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Eml | 175 comments (You can pick a picture for how you decorate your room)

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Here is the link to what Lullabelle's room looks like:

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Lullabelle walked into her new room. She looked around at all of the decorations and smiled. It was definitely her style she went over to the bed and and fell onto it. She laughed to herself and muttered, 'I think this whole pretending thing is going to work out perfectly.'

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Eml | 175 comments There was a delicate knock on the door,"Lady Lullabelle, may we come in?"

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Lullabelle whipped up into a sitting position and looked at the door. "Oh, um... Yes of course." She called, once her had composed her attitude again.

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Eml | 175 comments Three women in maid uniforms walked in. One looked like she was in her 40's and had dark brown hair and olive skin, she spoke first, "Hello Miss, I'm Amalia. This is Clara,"she gestured to the woman on her right who looked younger than Amalia, but was still probably in her late 20's or early 30's,"And this is Penelope," Amalia said gesturing to the girl on her left. She had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She also looked to be about the same age as Lullabelle. Amalia continued,"We've been assigned as your maids. We'll be your stylists, organizers, helpers, and consultants as well if you'd like."

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"Hello Amalia, Clara, Penelope I'm Lullabelle. It's nice to meet all three of you." Lullabelle gave them her signature smile. She got up from where she was sitting and stood in front of them. "So... You make the amazing outfits that all the selected girls wear." She asked curiously, already knowing the answer.

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Eml | 175 comments The maids curtsied in unison, again Amalia spoke,"We'll be making your outfits Lady Lullabelle. No one else's. We can do any style and color that you'd like."

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"That's incredible." Lullabelle said. She gave the maids a warm smile. "You know I never did have good taste in dresses, so you think you ladies could help me decide." She bite her lip slightly hoping they would agree and not make her decide on her own. Lullabelle really was terrible at styling her outfits, normally she wouldn't care, but this was different and she had to stay in this selection for as long as possible.

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Eml | 175 comments "Well have you thought about what you'd like to wear when meeting Prince Xander for the first time? It's always important to make a good first impression," Amalia said.

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"Oh, um... Well not really." Lullabelle felt like a complete idiot, for crying out loud she was a two. She should be the exact image of sophistication and grace. All she was, was a complete failure. It didn't help that her father and brothers left her or that her mother died, before she was able to her grace onto Lullabelle.

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Eml | 175 comments Amalia nodded her head, trying to hide her surprise. She had assumed that Lullabelle being a 2 would be bossing them around. Instead she seemed opened to feedback,"That's no problem. Let's start with something simple. What's your favorite color?"

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"How about green, it would make my eyes pop out more." Lullabelle said, ignoring the shocked look on Amalia's face.

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((I got to go, I have school tomorrow and I need sleep))

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Eml | 175 comments "Green would suit you nicely...Are you thinking you'd like more of a sophisticated dress, or something more casual. Personally, I think a sundress would be perfect for the Prince's first date plans." There was a hint of a mischievous tone in Amalia's voice. They had been told not to tell the selected what the first date was. Penelope suppressed a giggle, which earned her a stern look from Amalia. Penelope always thought it was funny how fast gossip traveled in the palace.

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Lullabelle narrowed her eyes at the women. She thought over what they said. "Okay? How about a retro dress, that stops just below the knees." She said thoughtfully, she did like the retro style and thought it would be interesting, based on what they had hinted.

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Eml | 175 comments ((What's a retro dress?))

"That'll be fine miss. We'll get right on that.Is there anything else you need?"

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((Here's a link

"Nope I think that's it." Lullabelle said, popping the 'p'. "So is there anywhere in specific that I'm suppose to be." She asked looking around the room, she really wanted to go explore, but knew there were rules.

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((If that's not appropriate you can also do this

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Eml | 175 comments ((Those are both cute))

"There will be a dinner with just the selected girls, you'll all meet the Prince tomorrow. You are not permitted to walk around the castle by yourself, and we'll be with you whenever you are in your room."

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"Hmm, so I have like a guard with me at all times?" Lullabelle asked. She didn't like the sound of this at all. "Do I get any time to myself, or will I always have a shadow?" She asked jokingly, hoping she hadn't offended them.

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Eml | 175 comments "Sorry miss, it's for your own protection. Unfortunately the rebels can attack at any time. We don't want you girls getting hurt." When Amalia said rebels, Clara visibly shuddered.Penelope put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

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"Oh um... Well I understand." Lullabelle said a bit uncertainly. She never really thought about the rebels hurting her or anyone for that matter.

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Eml | 175 comments "Well make yourself comfortable. There are a couple outfits in your closet if you'd like to change for dinner tonight. We'll let you know when it's time to go. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask." The three maids to went to the opposite side of the room from the bed and began pulling fabric out of a trunk.

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Lullabelle nodded she went over to the wardrobe and opened it up. Inside were a couple silky elegant gowns. She stared in awe at them, slightly running her hand along the fabric. She pulled out a silver one and draped it across her shoulder, she gleefully did a few turns, deciding she liked this one, she set it down. Lullabelle walked into the bathroom with the silver gown. She got undressed and put the simple, but sophisticated gown on.

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Eml | 175 comments ((You can have her sneak off so she can wander, or maybe talk to other selected))

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((sounds good ^.^))

Lullabelle saw that Amalia, Clara, and Penelope hand their hands full with making her new dress. She took the opportunity to sneak out of her room. She quickly made her way down the hall, before they noticed she was gone.

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Eml | 175 comments The walk back to Belle's room was awkward. Neither one seemed like they wanted to talk. James supposed he was fine with this. It's not like they'd probably see each other again once he dropped her off. When he reached her room he held the door open for her,"So...I guess this is goodbye."

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Lullabelle played with the sleeve of her dress the entire way back to her room. She tried to start a conversation on the way back, but decided against it. Once they reached her room, James opened the door for her. "Thank you, and um... yeah I guess this is." She said with a hint of disappointment evident in her voice.

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