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Jadiel's Redemption
Susan Nadathur Susan Apr 27, 2014 06:18PM
Can Jadiel be redeemed? Or is he too far gone for Kiriela to still believe in his redemption?

I believe that Kiriela will learn to love Jadiel again. And that will give him something to hold on to so that he wont fall into Satan's hands completely. Love will help with his redemption and he could be saved.

When I think of Kiriela it reminds me a bit of Persephone or perhaps Loki's wife Sigyn which are two characters I admire greatly. I do believe that if someone has the kind of power to help Jadiel redeem himself it's Kiriela. But in the end he's gotta want to do it. Kiriela can aid him but in the end it's gotta his quest.

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