weapons are supposed to be hung from the walls, but no one can really be bothered any more, and they tend to lie in stacks on the table in the centre of the room, or on shelves on either side. Gladers are expected to take care of the weapons they use... Or face the wrath of the leaders.

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Bridgette Brin entered the Weapons Room. She immediately began searching the stacks for equipment for todays run. She had decided to go out alone today, and she wanted to run further this time... which she knew was probably not going to happen. She noticed her light boots were untied, so Brin quickly tightened them and tied them in a triple not. She picked a few more knives, and slung a bow over her shoulders with a quiver. Brin checked all the weapons she picked for sharpness and, satisfied, left for the maze.

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Lena walked into the weapons room, brushing passed another girl on her way in. She gave a nod of acknowledgement before striding to the corner reserved for her own weapons. Being a keeper definitely had its perks sometimes. When it didn't mean dealing with whiny newbies and breaking up petty fights... Lena sighed, playing with the little scar on her bottom lip with her teeth. She pulled her hunting knives out first, strapping them across her back. Then came the daggers and her bow, slung across her shoulder. Lena brushed her hair up into a ponytail and zipped her jacket up to the collar. She was ready.

She stepped outside, enjoying the cool wind on her face as she climbed the steps to the landing with the open door. She walked through it and across the glade, accepting the smiles, waves and greetings from the other Gladers who had the will to be up this early in the morning. Then the reached the maze doors. With a deep breath, she plunged inside.

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