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rp here with APPROVED characters only

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Seth walks up to the common area for free period. He leans against a wall and crosses his arms. He looks around and smirks at the admiring faces.

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Bloodyhell Daniel goes to the free period area. He sees Seth with his familiar annoying smirk, and that ridiculous pose. He tenses. He doesn't want to deal with Seth now. So he looks away and chooses a spot far from Seth.

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As Seth looks around he sees Daniel come in. He tenses and his fist clenches. Sadly amber isn't there to keep him calm. He tries to ignore the urge to punch but he can't. Still he stalks slowly toward Daniel.

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Bloodyhell Daniel takes out a book. He starts reading. However, he can hear footsteps approaching. Thinking it's just a random person, he continues flipping the pages, immersing himself in a world of fantasy.

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Seth stops briefly to say hey to a dauntless guy who walks by. He then continues walking until he's right next to Daniel's table. He leans on the wall, fists clenched, and waits for Daniel to look up.

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Bloodyhell Oblivious to everything around him, Daniel keeps reading. The book is really engaging. It makes him calm and peaceful. He is going through a hard time. He just found out that his mother has gone blind. Since then, he has been trying to do the work for both of them...

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Seth clears his throat. Daniele's obliviousness is so disgusting to him. One should always be aware of their surroundings or they could get hurt just like Daniel is about to be.

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Bloodyhell Daniel startles. He heard someone making a noise nearby, like clearing throat. He looks up and sees Seth.What is he doing here? Daniel just gapes, unsure how to respond to this intrusion.

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"Hey Daniel. How have you been doing lately?" Seth asks mockingly. "Everything all nice and dandy at home. Maybe filled with rainbows and butterflies?" He comes closer and towers over Daniel.

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Bloodyhell Daniel grips his book tightly. His lips form a thin line. He doesn't have a duty to tell Seth about his family business. "What do you want, Seth?", Daniel asks coldly.

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"Oh I'm just talking to a fellow student. What's wrong with that?" Seth smirks. "And did you happen to know that amity woman who went blind the other day? My dad wants to know more about the woman he brought back to life."

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Bloodyhell Daniel tenses. So that was where his mother was yesterday. He tries to hide his emotions...but it's hard to do that when Seth's smirking. The bastard is smirking when talking about his mother! However, he needs to know what really happened: "And why do you come to me? Isn't that your father's job? Why did your dad even meet her in the first place". His voice slightly breaks near the end.

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Seth notices the tenseness of Daniel. "Oh you do know her? That's great. What's her name? Does she have a family?" He asks cockily. Clearly the woman means something to Daniel. That means Seth can use it against him.

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Bloodyhell Seeing that Seth's not going to answer him. Daniel answers curtly, "No." He stands up, with his book in his hand. Daniel turns around and walks away. Not wanting to be involved in this conversation.

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Seth grabs Daniel by the collar and pulls him back. "I'm talking to you." He pushes him into a seat. "Now why the hell did you get so tense when I mentioned her?"

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Bloodyhell Daniel looks away, refusing to answer. So this is how it gonna be then. He grips his book tighter. Without thinking, he throws the book at Seth's face. He gets out of the seat and bolts for the exit.

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Seth takes one big step and grabs Daniels arm. He punches him in the face so hard he feels daniel's nose break. "That could've been a lot worse. Now spill about the woman. I'm gonna guess she's related to you."

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((Daniel Seth rodrick?))

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Rodrick walks down the corridor.He is looking for Ellina.
He turns his head into a room he walks by.He suddenly stops and runs over to Daniel,Seth just punched him.
He runs with the speed of lightning.He pushes Seth away from Daniel.
"What do you think you're doing!?" he shouts.

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Bloodyhell Daniel clutches his bloody nose. He can't believe he just got hit. He staggers and leans on a wall. He glares at Seth and the newcomer. Another Dauntless? Great.

"So is this how it's gonna be? Are you going to play good cop, bad cop on me?" Daniel sneers, he just can't care anymore.

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Seth glares at rodrick. "I'm only not punching you because amber would kill me." He then turns back to Daniel. "Just answer the stinking question or I'm punching you again." Seth thinks for a second. "Oh wait never mind. She was probably your mom. Lucky my dad didn't know you or I'm not too sure he would've saved her."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Seth, just leave the poor kid alone!Does it really matter to you that much?" Rodrick says.
He then turns to Daniel.He remembers when he talked to Seth that day at Lunch,and when he mentioned Daniel,Seth seemed mad.What did he have against him?Daniel is Amity,but he seems like a good guy.
Well,Ellina is like an Amity so Rodrick doesn't really mind them.

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Bloodyhell Daniel didn't hear what the other guy said. But he certainly did hear what Seth said. He roars and pushes Seth backward, smearing blood on Seth's cloth.

"Don't talk about my mother!", Daniel bellows.

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Seth punches Daniel in the jaw. "You must have a death wish." He says, getting angrier by the second. "And your mother would've died if it weren't for my dad because she was so high on stupid amity serums. So your welcome little ass." He pushes Daniel into a chair.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Rodrick looks at Seth with disgust.How can anyone treat someone like this?!
Rodrick shoves Seth into the wall.
"What is wrong with you!?Just leave him alone!"Rodrick shouts.He doesn't want to hurt Seth,so he tries to keep the shoving under control,not too hard to make it hurt Seth.

