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MysticMemories Okay, so which would you prefer?

Kidnapping or master/slave?

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Um. (Oh no a decision, go Ashley, think!)

Master and Slave?

message 3: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories Haha :)

And sure, that sounds fine to me. *nods*

I'd prefer BxG if you don't mind. Is that okay?

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Yeah, that's totally fine :)

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments So, are they going to be humans? Both of them? Um, is it like a buy-from-an-auction thing?

Sorry, little facts help me rp better though.

message 6: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories No worries haha for the questions.
That's what we can decide.

We can do humanxhuman or supernaturalxhuman.

Supernatural x human would probably be more interesting, if you don't mind.

I don't care what type of supernatural the master is :)

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MysticMemories Do you have any ideas?

message 8: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 82 comments We could have a type of *insert supernatural creature(s) name here*-rule-the-world-and-humans-are-slaves. We can also have Supernatural Hunters that try to kill my character. We can have a Supernatural Hunter fall in love with your character and do everything possible to set her free.

That's all I got.

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MysticMemories Sure! I <3 your idea. I especially love the part about having a certain kind of supernatural being rule the world and have humans as their slaves. That sounds absolutely perfect. :)

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments AHHH

Okay, okay calm.

I'm getting excited.

When I get home I'll make my character. I'm at school right now.

I get home around 4:50 EST.

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MysticMemories Sounds perfect. I'll be home around the same time as well. Can't wait to see your Charrie and get started!

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Okay I'm on my computer!

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Charrie time!

message 14: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories Yay! Can't wait! :)

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Do you prefer anime pictures or actual photos of real people?

message 16: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories I prefer actual people if you don't mind.
But if you really like using anime, that's okay.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Wow, sorry, I'll have to do it late. I'm so angry right now. I was almost done and then my computer refreshed this page by itself.

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MysticMemories Oh my gosh, are you serious? That's terrible! :'( Next time just post it in a spoiler or something so that I'll know it's not finished yet and you won't lose your character.

And don't worry. Just make it later. :)

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Okay, I'm going to go through the long and agonizing process of creating my character. AGAIN!

message 20: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories Haha aww, I'm so sorry!
Put it in a spoiler and keep copying and pasting to make sure that you don't lose it!

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Name: Jace Draconis (Latin for Dragon)

Age: 20

Dragon Appearance:
Personality: Jace represents evil and violence, the dark side of human nature. He is eager to make rules and punish those who break them, although he consistently breaks them himself when he needs to further his own interests. His main interest is hunting, an endeavor that begins with the desire for meat and builds to the overwhelming urge to master and kill other living creatures. Jace assigns a high value only to those who he finds useful or agreeable to his views and looks to silence those who do not please him. Unfortunately, his appearance gives off a gentle and kind feeling. The perfect disguise.

History: Jace came from a shattered family. His mother was suicidal. One day Jace was bringing a glass of water to his parents room, a request from his mother, to quench her thirst after a dose of drugs. He opened the door to the room and found his mothers body hanging from the ceiling fan. Due to Jace's young age he just continued to stand and stare at his mother while saying, "Mommy why are you floating?". Jace's father was abusive. Jace constantly watched as his father beat his sister and mother black and blue. His father encouraged Jace to begin beating his female family members. Jace began beating his sister after his mothers death. Jace's sister was homicidal. She attempted to kill Jace multiple times. She tried poisoning him, she tried to drown him, she even tried to threaten him with his -at the time- girlfriend. Jace just smiled to turned away as Anabeth, his sister, slit his high school lovers throat. Anabeth took her rage out on her father after this failed attempt and killed him. She ran away after that. Jace inherited his family's Manor and all their wealth.
Jace and his family were (and are) Dracons. Dracons have two forms, a humanoid form and a dragon form. The only feature that remains the same throughout this change is their eyes. Dracons also have control over a single element.

Family: Margo Draconis, mother (Deceased)
Titus Draconis, father (Deceased)
Anabeth Draconis, twin sister (Alive but missing)

Other: Anabeth and Jace have the same eyes. The left is a soft, grape colored purple, the right is a haunting black with a heavenly golden paintbrush stroke at the bottom of it.

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MysticMemories Is your character finished or do you have more to add?
He sounds amazing!!!

message 23: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 82 comments DONE

message 24: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories He looks amazing! Alright, give me a little bit of time to get my character together.

message 25: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 82 comments Alright :3.


