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Eml | 175 comments (You can pick a picture for how you decorate your room)

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Eml | 175 comments A light knock could be heard on the door.

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Eml | 175 comments Three women in identical uniforms greeted her outside the door. The one in the center said,"Hello Lady Alistair. We're going to be your hand maids for your time in the selection. May we come in?"

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Eml | 175 comments They introduced themselves as they walked in.

The woman in the center said,"I'm Tess." She had jet black hair and was in her 30's.

Next came the girl who was on the left. She was 21 and had platinum wavy blonde hair. Even more starling than her hair were mix colored eyes, one was green and the other was blue, "The name is Cassie."

Finally, a mousy looking woman in her late twenties came in and said quietly,"And I'm Jeanie."

Then Cassie said,"So what kind of dress would like to wear for your first meeting with Prince Xander?"

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Eml | 175 comments "Is there a color you would like in particular?" Tess asked.

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Eml | 175 comments "We can make your dress in white if you'd like. I personally think any color would go well with your hair," said Tess.

Cassie bit her tongue, holding back her thoughts on what color to use.

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