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(faction of origin)

Seth James Daniels~
Rodrick Jackson Moon~
Ellina Rose Moon~
Amber Amelia Allen~
Ariadne Fairfeild~
Mack Liam O'Daniels~
Miriam Rosalyn Kennedy~
Hazel Wood~
Katerina Tate~
Serenity Langer~
Pierce Kendal~
Avery Connor
Gabriel Carson~
Italy O'Daniels
Olly obrian~
William Shoemaker~

Annabella Huff~
Bree Danielle Huff~
Rosa Amelia Bright~
Robyn Bird~
Nash Remon~
Fate Clemmons~
Mikalya Clemmons~
Charles Fitzpatrick~
Eliana O'Neill~

Asha Naramoniel~
Avis Meadow~
Jazmine Recadro~
Annalise Dallas~
Nicholette Emmet~
Ansel Haloway~
Cohen Smith~
Margaret McCoy~
Laura Pallor~
Aella Euclid~
Willa thayain

Daniel Brooke~
Lorelie Storms~
Emily Rose~
Elliot Oliver~
Dakota Blue~
Hayden gray ~
Seamus Skeeter~
Elisende Grieve

Alex Shaw
Katarina Matthews~
Elissa Black
Kathrynn Jacobson
Zayden Beckett~
Fawn Resinky~
Aiden Pearce~
Abigail Tanner~
Phoebus Kandel
Kathryn Jacobson~

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Raechel what do i do

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Well initiation has started so make an under 16 or full member

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what do i do to make a character?

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Read character creation under 16s or full members

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Emily Friesen (emilyfriesen) Name: Emily Friesen
Gender: female
Age: 18
Sexuality: bi
Faction of origin: abnegation

Appearance: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...

Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5.6
Weight: 115
Skin tone: light
Distinguishable markings: scar on my right shoulder
Personality: I am brave. I am a smartass. I am divergent. I am loyal. I am funny. I am smart
Mother: Lily Friesen
Father: James Friesen
Older sister: Sarah Friesen
History: I was born in abnegation. I was beaten for years by my father. I always seemed not very selfless. I found out I'm divergent at the simulation. My mother died in an accident when I was five. I hated abnegation live style. I chose to leave for dauntless

Fears: my father beating me. Helplessness, and killing the person I love.
Likes: I like fighting. I like dauntless cake
Dislikes: I dislike my father. I dislike losing
Weaknesses: I'm too smart mouthy
Skills: fighting and romancing
Weapon of choice: gun
Faction I want to go to: dauntless
Divergent: yes
Other: I like dauntless. I am brave. I am divergent

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This isn't where it goes

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Zarifa A (loliz99) im so confused

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This is kinda not in use anymore lol

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