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E M M A Hey?!

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments Hi!

message 3: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Sorry I took so long haha! What should I call you?? I'm sorry but I've gotta shower .-. Then I have to sleep in an hour but at least we can plot!!

message 4: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments You can call me Ashley :)
And yeah, I have to head to bed too.

message 5: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Hey Ashley! Well did you have a plot in mind? Otherwise I've got general topics that we can mull over! Night

message 6: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments No, my brain is deflated right now.

Please, give me ideas to ponder.

I must not wait when there is pondering to be done.

message 7: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Hahaha!


-rich kids
-fairy tales
-Disney stories
-pirates of the Caribbean

(Pick a few and mash them into one! Ngtg))

message 8: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments I'd like to do someone along the lines of Fantasy and Pirates. I've been in the mood for that lately. Mostly because I ship a female character I created in my head and Nima, a fish lady in my book.

Are you alright with GxG romance?

I'm not a big romance freak but I like it here as there.

Now I'm excited.

message 9: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Mind if I play a girl? I have all boys right now so... An I prefer bxG haha sorry! Okay lets plan something like that! I've been obsessed with pirates of the Caribbean lately, especially the newest one! Anyway... So plots?

message 10: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Ooh...I have many male characters at the moment as well.

I'd like to also be a female.....

Maybe you could try something new?

It seems we have hit a roadblock in our smoothly paved asphalt path.

Oh dear.

message 11: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Hahha! It's okay I guess I'll play a guy then... Finally back from school, got any ideas?

message 12: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Hmm. Well, maybe we can have our characters be the captains of two different ships and maybe a storm takes one ship out so one character would have to be on the other's ships.

Or we could have the two meet at a bar or something and then meet up again at sea while they're trying to raid each others ships, and then they keep meeting up. They both go to an island with hostile locals, they both find an underwater cave that has sea-giants in it. Y'know, awesome things.


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E M M A Okay! I like combining the two... So they meet up at a bar, are sort of friends or just acquaintances, and then at sea turns out they've been looking for the same thing, and they both are caught up in this cove where ships have been drawn in, and then one ship remains or something and the crews combine, and at first there will be either tension or awkwardness, then there's a little romance but them they go on adventures together. Yeah? If not the second one is good!

Also!!! Please make your character SUPER DRAMATIC! Let her be really sassy or smart Aleck, or really hostile, or really rude, or really flirtatious, or really intriguing! I dot want a yawn city rp again >.<

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments I LOVE IT

message 15: by ClassyCookie (new)



message 16: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Okay cool, idk when I can make my character! Got any ideas for him?

I don't think a super large history is necessary for the story, and I can make up better ones along the way! Also, instead of my guy being a pirate he could be a fisherman, ad she could be stranded or somethig idk!! And lets include sea mythical creatures like mermaids/sirens and sea monsters :D

What time period?

I'll try

message 17: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Well, um, the time period when most pirates actually existed. I'm not big on history.

Location...maybe a different world? Like, another dimension?

For age, I'm going to make my character 21.

The rest is up to you.

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments Do you mind anime pictures? I've been in the mood for them lately, and its easier to find a female fantasy character.

message 19: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Okay it could be a little city, let me know a name. And he'd be a fisherman I guess, on different version of earth? Okay I'll make mine maybe 23... I personally am nt a fan of anime, you could use one for yourself, but an you include a normal picture with a face claim so I can have an idea for the characters appearance better? Sorry >.<

message 20: by ClassyCookie (last edited Apr 28, 2014 05:04PM) (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments I've never really done a face claim. I usually just find random pictures.

Also, my character is going to be a Captain of a ship.

message 21: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Ooh!! He's a fisherman and gets caught in a shipwreck, and he is taken aboard??? Okay that's fine, let me know when you find someone!

message 22: by ClassyCookie (last edited May 03, 2014 06:41PM) (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Name: (Captain) Nyx Kye

Age: 21


Height: 5'8
Weight: 119

Nyx has waist long black hair with piercing sea green eyes that occasionally turn blue, or both colors. Her skin has a bluish tint to it. Her fingers and toes have a bluish see-through webbing between them. Her teeth are strangely sharp and she has three gills on each side of her neck. She has sharp fins on her forearms to elbows. Her skin has an unusual rubbery feeling to it.

Personality: Captain Nyx is known for her fearsome reputation. She is the most ruthless, brutal Captain in The Ten Sea's of Myth. The very look of her strikes fear into the hearts of all with any sense. She's sarcastic, she's venomous, and she won't stand for insults.

