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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith A promo thread for indie authors, publishers and other promoters, to let us know about your giveaways, sales, and free books.

message 2: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments Hi,
I'm doing a 99c COUNTDOWN PROMO until 5th August. Now that the SA Govt have added 14% VAT to e-books my books that sell on for $2.99 cost SA readers $5.65. This is an opportunity to get the book for only $0.99.

With the Headmaster's Approval (an offbeat romance with an unexpected ending)
With the Headmaster's Approval by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

Restoring discipline at a girls’ academy should have been easy for a former US Naval Officer. It wasn't, nor was it easy dealing with an all-female staff.

Adam Wild, controversially appointed as Head of St Mary’s Academy in northern England, considers himself well equipped to bring order back to the school - and he’s not about to take No for an answer. Still in love with his late wife, he believes himself immune to the temptations of the female staff.

Fiercely independent Jenna Murray has learned that she does not need a man in her life; especially the arrogant Adam Wild who has stolen the headship she feels should have been hers. She undermines his authority at every turn, until even the girls recognise the underlying emotion in their constant sparring. Determined to bring him down, an allegation by a troubled girl is just the ammunition she needs - so why does she hesitate to use it?

But then Nicole, Adam’s late wife’s tearaway kid sister returns from Africa with a life-threatening condition and a startling request, one that Adam is unsure he can fulfil, forcing both Adam and Jenna to re-evaluate their feelings about love.

Lust shouts. Love whispers. Only the heart knows the difference.

Intrigue, scandal, suspense, and romance peppered with humour tell how one man’s influence on a school of wayward girls and their teachers changes their lives in ways none of them would imagine – and eventually his own.

(One of the characters is South African and SA is mentioned)

message 3: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I am currently running a giveaway of 5 copies of The Seventh Sentinel, the first in an urban series. The Seventh Sentinel by Yolanda Ramos .

Moments before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the seven Archangels remove powerful, ancient artefacts from the Jewish temple. These are given into the safekeeping of seven men. Throughout the ages, these men and their descendants become known as the Seven Sentinels.

In medieval times, the Seven Sentinels formed various military Orders as a cover for their activities. Today, of the Seven Sentinels, two are dead and two have turned rogue, which means only three remain to carry out their roles.

A war rages between Heaven and Earth. It is up to the newly empowered Seventh Sentinel to stop the rogues and Fallen Ones, from using these artefacts to gain control of the souls of mankind. Can the Seventh Sentinel endure?

“I was highly impressed with the attention to detail and amount of research done to make this book an engaging and fast-paced read. Well done! I suspect that this book will appeal to a broad market. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope to read more of the author’s work in the future.”

Editor’s comment

Click on the link to enter: The Seventh Sentinel

message 4: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments Hi, I'm running a Goodreads Giveaway for The Race: An Inspiring Story for Left Handers
The Race An Inspiring Story for Left Handers by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

To win a print copy go to

Vicky is left-handed and teased for being clumsy, but a visit from her Gran changes everything.

Vicky’s Granddad has died and her Gran is coming for a visit. Vicky wants to cheer her up by embroidering a cushion as a gift, but Vicky is left-handed and she struggles to learn how to sew. She decides that winning a race in the school sports might be a better idea – but can she do it, especially when Graham threatens to spoil all her plans?

The story highlights some of the challenges faced by left-handers.

At the end of the book is advice on how to help left-handers; how to tell if a child is left-handed; the correct way for a left-hander to hold a pencil and to slant the paper; famous left-handers; percentage of the population who are left-handed; career choices for left-handers and cultural issues for left-handers

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Zunckel Hi all,

My first part of Blood Trilogy, Blood Moon Over Africa is available for free at Your coupon code is DF95D (not case-sensitive).

All I ask for is a review and rating.


message 6: by Jan (last edited Jan 06, 2015 07:27AM) (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments Hi, I'm doing a Giveaway on
The Breadwinners: A Family Saga
The Breadwinners A Family Saga by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

An epic family saga set in South Africa. A spurned lover marries for money and ignites a family feud of passion and betrayal that spans three generations.