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Bloodyhell Daniel winces in pain. He clutches his jaw tightly. He wants to cry right now. But he will never cry before these people. He laughs instead.

"Hahahahaha...Seth...you talk...as if...you saved my mother's life. It was...your father...so...is this how...you really are...hiding behind...your father's shadow?", Daniel tries to talk through the pain. And despite what he was thinking earlier, his eyes begin to feel misty.

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"Rodrick, you are so lucky I don't want to hurt amber or I'd punch you so hard." Seth goes over to Daniel. "You know how you were worried about your mom? Well I'm proud of my dad. You know why? Because he saved a woman's life instead of ignoring it. Maybe ill follow his footsteps and bring you back to life. That is after I kill you." He says. Part of it is true. He does want to hurt Daniel but he won't kill him. Not after his mothers death.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Rodrick sees that Seth isn't going to back down,isn't going to leave Daniel alone.
Rodrick stands there with his arms crossed and just looks at them.He isn't going to waste his time trying to break up the fight,Seth won't listen.But if they start to fight,he will try to break it up.

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Bloodyhell Daniel looks at Seth and then at the other guy, Rodrick. Daniel just sits there, exhausted, physically and mentally. Breaking someone then fixing them right up? That's insane. Daniel looks away from Seth's direction. He says quietly and sadly, "No, you'll be just another violent psychopath"

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"Thankyou." Seth smirks mockingly. "Now I'd shut it before I feel the urge to punch you again." Seth pins Daniel's arm to the back of the chair.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Rodrick looks at Seth. And then at Daniel. Poor kid.Getting on Seth's bad side isn't a great idea.Daniel doesn't understand that.
"Don't bother punching him Seth.You are just wasting your strength on something that doesn't matter" Rodrick says.He is just trying to make Seth stop in a calm way.

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Bloodyhell Daniel doesn't try to budge. Why bothers? It's not like he can escape anyway. He just stares at Seth. Maybe he can throw him off somehow...maybe a smile and change of attitude might help?

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Seth squeezes Daniel's shoulder hard enough to leave a dark bruise. He then lets go. "If you know what's good for you then you'll stand behind rodrick." SJ says.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Rodrick saw Seth squeeze Daniel's shoulder. It looked really sore.Rodrick looks at Daniel.Maybe he should of helped him more,but Seth would of killed Rodrick if he did so.Daniel will be ok.Seth wouldn't kill a person....would he?

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Bloodyhell Daniel looks at Seth defiantly. His jaw is still sore from the punch. But he still manage a smile, a bloody smile. "How may I help you, Seth?" Not that he's planning on revealing any more information. Play dumb. Play friendly. Play Amity.

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"You could die in a hole. But maybe that's me expecting to much." Seth says cockily. He leans against the wall again. Not waisting any more energy beating this kid up. That is unless Daniel annoys him again.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Rodrick looks at Seth and rolls his eyes.
Finally Seth has stopped.But he might start again.
Rodrick turns to Daniel."Are you ok?I think you need to wash up or something." he says.

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Bloodyhell "Y-Yes", Daniel answers. He is rather surprised by this Dauntless boy's kindness. One who actually asks if he is okay. Then he remembers his manners. "Thank you. I will be fine", he says.

((My last post for today, see you tomorrow))

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"Rodrick please don't tell amber. I need to tell her myself." Seth says. Amber is gonna be so mad at him.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Of course, I understand. I won't tell her." Rodrick smiles at Seth.Seth looks almost afraid.Probably is. He doesn't want to make Amber mad.Rodrick then thinks about her.He hasn't seen her in a while.He hopes she is ok.He wishes he could hold her right now.Her lips touching his.
((I have to go to sleep now,I'll probably be on tomorrow.Hopefully :).))

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Bloodyhell Even in his weakened state, Daniel notices changes in Rodrick's expression when Amber was mentioned. The boy looks...immersed? Are they dating? Daniel makes a barely audible sigh. It's not his business.

"Yeah, Amber will probably forgive Seth anyway. He just beat up her childhood friend because the Amity kid didn't want to talk to him. No big deal. I'm sure Amber will understand." Daniel says flatly. That's probably what will exactly happen. It's not like he's important.

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"Shutting up would be in your best interest." Seth says. His fist clenches again. "And she's my best friend. Deal with it."

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((Sorry!! I posted yesterday but apparently it didn't work))

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((It's ok :)!!))

"Seth just calm down.And you Daniel really should stop annoying him,or he will knock your head off your shoulders" Rodrick says,joking of course.Seth wouldn't kill a person.He is a good guy.

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Bloodyhell Daniel considers Rodrick's words. Yep, Seth will probably do that...accidentally. The guy doesn't know his own strength. So Daniel shuts up. He rubs his sore jaw and continue staring at Seth.

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"Thanks rodrick." Seth says. "Oh by the way. Your mom kinda knows about amber now." He says.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Shit.Who told her?Was it you?" Rodrick didn't want his mom to know.He would of rather kept it a secret.He was good at it though.His mom never noticed anything.Rodrick was that good at it.

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Bloodyhell "Er..." Daniel shifts in his seat. This is a topic he obviously doesn't care about. "Can I go now? This doesn't concern me", he says.

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"dont care daniel." seth says. "honestly rodrick i dont remember if it was me who told her. i went to see my dad with amber at the meet and greet and your mom was there."

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