Unfortunately for men, she's probably the most attractive woman they will ever meet. No girl can swing her hips like Nyx can, but few witness her dance and even fewer see her and live to tell about it. She believes men to be pigs, sloppy, women loving pigs. Nyx most likely has Daddy issues.

Nyx can be a sweet girl though. She adores Boroon, the leviathan that her ship sits atop of. She protects her crew, as little and as misfitted as it is, with a ferocity. She is naturally stern and very strict, and will not hesitate to punish any who break her rules.

She isn't trusting, you have to earn your way into her vision. A word of advice: Don't waste her time.

History: Will be revealed.

Family: Nyx doesn't remember any of her family. She thinks of Boroon as her brother though.

Other: Nyx is half fish. That means she can breath under water and on land. She likes to stay at sea though.

Boroon is the biggest creature in the sea's. Nyx's ship sits atop him. She has the fastest ship in the sea because of Boroon. Her ship can also submerge water without its passengers drowning.

Sorry if she isn't good, my computer kept refreshing this page and erasing all my hard work so I just (excuse my French) half-assed it this time.

Boroon and Nyx's barge:

message 23: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Oh that sucks!!! But she's awesome!!! It's okay haha I probably would slak off too! I'll do mine now

message 24: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Aside from shirtlessness and lip biting, what do you think? Haha

message 25: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Oooohhhhhhh ;) Nice. Very nice.

message 26: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Hahah! Okay I'll be done sokn

message 27: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Take your time :D

message 28: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Name: Jonah Rhys Deighton
Age: 24


Height: 6'2
Weight: 174, most is muscle mass
Eyes: soft brown
Hair:brown, scruffy

Jonah has no idea how to socialize with other than his ship mates, having never interacted really with any one else. Women? Strangers. He had been to few bars before after returning from a particularly long fishing trip, and slept with a woman or two here and there, but there was never love, never an interest. He tends to attract several women with his mysterious shady character, but in truth, Jonah just is clueless. The fisherman tends to keep to himself, his heart being at sea. Often in down time, he is seen scribbling in a tattered journal and wondering about what is beyond the murky dark waters. He is still a young boy at heart, his curiousity usually getting the best of him. Jonah does what he pleases, knowing no manners with his fisherman attitudes.
-rude at times

Jonah was abandoned as a single child when he was four. His father, a fisherman, had disappeared at sea, and his mother couldn't handle being without him. She "disappeared", and Jonah never saw her again. At such a tender age, Jonah had no way to take care of himself. In the small seaside town of Kemp, his fathers fishing company took the young boy in and raised him as their own. Jonah grew up on boats at sea, helping with the reel and baits. Being at sea for weeks at a time and never engaging in proper schooling or social interaction with other children his age, Jonah became a sheltered man. Even after he turned a legal age to leave and find himself work, Jonah stuck to the fishing trade. He holds on to the hope that he would be able to find his fathers shipwreck, or at least a sign. Jonah has grown a strong bond with the sea, and knows it better than land. His ship captain and four crews men have formed a tight knit relationship, and they are the closest thing he had ever had to a family. The crew always passes along stories of myths of pirates and mermaids and sea monsters, but Jonah never believed it. It was stupid, he thought, and he had never seen proof. However, after one of his ship members had disappeared with an eerie note about sailing off in one of the lifeboats to follow what was described as a mermaid, Jonah was curious. The sea was enchanting, and he had begun to become extremely curious about its depths and secrets.

Jonah continues doing what he knows best, his usual fishermen duties with only few visits to local shops or bars.


He is a fisherman, and picks up other odd jobs

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E M M A ((I'll be back showering!!! Tell me if I need to add or fix))

message 30: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments I LOVE IT o.o

message 31: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Goody! Okay lets start!!! It could either be a stormy night, or a curseor spell or something that is caused by nyx, and her storm capsizes the boat or whatever and only Jonah survives, and soon after he swims towards her ship in the distance, but passes out or idk! Or he wakes up on the shipwreck the next day, and nyx finds him??? Lets do this

message 32: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Nyx could be underwater with Boroon and then see him stuggling and bring her ship up while catching him in the process.

Sorry, gotta go to bed. I have a big big test tomorrow.

message 33: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Okay that works, I guess well start tomorrow! It's only seven, I'm on pacific time

message 34: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments It's 10:14 here. I usually stay up later but I don't want to be tired during the test.

message 35: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Kk sounds good

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E M M A Hey Ashley!