It is New Year's Eve 1924 and Charles McGill is devastated when the woman he loves announces her engagement to Lucas Connelly, his friend and co-worker. Charles drowns his sorrow in drink and seduces Hilde Richter, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. When Hilde finds she is pregnant her father offers to set up the penniless Charles with his own bakery if he will marry her. Charles readily agrees and, unknown to Hilde, the two men draw up a contract.

It is the beginning of a bitter rivalry between Charles, Lucas Connelly, and Miles Davenport their former employer. A rivalry that fractures families, tests love and loyalty, and comes at a cost that Charles could never have imagined.

The Breadwinners covers six decades and leads us through the successes and failures of the three families as they survive the great depression, the war years and the isolation of South Africa.

You can enter here

Ends on January 23rd 2015

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul Zunckel For the next two days Devil In Eden is on a giveaway @ The coupon code is KN74R

Hope you enjoy it.

Devil In Eden by Paul Zunckel

message 8: by James (new)

James Loftus Celtic Blood is a historical fiction/supernatural.

A Giveaway for this title is on now.

If anyone is interested here is the link:

It is the story of the founding of Clan MacKay but also provides information on the famous Scottish families of MacTaggart, Ross, Leslie, Sutherland, Murray, and Drummond, an extensive explanation of the Scottish clans and royal line's family tree.

And when night falls and witches meet evil into men's hearts does creep.

The wind howls incessantly in the darkest of night and in the blackest shadows lurk the demons. Beware all who venture into the realm of, Celtic Blood

message 9: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments Kidtastic Giveaway: April 5th - 9th 23 FREE children's books and the chance to win a prize.

message 10: by Idowu (new)

Idowu Koyenikan | 1 comments FREE autographed book giveaway for the book Wealth for all Africans going on now.

It is possible for you to build wealth and live the life of your dreams regardless of your background, situation or socio economic status. The ability to thrive and succeed is not just in some of us, it is in all of us.
See book preview and giveaway through the link below:

Wealth for All Africans: How Every African Can Live the Life of Their Dreams
Wealth for All Africans How Every African Can Live the Life of Their Dreams by Idowu Koyenikan

message 11: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith If you have a Kindle or Kindle app and you're looking for science fiction and fantasy eBook bargains I suggest subscribing to Book Barbarian:

They send out a daily email with about four bargains, and there's always at least one free book. Most of them are indie titles, but they go for the more popular ones and occasionally there are bargains on traditionally published books.

message 12: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Herzer South African author Mario Saincic is celebrating the release of his new urban fantasy novel Ukiyo with a giveaway.

Available for pre-order on Amazon

GIVEAWAY & INTERVIEW with Mario Saincic
Stand a chance to win his new urban fantasy novel Blud - Ukiyo

June 4 - 18
INTERVIEW on June 11

Hope you enjoy!

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Rion (Jess-rion) | 2 comments Murder, Sex and Wine
Murder, Sex and Wine by Kent Harris

Adults only! Free coupon for Murder, Sex and Wine on smashwords : YV54Q

Whilst still in military training, a young man is recruited by a secret branch of the defence force where he is sent to much more vigorous training to become an assassin. He passes his tests and is given an alias and missions. His first mission is with a sexy and experienced female assassin who guides and teaches him all the basics, as well as heated sexual intercourse. She leaves and both of them believe that they will never see each other again since most assassins never meet twice, ... Will they? and How?
This great spy thriller omits nothing when it comes to executions and the many sexual liaisons, putting everything to detail.

message 14: by Richard (new)

Richard Gradner (richardgradner) | 8 comments Own a Kindle? Then this one's a no-brainer. I'm running a promotion for my novel Return To Lemuria over the next 5 days. It's FREE to download from 27-31 October. So if you like adventure, magic and ancient civilisations, visit this link:

