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The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller BR 4/28

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Jenniferღ Excited for a BR!

Jenniferღ Ha!! So true!! I'm in the mood for one!!

Sara Fab book ladies!! Hope you enjoy :))

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Jenniferღ Thanks Sara!!! ♥

Sarah yay I'll start this tomorrow!

Jenniferღ Sarah let us know when you do!! Woot!! :-)

Sarah ok!!! probably tomorrow evening be I'm only 66% into my book now. When yall starting? :)

Sarah OK well ill be starting around lunch time probably. finished my other book. I'm excited about this

Jenniferღ Heyyyy!! This evening sometime H..

Jenniferღ Ill try to sneak some in!! Lol

Sarah It was just OK harriet. it was abbi glines but her books sometimes all seem the same so it was just ok

Sarah I'm reading this one now, just on chapter 3 but already it's showing a ton of potential!

Jenniferღ I'm going to try to read a chapter soon...

Sarah Yes I'm about to start chapter 7 and I'm liking it!! Will read for about an hour then I've got to get ready and go to work for a couple hours. Jenny let us know when you start!
Wishing 'raven' wouldn't wear hideous contacts.

Sarah Lol me either. And I always want to only picture my characters as attractive but with some of these descriptions it's hard :O

Jenniferღ Ok started !!!

Jenniferღ Contact thing is weird !!

Jenniferღ 1 chapter down lol!!

Jenniferღ Lol so far... But it's too hard to tell! Who is Linda ?? What happened to her parents?? Lol @ the pink everywhere!

Jenniferღ I got the guardian ... I missed the BFF but figured... Lol

Jenniferღ Lol and toenails you guessed it!!! Pink!

Jenniferღ I keep thinking pink Mac lol!!

Jenniferღ Lol she's funny she has to up her creepiness or she might end up liking this girl!

Jenniferღ Chp 4 ! Moving pretty quickly.. I like the flow..

Jenniferღ Ok at ch 7 ill use spoilers if I have anything.... Not sure where y'all are at!

Jenniferღ It seems like it will be a fast read!!! Feel better H!

Jenniferღ 31% not loving but not hating either... Not sure...

Jenniferღ That's fine Hun!

Sarah I'm at 28% and liking it pretty good... about to start up reading again since I'm back home!

Sarah It's ok H!!!!!

Jenniferღ Yes no worries!!

Jenniferღ 49% awwww so sweet

Sarah hahah! I'm at 39%! landon has had me busy. he's so fussy and not feeling good but hope to start now. loving the flirty sex comment kaeleb made at end of first semester freshman year... meant to say that then but forgot

Jenniferღ Lol I'm beating you whattttt?!?!? I'm 67 % and freakin!! He's so cute! Poor Landon!!!

Sarah 41% the face that he said "you can leave starlight at home" make me love him. I mean he knows his rainbow brite!!! :)

Jenniferღ That texting was so cute!!!!

Sarah at 57%.... worried about quinn.... and worried about Linda (?)....

Sarah 64%..... shitttt.

Jenniferღ I knowwww!!! Omg

Sarah You done??

Jenniferღ Don't tell me you finished!!!

Sarah No way!!! 74%

Sarah I'm liking it but I pretty much predicted what's happened so far

Jenniferღ Yep yep me too!!!

Jenniferღ Finished Sarah thanks for reading with me ;-)

Sarah Oh good.... I think I have like 10% left to read... hate I couldn't be around more but landon feels terrible so I haven't even picked it up!

Sarah OK done.... ehhhh. just alright :/

Jenniferღ That's ok!! It was a eh read anyway!! Thanks for reading with me ❤️❤️

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