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments HI!

message 38: by E M M A (new)

E M M A So how are we starting off?? I'm excited

message 39: by ClassyCookie (new)

ClassyCookie | 69 comments Can you start? We can meet in the bar first, then she can rescue him at sea.

message 40: by E M M A (new)

E M M A It was a gloomy October night, a few days before Jonah and his crew would be again out to sea for the last fishing trip of the season. Rolling clouds threatened a storm overhead, but Jonah wast worried. Her been through several hurricanes, sea storms, and heavy downpour. They'd make it out alright, he was sure. Jonah pulled his tattered windbreaker jacket to him, his hood tucked tightly over his head as he tromped in the muddy dirt paved streets from a light rain that had begun to fall. He looked at no one, made no eye contact, didnt speak, didnt nod hello. Few were about at this time, busy preparing for the coming storm the next few days. Apparently, Jonah was wrong. He stepped into the bar, only to find that it was packed to the walls with the townspeople, traders, fishermen, and business people alike. What was this? Slightly annoyed, Jonah turned to go back, before the entrance was blocked by a group of drunken sailors. He groaned, weaving through sideways the sea of bodies, the air thick and humid. "A beer," Jonah grunted, sitting on a stool he managed to find along the bar counter. He removed his hood, rubbing his head with a grimace. There was way too many people out here. The bartender slid the cold beer glass to him on a worn coaster, before leaving to tend to another customer. Jonah took up e glass with one hand, taking a sip with his elbows on the table.

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments The bar smelled ridiculously foul, like throw up and sweat mixed into a cauldron of alcohol. A figure slipped into the crowd unnoticed. A black hat with a white and brown striped feather tilted downwards and covered the strangely dressed person face. A brown, leather hooded coat was the perfect disguise for someone in hiding. The cloaked figure sat between a sweaty fat man that smelled absolutely retched, and a man with bulging eyes that rambled on about women and their bosoms. Bodies slammed into the shortish figure, causing it to crush its chest against the wooden railing of the counter.

"A Whiskey, please."

Unfortunately for the shadily dressed person, their voice was quite recognizably feminine and the perverted man's eyes seemed to bulge further out of their sockets. The man's sweaty hand reached up to pull down the brown hood and pull up the hat, but a hand slapped it down. A knife pressed into the gap between the man's middle and ring finger.

"Mind your manners," came the voice again.

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E M M A Jonah's eyes wandered the repulsive bar, his beer still nearly brimming. He hadnt been looking forward to going on their next fishing trip, convinced that it would be the most unsuccessful one yet. An intoxicated female leaned against the counter, giggling uncontrollably with a weird gaze in her eyes before she collapsed. Jonah glanced around worriedly, before the lady was dragged away by some man. Not thinking much of it, Jonah stood up to leave. The place was too crowded, and it made him nauseated. "Excuse me," Jonah murmured behind a coated short figure, the large hat shielding the persons face. He was jostled by a sailor, in a hurry to get away from someone. He felt this someone slam into him moments later, a hearty oomph coming from him. "Watch it!" Jonah snapped, rubbing his shoulder. "Sorry, sir," Jonah apologized to te coated figure he had been jammed against.

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments The force of the blow was enough to slam her into the counter railing, but the unexpectedness of it sent her straight into her newly made drink. It toppled over with a chink, spilling the amber liquid into a small puddle. The hood of her coat slipped off of her hat, tilting it upwards as it went. Long, black hair cascaded down the woman's back and over the coat. The lower half of her soft, pale, bluish face was now visible to the world. A glance could confirm that this mysterious figure was female. Her small, angular face screamed "Feminine".

Nyx grabbed her knife, ready to scalp the man who caused her to waste such liquid. Though, when she heard a "Sorry, sir" she hesitated. A man who knew how to civilized, what a surprise! She had to see this for herself. "Its okay," She said, turning and glancing at this strange, strange man. "Not your fault." She added quickly, eager to get a good look. She had to stop herself from grabbing his arm and pulling him towards her.

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E M M A Jonah wiped his forehead, sweatin from the mass of bodies in the bar. After everything had unfolded, the coated figures hat had slipped back, revealing a- female. Embarrassed and ashamed he had referred to this woman as a sir, Jonah bowed his head in apology. "Excuse me, ma'am," he said quickly, locking eyes with the woman for a few seconds before he broke the stare. Her drink had spilled in a skull puddl, which Jonah quickly set to wipe up with a towel the bar tender slapped on the counter with an annoyed grunt. Hearty laughing coul he heard in the corner of the tavern, apparently the midst of a gambling game. A fight was in another corner, with people in every direction. "Allow me to buy you a new drink," Jonah offered, slapping a bill on the now clean counter. The woman was pretty, her feminine features outlined by her dark hair, the hat and hooded coat making her seem mysterious.