Return To Lemuria FREE Kindle Download

Please feel free to leave an honest review if you wish. Enjoy!

message 15: by Richard (new)

Richard Gradner (richardgradner) | 8 comments Own a Kindle? Then this one's a no-brainer. I'm running a promotion for my novel Return To Lemuria over the next 5 days. It's FREE to download from 27-31 October. So if you like adventure, magic and ancient civilisations, visit this link:

Return To Lemuria FREE Kindle Download

Please feel free to leave an honest review if you wish. Enjoy!

message 16: by P. (new)

(7 and 8 November 2015)
'Angels in Hell' is free to download on Amazon for 2 days.

They changed her name and tormented her mind. But they couldn’t touch her heart.
Makaitei’s family joins a religious sect that practices polygamy and child marriages. She watches as her father joins in the deplorable act and her mother suffering in silence. Poverty does not leave the family, but suspicion, pain and death visits them. She is a keen observer of the events, keeping her distance for the sake of peace, until the hand that fears not reaches out to grab her too, and she has to make tough decisions about her life.
The third story in 'Shadows Darkness and Light', a collection of twelve short stories on women’s struggles set in Zimbabwe, 'Angels In Hell' is a short read at 8,000 words.

message 17: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 19 comments I am running a Free book giveaway for my book Serenity on Amazon kindle. The promotion will run from 23 to 27 December, a nice X-MAS present to all of you.
Simply go to Amazon Kindle and search for Serenity by Leon de Kock to get your free copy.
Also remember to visit my website at for free short stories and information on all my other books.

message 18: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 19 comments My next book giveaway is on April 29, for the book Hordes. Only on Kindle, but remember that you don't need a Kindle, you can use a Kindle app on a pc or other device.
Hordes is an epic read (so I have been told!), so get your copy and enjoy the read.

When Ishmael Jacobson creates a virus that stops the aging process in humans and animals alike, chaos could be the only result. Striving towards a dream of eternal life, everybody do what they can to get infected with the virus, even if it means breaking the law. It is up to detective Lindique to try to stop the spread of the virus, but is it too late?
Soon the world is filled with people, and every day more and more are born. The ground turns barren, too tired to keep on giving life to billions upon billions of humans who are trying to scrape another morsel of food out of the dust. When there is no more food to eat, there is always the neighbor…
In the end, there is only one person who can start the aging process in humans again, and it is the person who started the whole problem to begin with, coming full circle.

message 19: by Richard (new)

Richard Gradner (richardgradner) | 8 comments I'm Richard Gradner, indie author of Return To Lemuria. I am releasing my second novel, UNICORN on 01 September 2016. I am running a giveaway for 10 signed copies leading up to the release. Please visit my website to enter:

Good luck!

message 20: by Richard (new)

Richard Gradner (richardgradner) | 8 comments As part of the launch of my latest novel, Unicorn this week, Return To Lemuria is FREE to download to your Kindle, iPad or other digital reading device UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Take advantage of this incredible offer by following the link below.

Enjoy this FREE gift from me to you.
Return To Lemuria by Richard Gradner

message 21: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments Hi,
Enter to WIN a paperback copy of With the Headmaster's Approval: A feel-good story of secrets, scandals and second chances
With the Headmaster's Approval A feel-good story of secrets, scandals and second chances by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

Giveaway starts on 12th February and ends 12th April

Lust shouts. Love whispers. Only the heart knows the difference.

When handsome American, Adam Wild, takes up the position of head teacher at St Mary’s Academy for Girls in England, he knows he’ll have his work cut out for him. The governing board thinks his background as an officer in the US Navy makes him well suited to restore much needed discipline to the school. But some of the all-female teaching staff disagree.

Jenna feels the position should have been hers and undermines his attempts to reform the troubled school. Barbara (Babs) sees him as a romantic challenge, but Lisa, his confidant, believes she knows where his heart truly lies.