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MysticMemories Name: Kaila Dee
Nickname: Kay; Kaylee
Age: 18

Hair Color: Blonde (Sorry I know the pic is a brunette, but imagine the same girl as a blonde)
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Kaila's personality depends on who she is with. When she's with her human friends, she can be really romantic and flirty. She is popular and well liked by most human teenagers her age. But whenever she's with masters, she becomes stubborn and a little bit depressed. No one treats her well since she is a slave and she is just used to being treated poorly at this point. She doesn't trust anyone other than a select few humans. Even though she's stubborn, she will still submit to authority (i.e. males) in liu of being punished. She hates being punished, especially when she hasn't done anything. She doesn't like being pushed around by masters who treat her like scum.
Kaila grew up in a big orphanage type place run by humans. Since the supernaturals always needed slaves, they needed human children to grow up somewhere. While she was in the orphanage, she made friends with a couple of other humans. She became really close with them as they grew older. She never knew her family, so her friends pretty much became her family. As she grew older, she started to realize what being a slave represented. She had to learn how to become a good slave, so she was taught cooking, sewing, cleaning, and proper etiquette. As all of her friends became older, they eventually were all picked to become slaves of a master. A couple of them got picked together, so she was hoping that one of her friends would be picked with her. She knew that it was a far shot, but she still hoped.

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MysticMemories Does she look good?

message 28: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 82 comments Ohmygod I LOVE HER

message 29: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 82 comments I plan on making Anabeth as a side character, just to let you know. Maybe I can also be one of her friends when Jace sends her to her quarters or he's busy!

message 30: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories Yay! :D I love yours too!!! I am so excited!

Okay, I hate to be a pain, but would you mind posting first? And where should they start? I was thinking maybe he could go to the orphanage and pick her or something like that? Idk though, just an idea.

Whatever you'd like to do to start is perfectly fine. :)

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MysticMemories Okay, that sounds perfect! :)

message 32: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 82 comments How about he gets her at a Slave Auction. Like, the children of the orphanage are sent to the Slave Auction during the day?

message 33: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories That sounds perfect :)

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments "Welcome, Sir." A young Dracon doorboy greeted the tall, dark man that stood before him. A muffled bell chimed as the door swooshed open. Instantly the noise concealed within the dimly lit building rushed into his ears. The shouts of prices, the tik tok of a grandfather clock, the whimpers, the whispers, the cries. The blood flowing through warm veins, the popping of stiff joints, the in-out-out rhythm of labored breathing.


Jace blinked out of his trance. He glanced down at the child that held the door open for him. His eyes were yellow, like the sun. Jace smiled at him, a smile of mock friendliness and tossed a golden coin at him before entering the building. Almost instantly the room hushed into a thick and fearful silence. All eyes were on Jace, almost as if they were asking for approval before they could speak again, but everyone knew it was really because someone powerful had just stepped into a room with them. Jace grinned, "Greetings, my friends."

The room burst into a flurry of greetings before regular business went on.

Oh, how Jace loved the Slave Auction.

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MysticMemories Kaila was standing at the front of the room with her friends. Well, the friends that hadn't been bought yet, at least. They all had a tracker bracelet around their wrist, but were being allowed to mingle with their fellow humans. She guessed this was a way for the Dracons to see what type of personalities each of the humans had. It was so degrading for humans to be thought of as slaves, but that was just how it was. Kaila chatted with her friends nervously, hoping that a Dracon would buy both her and one of her friends if they saw that they worked well together.

All of a sudden, a hush went through the room. Kaila looked around, wondering why the room had suddenly gone silent. She looked towards the door and saw a male Dracon enter the room. He exuded power as he walked into the room. She saw that almost every Dracon in the room was looking at him for approval to talk. She heard him say some sort of greeting, and then the noise picked back up in the slave auction house. She shivered. He seemed rather creepy. And powerful Dracons tended to be the most cruel. Please don't come over here. Please don't pick any of my friends or me.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Jace approached the man in charge of the slaves. The man was plumb, short, and balding. His eyes disgusted Jace, but Jace would only have to look at them for a bit. They were a dull, rusty color that made a metallic taste appear in Jace's mouth. Jace recoiled, only for a second, be for finally tapping the man on his shoulder. Jace coughed to hide his gagging. Sweat coated the fingers Jace used to tap the man.

The man turned to Jace, smiling. His face instantly paled and -if it was possible- he began sweating even more than before. "Sir Jace, what a pleasure to find you here? Are you searching for a slave today? We have a nice selection at the moment."