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments "It's quite fine, I have to be going anyways. I have to get back before the rain starts," Nyx set her hand gently on the bill, keeping the bartender from snatching it up with his greedy, alcohol smelling fingers. She scoots off the stool quietly, her small hand gently wrapped around the bill. "I will be taking this though," Nyx smiled, but never once revealing her teeth. "Think of it as a refund."

With that she pulled up her hood, pulled down her hat and disappeared into the crowd and out of sight. Her knife lay flat on the counter, it's shimmery metal unknown to the world of the land. It's hilt was wrapped in green and red beaded necklaces. A woman's touch could even cause weapons to look better.

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E M M A Jonah leaned against the counter, trying not to be jostled by the overweight man beside them. He shrugged his shoulders at the woman's words in understanding, silently wishing her well. "Good evening, miss," he bowed his head slightly, before stepping aside to allow her to leave. The woman was mysterious, and he felt an unfamiliar chill when she spoke or looked at him. Jonah watched her weave through the crowd, before settling on her bar stool in place. A beautifully crafter knife lay on the wooden counter, forgotten. Her knife! His fingers wrapped around the handle, studying the designs with the beads and color. This had to be the woman's. Jonah turned his head to see if she was still possibly inside, but e saw no signs of her. Jonah tucked the knife into his jacket, before leaving that been under the cover of his hood. A light drizzle had already started outside, and Jonah matched through the mud with his boots back towards the little fishermen shack where he lived.

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments Nyx dashed through the sloppy, sticky mud. Her flat booted shoes lightly touched the ground, but she mostly remained in motion. She was clear of the mud's sinking grip. She hated the feeling of land under her feet. It made her feel slow and disgusting. Everything she looked at seemed foreign and gross. Her coat caught in the growing winds, yanking her backwards. She caught herself kept running, running and struggling to remove herself from this piece of cattle skin. She preferred her normal seal skin clothing to these ones, but everyone would have know it was Nyx. In this world, seals were a rare find. Where they lived was unknown to almost everyone, but Nyx and her crew had visited their habitat many times.

When she made it to the cities dock she threw practically threw herself into the water. Her hair floated upwards, her gills opened and closed. A long, low call came from somewhere within the darkness of the ocean. Nyx set off in that direction, getting rid of her land made clothes as she went.

message 48: by E M M A (new)

E M M A Jonah unlaced his muddy boots, slumping into the poorly made cot that he called his bed, without even removing his raincoat. The woman's mysterious knife was by his side, his fingers tracing over the lost item. Jonah could still clearly see her face, and the odd aura she had about her. Touching her even intrigued him. And women usually never intrigued him. Jonah couldn't recall ever seeing her before, and reckoned it was a trades woman or someone in for the night. Jonah sighed, hearing the winds rattling his poorly crafted windows. His fingers curled around the knife, his eyes fluttering shut before he fell ino a deep sleep. Jonah snored, sleeping heavily despite the stormy rainfall above, pinging on the metal roof top. Thoughts of the woman filled his dreams.

The next morning, Jonah couldn't contain the relief he felt for finally being able to go bck out to sea, despite the unstable weather that had accumulated over night. He packed what little clothing he had for the trip, along with meager provisions. Dressed in the waterproof jacket, jeans, and sturdy work boots, a scruffy Jonah emerged from his dwelling. Down by the docks, his crew had already assembled, awaiting the last person. "Morning," Jonah nodded curtly, boarding the fishing boat and tucking his small duffel into the cabin. "Don't know if this is a good idea," the captain murmured, squinting out to sea. Dark, rolling clouds were only a line in the distance, seeming to move along the horizon. "Chances are, the storm is over and won't hit us," Jonah agreed. Two storms in one day. Too much. The crew ase bled at their stations, lifting the anchor. With the winds, the crew was able to get a good start on the boat. Out to sea they go.

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E M M A ((Yo!))

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ClassyCookie | 69 comments (WHY AM I NOT BEING NOTIFIEd! This is happening to my other rp too!)

Nyx, Boroon, and the rest of her crew took to the waters. Or underwaters. They sunk deep under the ocean, so deep that the restless sea wouldn't bother them. Down here, in the blackness, everything was calm. Nyx hung to one of Boroons barnacles while her crew stayed sealed up in the Barge. They were probably eating right now, or maybe sleeping. Esma was most likely drawing the latest sea creature that swam past a window.

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