Adam’s strict new rules and sometimes cavalier approach set him on a collision course with a contingent of sullen and rebellious students who set out to manipulate and embarrass him in ways that only teenage girls can.

Still recovering from the tragic loss of his wife and two young children in a car crash, Adam is not in the market for new romance. But that does not prevent him from becoming the target of several predatory, repressed, or love-hungry libidos. His virile presence acts as a catalyst that upsets the entrenched order and stability of the school world, and proceeds to pull more than one dark, scandalous secret into the light … And then Nicole, his late wife’s tearaway kid sister returns from Africa - and she is hiding secrets of her own.

Intrigue, scandal and suspense simmer beneath the surface of this light-hearted and humour-peppered romance, where one man’s influence on a school full of wayward girls and their teachers changes their lives in ways none of them could imagine – and eventually his own.

Winner of the best Chick Lit/Women’s Lit category in the 2015 eFestival of Words

If you enjoy feel-good stories then don't miss this happy-ever-after read.

message 22: by Cornelia (new)

Cornelia Fick Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of 'Eye of a Needle: And other stories'

A great read for lovers of South African fiction.

message 23: by Heinrich (new)

Heinrich Böhmke Hi,

WIN a signed copy of Sarie. This 'murderous cocktail of sex, greed and post-modern racial psychosis' is part thriller, part political parable.

Acclaimed for its bold themes, readers encounter a Khoikhoi assassin, a blackmailed politician, a suicidal academic and a girl fleeing violence centuries deep.

When they collide, history itself is shaken up.

message 24: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments GIVEAWAY of With the Headmaster's Approval: A feel-good story of secrets, scandals and second chances ends 12th April

 photo Cover - 2016 FINAL PRINT CORRECTED Headmaster3COVERFINAL3_zpso7nbopqm.jpg

Lust shouts. Love whispers. Only the heart knows the difference.

When 40-year-old former US navy officer Adam Wild takes up the position of head teacher at St Mary’s Academy for Girls in England, he knows he’ll have his work cut out for him. But what he doesn’t realise is that his greatest challenge will be in managing the all-female staff.

message 25: by Grant (new)

Grant Clowd | 4 comments

Free this Sunday on Amazon

James is a successful retail store manager, , he has had his eyes on a beautiful woman that catches the same bus as him to work, when she sits next to him, she invites him for coffee. Claire asks to meet him after work, when they do, she tests him in the back of the car. Claire is pleased with him wen she exposes him to Jesse, his submission is pure and raw. James has never submitted to a woman before, and he does his research, some of the stuff he reads up on scares him.

message 26: by Cornelia (new)

Cornelia Fick Hi,

Pre-Christmas special $0.99
Eye of a Needle: And other stories
The golden thread weaving throughout the collection - from the tragic to the humorous to the poignant to the unjust - is Connie's extraordinarily keen insight into human nature in all its guises.'
'This here is an exhibition of artistry, an unforced arrangement of words to effect music; there is thought-provocation, and there is fun, altogether marvellously interlaced to transmute, to stir, to shake.' Maruping Phepheng, author of What Happens In Hankaroo..., Of Anger andRevenge, Tlhokaina and Nightfall.
'In all the stories, the author displays the unmistakable skill of observation and that is what makes Eye of the needle a magnificent read.' Maserame June Madingwane, author of The naming of Kea.
Many of my favourite stories in Eye of a Needle are absorbing narratives - often about marriages - which begin conventionally and then unravel into something else. "One day she awoke and he was inside her body and her mind, filling eighty percent with his presence, edging her out. The weight of him changed her posture." ('Knit One') Jo-Ann Goodreads
Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite. Eye of a Needle: And Other Stories by Cornelia Fick is a gorgeous collection of short and long stories, each suffused with unique literary elements to entertain readers. The author captures the reality of South Africa in vivid detail, in a voice that is clear and absorbing. In "The Beggar," the reader meets the "homeless writer" and the circumstances that led him to miss his big dreams and set up a home under the bridge. "Opposites Attract" features great storytelling skills. There are stories of varying lengths, each looking at a fragment of life through the narrator's eyes, and at times the reader can feel the indictment of the powers that be for the poverty and injustice, or a celebration of love.
This collection features an exciting and delightful blend of flash fiction and longer stories. The shorter ones are tightly written, and the reader feels teased and wanting more once they complete reading each story. The writing itself has many elements of seduction woven into its fabric. The longer stories feature compelling characters, great plots, and well-developed themes. Some of the themes -- love, social issues, poverty -- are recurrent in several stories. The characters that animate the plot lines are well-imagined, most of them are plucked from ordinary life, and are well-sculpted. What was most fascinating for me was the beautiful and elegant writing. It is clean and polished, laden with vivid and beautiful descriptions. Eye of a Needle: And Other Stories is a gorgeous treat for fans of flash fiction and the short story, and Cornelia Fick comes across as a mistress of the genre. ttps://