The plumb man approached the slaves swiftly. "Attention, attention you disgusting creatures! Stand tall and be quiet or I'll give you a lashing." The man tightly held a long, black whip in his hands.

He spun in place, now facing Jace, who gave him a smile that screamed the words 'I'm fake.' "Take your pick!"

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MysticMemories Kaila continued talking with her friends, but kept an eye on the guy from earlier. He seemed like he was very good at causing trouble, which was never good for humans. Even though she was watching him from her peripheral vision, she made sure to continue talking to her friends. After all, there was no guarantee that she would ever see them again after today. There was always the chance of one of them being bought. She knew that was the reality, so she wanted to spend as much time with her friends as she could.

She suddenly saw the Dracon who was in charge of the slaves come and approach them. She turned to face him, wanting to hear his directions so that she wouldn't get into trouble. She gulped and did as he said. Wow, this guy really must be powerful. They don't normally line us up like this unless the Dracon is a royal or just below a royal. She gulped again when she heard the guy in charge tell the Dracon to take his pick. Please don't let him pick me. Please don't let him pick me. She prayed silently, hoping that someone would hear her.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Jace approached the slaves slowly, like a predator stalking his prey. His boots hit in the ground in a slow and agonizing rhythm. He immediately canceled out all male slaves. Jace wasn't quite in the mood for them at the moment.

He passed by a redhead with pretty hazel eyes and made a note to keep her in mind. He didn't have a redhead yet. She would make a nice piece in his new collection. She would defiantly go in his zoo. He continued down the line, surveying each and every one of the inferior beings. He stopped at the end of the line, right in front of a little blue eyed blonde.

He brought his leather gloved hand up to this certain slaves chin and tilted her head up. He could feel her stiffen underneath his grip on his chin. He tightened his grip just enough to make it painful. His eyes sparked with a dark interest. She would be a good house slave. Maya, Jace's head maid requested a petite girl and she would get one.

"Alright," Jace spoke, his voice low and rumbly. The Slave Keeper sucked in his gut and stood at attention. "I want number three, the redhead," Jace winked at the lanky girl with the mane of fire. She looked as if she was about to faint. "Number eight." Jace glanced at a tall, stern, dark haired girl with grey eyes. "and," Jace tilted the blonde haired, blue eyed, girl's head back down. He stared into her eyes with such menace that he could have looked like a naughty child.

"This one."

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MysticMemories Kaila watched him, her eyes tracking each movement that he made. She heard the sound of his feet against the floor, making a scuffing noise each and every time he stepped. It almost seemed like he was going slow on purpose as a way to spark more fear in them. If that was what he was trying to do, it was certainly working.

From her peripheral view, she saw that all of her fellow slaves were as straight as possible, trying to make sure that they wouldn't be punished for acting improperly. She wondered what he was looking for. No matter what he was looking for, chances were that he was going to get it. There was a wide variety in the humans that were her classmates. Surprisingly, there were no two classmates that could even pass for siblings. It was weird how the world worked out like that.

She noticed that he seemed to be paying more attention to the girls then the guys. Oh great. Kaila was at the very end of the line, so she was the last to be examined. Her eyes stared blankly ahead as he stepped in front of her. She didn't want to be caught looking at him or at her friends. She blinked and her eyes opened wide when he brought his leather gloved hand under her chin and tilted her head up. He hadn't done this to any of the other slaves, at least not to her knowledge. She stiffened up, trying to make herself blend in and seem like all of the other slaves so that he would walk away from her.

But instead, the opposite seemed to happen. He tightened his grip on her chin, to a point where it started to become painful. She blinked quickly, but didn't let herself show the pain anywhere else. She noticed his eyes staring at her, almost peering into her soul. While he held her chin up, he started speaking. She sighed when he called out number three and number eight. Neither of them were her two close friends, which was good. She didn't want her friends to be in the service of this cruel looking Dracon. Her head was suddenly tilted down to normal position, and she heard him say 'this one'. Her eyes widened. This one? Meaning me? No, this can't be happening. He can't want me. Anyone else, anyone else but him. A shiver went down her spine as he stared into her eyes with menace.

He seemed so cruel and he had only spoken two words to her. Why did he call me this one, instead of my number? Why did he tilt my head up? A million questions were running through her mind, not that she would ever learn the answers to the questions. All she knew, was that she had just been bought. She was bought by a Dracon that turned the entire slave auction house silent. A Dracon, a Dracon who seemed to be feared immensely. She stood still, waiting for him to take her and her other two new slave mates to wherever he wanted them.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments "Load them into the vehicle with the rest. Make sure the boys don't touch the girls." Jace muttered to whom it seemed to be no one, but suddenly a darkly dressed figure stalked towards the slaves. This was the third and final auction Jace had gone to today. After yesterday's 'accident' he was running low on his precious pets.

