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message 1: by Natalie (new)

Natalie | 24 comments Hi All

Our next Q&A is with Erin Butler

Erin Butler is lucky enough to have two jobs she truly loves. As a librarian, she gets to work with books all day long, and as an author, Erin uses her active imagination to write the kinds of books she loves to read. Young Adult and New Adult books are her favorites, but she especially fangirls over a sigh-worthy romance.

She lives in Central New York with her very understanding husband, a stepson, and doggie BFF, Maxie. Preferring to spend her time indoors reading or writing, she’ll only willingly go outside for chocolate and sunshine—in that order.

Erin is the author of BLOOD HEX, a YA paranormal novel, and the forthcoming contemporary romance titles, HOW WE LIVED and FINDING MR. DARCY: HIGH SCHOOL EDITION​

My unofficial bio would probably read: Erin watches way too much TV. She's a huge CW fan and will pretty much drool over any of the shows on that channel. She's way behind on The Vampire Diaries though (Deadlines!) so no spoilers, please. She loves The Originals and shipped Klaus and Caroline so hard. And she's still upset the network canceled The Secret Circle. She will get drawn into an infomercial with warp speed so her husband has to constantly turn the channel on her before she picks up the phone and dials within the next ten minutes!

Erin likes to go to midnight showings of awesome YA titles that have been turned into movies like Twilight, Mortal Instruments, and Divergent (just to name a few) with her sister. They always feel spectacularly old waiting in line with a bunch of teenagers but try to blend in the best they can. Though, they secretly know they're way better at being teens than the actual teens.

The one thing Erin is particularly good at however is fangirling over books. She's been known to cry, laugh hysterically, and then call her sister where they will continue to scream and squee so much that both their husbands walk out of the room. Writing-wise, she loves YA and NA. Kissing scenes are her absolute favorite to write so if you read a book of hers, chances are you'll get quite a few of those. HOW WE LIVED is her first published NA novel. You can find more about that here (includes an excerpt)!

So, go ahead, ask me anything!

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments How We Lived is definitely a 5 star read! Where did you get the idea for Chase and Kelsey's story?

message 3: by Erin (new)

Erin Butler | 2 comments Hi Sarah!! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

As far as where I got the idea for HOW WE all started with me wanting to write about death. (I know. I'm weird.) But I really wanted to explore what happens after a tragedy/death. So, at this point, I knew I wanted a character to already be dead in the book and have people grieving. And, as with all my books, I wanted a romance in there. ;) So, as I kept brainstorming ideas, the thought occurred to me that I should have the sister of the dead character fall in love with her brother's killer. The rest of the pieces just fell into place. I made the three of them best friends growing up because it added another dynamic to the story and made the romance more realistic.

Thanks for asking a question!

message 4: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Wester Hi Erin...

In a place like New York it must be possible to "people watch"... how many characters are inspired by people you know, have met or have seen?

Vanessa :)

message 5: by Erin (new)

Erin Butler | 2 comments Hi Vanessa! Great question. Hmmm...Kyle is most definitely based on my own brother. For those who haven't read HOW WE LIVED yet, it's not spoilery to say that Kyle is the brother who died in a car accident. My brother (still alive, btw) and Kyle are a lot alike, I think. I based a lot of the memories that Chase and Kelsey share in the book on our childhood years growing up together. For example, my brother and his friends used to play army all the time, we've had funerals for pets just like the one in the book, and to a certain degree the secret codes. Also, one main aspect of HOW WE LIVED that was completely taken from my brother's life is that he went into the army after high school just like Kyle. And like Kyle, he also hated it. It was easy for me to write those scenes where Kyle was hating the army and where Kelsey was feeling helpless because that's exactly how I felt with my brother gone.

Thanks for the question!

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