message 27: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 59 comments FREE for Left Handers Day on 13th August until 15th August.
The Race: An Inspiring Story for Left-Handers

The Race An Inspiring Story for Left-Handers by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

The ebooks are available on all Amazon stores and you can use this universal link or go directly to

message 28: by Rohan (new)

Rohan M. Vider | 4 comments Crota, The Gods' Game, Volume I is FREE NOW on and will remain so from Friday, December 14, 2018, 12AM PST to Saturday, December 15 12PM PST.

Grab your copy now! And please share your thoughts on the book, and leave a review on amazon and goodreads. :)

Book Blurb:
The Gods' Game Volume I, Crota
An epic fantasy, LitRPG and GameLit novel.
By Rohan M. Vider

A Game, played between Gods… where the playing field is the world itself… and the pieces, living beings. A young man caught unwittingly between… in a strange world, without allies or help… a battle for survival…using his wits and magic alone. Pawn or Player… his fate is his to decide… which will he prove to be?
Accidentally summoned from Earth to the world of Myelad, Kyran becomes embroiled in a thousand-year war between the Gods. Through no fault of his own, Kyran earns their ire and is trapped in Crota, an abandoned city haunted by undead, and infested with all manner of beasts and monsters. To escape the Gods’ trap, Kyran must become a Player that even the Gods would learn to fear…

message 29: by Charlene (new)

Charlene Namdhari | 1 comments Hi
I'm an erotic romance author from South Africa. My novel Undercover Affection released May 28th is currently on Netgalley to read and review. Interested. Grab a copy here:

One tough cop meets her match in a potential criminal - a sexy billionaire. Goodreads link:

message 30: by Saurav (new)

Saurav Chakraborty (sauravchakraborty) | 9 comments Free Kindle Book in Thriller genre from 26/01/2020 12.00 AM PST TO 30/01/2020 11.59 PM PST


About the book:

On a routine afternoon when a lady arrives in the city of Mumbai, two officials are already waiting to track her on the instructions from their senior. Everything looks under control until the next two hours when the first target is struck that leaves the two officials and their senior baffled.

As multiple murders take place across two cities, what started as a routine case of tailing, turns out to be a complicated game of cat and mouse in between the lady and the officials ultimately leading to an unforeseeable end.

Welcome to a world where everyone is not whom they claim to be, and everything is not what it seems to be, welcome to a world where everyone is in an incognito mode.

Available exclusively on Kindle, it is also available on Kindle unlimited.

Available on all Amazon website.

Amazon UK

message 31: by Paul (new)

Paul Kilfoil | 2 comments This is not a book promo but rather a note about a new web site dedicated to independent or self-published authors. Look at - a forum for South African indie authors to showcase their work for free. All SA indie authors welcome, there's no charge and no commission. And this is not a (late) April Fool's joke - I am a software developer, avid reader and wannabee writer, and a service like this is something I've been thinking about developing for some time.

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