The darkly dressed figure many wore a black mask that covered its entire face. It was a wonder how it could see, but it moved with an unnatural grace and agility. It grabbed the first to, the dark haired and red haired girls gently, almost as if they were a fragile glass. It gathered them both in one leather covered arm. The redhead almost seemed comforted by such a soft touch.

The figures free hand lashed out at the blonde haired slave. It's fingers curled around a tight fistful of her hair and yanked her along. The reason why the figure was treating this slave so cruelly was unknown and unanswerable. The figure traveled with long strides before stopping at a large sixteen wheeled truck with a white cargo box attached to it. In front of this large vehicle was an expensive looking Limo.

The figure pulled open the two large metal doors to the box that held about seventeen salves. Ten were male, and seven were female. Each gender was chained to opposite walls. All three girls were shoved into the hot and dank smelling box and chained at the ankles. The figure left shortly after and shut the doors, leaving the slaves in complete darkness.

"Three thousand dollars with a one thousand dollar tip." Jace handed the Slave Keeper a bundle of green paper. Jace almost added, 'buy yourself some antiperspirant deodorant.' But decided it was to childish.

Jace excited the noisy building and entered the quiet of his Limo. The figure sat in the passengers seat, many rows in front of Jace beside an old man who drove the automobile. "I want to go home, now. My slaves need to be fed and watered and dressed before my dinner."

This was just the beginning of a very long afternoon.

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MysticMemories Kaila heard him mutter something, but couldn't tell who he was muttering to. For as much as she could tell, there was no one near them. She then saw a darkly dressed figure stalking towards the girls and figured that the person was who her new master was talking to. From the look of how the Dracon walked, it appeared to be a guy. She decided to call the darkly dressed figure 'Shadow', so that she wouldn't have to keep referring to him as the darkly dressed figure.

When Kaila looked at the Shadow, she was surprised. He seemed to be wearing black from head to toe, including a mask that covered his face. She wondered why he had a mask on, but knew that it would be another question that wouldn't be answered. She was coming up with lots of questions, and no answers. It was a shame. She knew that she would probably never even find out the answers to the questions, but didn't care. She decided to observe as much as possible, so that she could try and learn what her new master liked and disliked.

She saw Shadow take both the dark haired girl and the red head into one of his arms gently. Well he seems gentle at least. That's good. The second she finished thinking that thought, he came over to her and grabbed her by her hair. She winced, but didn't make a sound. She was pretty much being dragged on the ground, compared to the other two girls who were being treated like they were fragile. It wasn't fair and she didn't know why she was being treated worse than them, but again, there was nothing she could do about it.

She was dragged for a couple more seconds before Shadow stopped at a large truck. It was huge and there appeared to be a limo in front of the truck. She watched as Shadow pulled open the doors and exposed 17 other humans that were shackled against the walls. Boys were on one side and girls were on the other. After Kaila made this observation, she was promptly shoved into the truck and chained by her ankles to the truck as well. It smelled awful in the truck and she could feel herself sweating already. The Shadow then left and shut the doors behind him, leaving them all in pitch darkness.

Kaila decided to venture a risk and softly said, "How long have you all been in here? Do you know where we are being taken? And do you know who has bought us? When he walked into our auction house, the entire room went dead silent." She felt chills go up and down her arms, just thinking about it. "It was creepy, really creepy." She then stopped talking, wondering if any of the slaves would be brave enough to respond.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments "Silence chil-" A harsh mans voice tried to say but was rudely cut off by a frail and thin voice. "Let the child ask. This is the last time she will ever get to ask about something." The voice came from a decrepit old woman in the front of the box. She looked as if she was dying more and more by the minute. "This man, the man taking us to his Manor, his name is Jace Draconis. He," the old woman wheezed before carrying on," is the worst man you will ever, ever meet. The place we are going is the last place you will ever see. He is so cruel. God help us."
Suddenly a new, younger voice cut in. A child, around the age of six smiled at Kalia, showing her missing front teeth. She spoke in a joyful voice even though she had many whupping scars on her face. "Maybe," the child smiled hopefully at Kalia,"maybe you will make him nice."

The Limo pulled up into a stone driveway. Two large, black gates shut after it. The 'Shadow' chained them together and pushed close a large, heavy lock.

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MysticMemories Kaila heard a cruel voice start to cut her off and gulped. She hadn't seen any Dracons when she entered the truck, but it appeared as though there was at least one in the back of the truck with them. She trembled for a moment, thinking he was going to come over to her and punish her for talking. She cocked her head when he was interrupted by what sounded like a frail, old woman. The last time that I will ever get to ask something? She gulped. That didn't sound good, and that was just the beginning.

She listened to the woman carefully. Jace Draconis...Jace Draconis. The name rolled around in her head for a bit. She felt like she had heard the name before, but didn't know from where. She gulped and rubbed her hands over her arms as goosebumps appeared when she heard how the old woman described him. The cruelest person I will ever meet? And the last place that I will ever see? A tremor of fright ran throughout her entire body. She was starting to get scared, very scared.

She then heard a little girl speak. She turned her head so that she could hear her better. She gave the child a small smile in hopes of making her feel better. "Yes, maybe. Let's hope for that." She nodded. She felt terrible for the young girl, she could see whipping scars all over her face. It was terrible that she had been whipped, seeing how young she appeared.

She suddenly felt the truck stop and gulped. She guessed that they were at their final destination.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Jace exited his Limo and whispered a few orders to Shadow before scaling the steps into the enormous house that he owned. The house had to be the size of a castle, at least ten stories high. It was so large that a viewer from outer space could see it.

The house didn't look overly evil. It was extremely fancy looking if anything. Marble pillars formed a triangular roofed entry way. The entrance door was a deep cherry wood color and the frame around the large front door had a gold inscription on it. The words were in the Dracon tongue. Watch towers were placed around the perimeter of the yard with bulky looking guards stationed at each. A clock tower poked up from the middle of the house, almost as if it was shoved through a hole on the roof.

Shadow unbolted the door of the cargo box and unshackled all prisoners. He stopped at the little girl. His glove hand brushed the small girls bangs from her eyes and he gave a curt nod.

He left her chained to the wall.

Shadow continued unshackling everyone before gesturing for them to exit. He pointed to a brick path that led to a small side door where two guards and an elderly lady dressed in a long, dusty apron was waiting for them.

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MysticMemories Kaila had no idea what to expect. All she heard was that her master was extremely cruel and this was the last place that she would ever see. She wondered what was going to happen to her and what his house looked like. It must be big... Otherwise he wouldn't be able to buy as many humans.

Kaila heard a noise that sounded like the door of the truck was being opened, and turned to the door. She quickly realized that she was correct and squinted as the sunlight hit her face. It took her a moment to adjust to the sunlight after being in pitch darkness for a while. Once she got her eyesight back, she saw that Shadow had entered the truck.

She watched him warily, not trusting him one little bit. After all, he had dragged her by her hair to the truck. She saw him quickly move from slave to slave, unshackling them all. She then saw him go over to the little girl and move her bangs from her face. He seemed to be treating her with care and gentleness. But then he moved away and unshackled the rest of the slaves, leaving her still attached to the wall.

Kaila felt a pang in her heart for the poor little girl as the rest of the slaves were directed to get out of the truck except for her. She dutifully did what she was directed and stepped out of the truck. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open as she saw the mansion/castle in front of her. It was huge, enormous! It was by far the biggest and most elegant building that she had ever seen. She looked at the windows and counted that it had at least 10 stories. What is this place...?

She saw Shadow point over in the direction of two guards and an elderly woman. She nodded her head and looked down at the ground as she started walking with her fellow humans in that direction. She was terrified, but at least she didn't have to talk to her new master. She approached the trio, waiting for orders to be given. Even though she was thinking about the future, she couldn't help but think about her friends that were probably still at the auction house and the little girl who was probably still chained to the truck.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments The old woman hustled the girls and guys into a small hallway. "To the left there are showers, take one immediately. You will wash every morning and every night. One side is for men, one side is for women. Master Jace demands cleanliness. The next few rooms are the sleeping quarters. After the slaves have been separated from the pets you will be assigned clothes and cots. After your showers men will report out side and women will report the to kitchen. " The woman pointed a finger that the door at the end of the hallway. "Quickly, showers now!"

Jace threw off his clothes and changed into something more comfortable. His new look consisted of his bare feet, a royal blue button down shirt, a silver vest, and tightish black jeans. His eyes gleamed. This was his favorite part, organizing the slaves. He couldn't wait to add some to his zoo. The next Dracon Meeting was being held at Jace's manor, and a Dracon's collection was a sign of their wealth. The one's he didn't find overly beautiful would be regular house slaves. Boring, yes, but needed. The men would be organized by Shadow. Some would become butlers, others would become guards. If men failed to succeed in their tasks they would be thrown in with the bears.

Jace gave himself a once over and, happy with his appearance, bounded down his almost endless flights of stairs, three at a time.

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MysticMemories Kaila was ushered into a small hallway with the other slaves. She paid attention to the old woman, noticing that she seemed to be in charge. She nodded when the woman said that they would be required to wash every morning and every night. It was actually better than she expected. She had heard that some masters didn't allow them to take showers everyday. Those masters wanted their slaves to be grimy so that they would truly feel inferior to the Dracons.

She nodded again when the old woman told them what they would be doing. She had no idea what being a 'pet' truly entailed. She knew that she would be fine doing housework if she was just a normal slave. At least, she thought that she would be fine, if she was treated as a maid. But it really didn't matter what she thought. She would be sorted by whoever sorted the slaves and she knew that would be final.

She walked over to the shower area with the rest of the slaves. The shower area was actually just two rooms, one for guys and one for girls. Inside of the room was about 20 shower nozzles, so all of the girls had to go in at one time. Kaila didn't really care that they weren't private showers. She never had the chance to use a private shower, so she wouldn't have expected that to change now. Everyone quickly stripped and took a quick shower. When they got out of the shower, they found towels waiting for them, but no clothes.

Kaila quickly wrapped the towel around her, making sure that all of her important parts were covered. She then waited with the rest of the slaves to find out her fate. She heard footsteps coming from the stairs that seemed to be everywhere in the castle. She bit her lip anxiously, not knowing who it was.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments Parallel from the shower entrance/exit was another, less noticeable door. If it wasn't cracked open most eyes would have missed it. The crack widened slightly when Kaila exited the shower room, a silent taunt for her to give in to her curiosity. The door led to a small, one man hallway. Another door was at the end of this narrow passage. A small female child's giggles came from the mysterious closed door at the end of the hallway. Softly playing classical music could also be heard.

Jace took the final step off the stairs with a slight huff. He glanced at the kitchen door, joyful to smell delicious scents coming from there. His stomach was a pit of emptyness, and eating in front of hungry slaves would provide the best entertainment.

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MysticMemories Kaila heard the footsteps pause and then completely stop. She figured that there was echoes on the steps, which is why she heard footsteps but no one came down. She then looked around the room curiously. She wanted to learn the ins and the outs of her new home. As she was scanning the room, she saw something that looked like a second door on the other side of the room. She hadn't noticed it until now. It looked like it was opened just a crack.

She knew that she would probably get in major trouble for it, but her curiosity got the best of her. She had to go through that door. It didn't look like the master was coming down anyways. So she decided to take a risk and slowly walked over to the door. She only had her towel around her, but she didn't care.

She slipped into the hallway that the door opened to. She looked around. There seemed to be a couple of random rooms, but the doors were all shut and she didn't want to test if they were open or not. For all she knew, this could be a trap. She quietly walked down the hallway, hearing a child's bubbling laughter coming from the door at the end. She was curious what type of child would be in a place like this. She also heard beautiful classical music, which sounded soothing to her ears. She walked over to the door, putting her head against the door so that she could hear a little better. She quietly tried to turn the doorknob open just a smidge, so she could see who was in there. She hoped that no one would be able to see her or would notice that the door was open.

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ClassyCookie | 82 comments The instant the door clicked open the child's laughter. The music played on though, but only the same part of a soft song, like a scratched record. Someone, or something, from inside the room pulled the door open just a bit more. The sliver of a little girls face poked out. It was the little girl from the cargo box! She didn't look up at Kaila though, she just stared at where her eyes were level to, like she didn't see the woman on the other side of the crack in the door. "Hello?" Her voice sounded like a small jingling bell, soft, silence shattering, and out of place. She pushed feathery ash-blonde bangs from her eyes. Her foggy, white eyes.

The little girl had on a new pair of clothes, a frilly white sun dress that came down to her knees and had a small yellow on the top right.Two spaghetti straps laid on her shoulders and her feet were dressed in white flip flops. Her skin looked clearer, less grimy and caked with mud. Her face still had thick, wrinkly whipping scars laid upon it. They looked misplaced upon such a precious child, almost like 3D stickers were placed on it.

In the kitchen stood Jace and a row of his new slaves, except for one, of course.

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