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What's Your House?
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What house do you think you belong in and why would you put your self there?

I think i belong in Hufflepuff where all the fun people are ;)

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Gryff all the way, according to all tests, including Pottermore.

I made three Pottermore accounts and took them as honestly as possible, because I wanted to be certain. 8D First I took it based on how I would answer the questions now. Then I took it based on how I think I would have answered them as an 11-year-old. Lastly I took it going with my second choice on some of the answers I was torn between. (Though Pottermore, I learned, has a variety of different questions, to make cheating more difficult.)

Gryff all the way, guys. :D


Well, I'm in Ravenclaw on pottermore, and I agree with that. :) I have earned good grades my whole life and work really hard at school. But like Megan said the sorting hat will probably take into account our preferences; and I think my preference would be Ravenclaw... but I'll admit I have enough pride to be in Slytherin... so I guess it would depend on if I was a pure blood and how I that affected my thinking. :)

Probably for me, hufflepuff or ravenclaw

Slytherin and proud

Pottermore says I'm in Ravenclaw.
I could imagine being a Ravenclaw. At least when I was in school I probably would've been one. :) So I guess it fits. (Also, I'm an introvert, meaning I live mostly in my head so Ravencalw fits me very well.)

I would think Ravenclaw, but I will always love Griffindor. ;)

Well, I'm not that smart, so I guess no Ravenclaw...
I'm not that friendly either, though I'm loyal to true friends...so yeah, not real Hufflepuff...

I guess I'm sort of brave, but more ambitious and cunning and sneaky so Slytherin for me :D

Or, if the sorting hat has second thoughts, I might be Gryfinndor ;)

This has always been a difficult question. I think that since the hat takes suggestions, I would tell him I want Gryffindor. It’s impossible not to love Gryffindor. But I also know that bravery is not my finest quality and I’m more of a witty person and also ambitious so my conclusion is that if it was just for the hat I would probably be Slytherin/Revenclaw. But I’d be like “Gryffindor, put me in Gryffindor, please”.

Definitely Ravenclaw. I hadn't had a doubt about it since I read the first book.

But how would we really know if the Sorting Hat took our preferences into account?

Probably Ravenclaw or maybe Hufflepuff...

I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore and it was very accurate because I'm really Slytherin-y ( cunning and ambitious and all that butminus the evilness) so yeah, proud to be a snake >:D

Slytherin because I'm ambitious

brave daring anything

Hufflepuff according to Pottermore :)

Gryffindor usually but I would fit in Ravenclaw just as easily. I get high grades and Im top of my class. I would also fit in Slytherin cause I am kind of a bitch sometimes..but only to people who are bitchy to me.

Ravenclaw- Smart, yeah. Brave, ambitious, nice, not so much. I'm not proud of it, but there it is

Ravenclaw, according to Pottermore.

Ravenclaw, I treasure wit beyond measure!

I'm in Hufflepuff on Pottermore and I'd say that was pretty accurate. I'm not brave cunning or clever - but I am loyal!


I've been sorted in slytherin house on Pottermore, and needless to say that I'm disappointed.

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According to the quizzes I'm in Hufflepuff, which sounds pretty accurate.

But I'm probably mean enough to be in Slytherin :)

According to Pottermore Ravenclaw which fits since i graduate 5th in my class booya!

Ever since I read the series, I somehow knew that I would be a Gryffindor and then I was selected as Gryffindor in Pottermore :)

Ravenclaw! True Blue to the core!

According to Pottermore, I'm from Ravenclaw. :-)

is a Slytheclaw here, cause I can't get which is mine actually.

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Hufflepuff, always.

I'm just that sort of Hufflepuffish person.

Hufflepuff FTW.

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Im Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are great. Brave , friendly AND They ARE NOT the worst house, hell to the no. Just look at Cedric Diggory. :>

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I want to be in gryffindor. I just seems the most fun and practically all the awesome characters in the series are in gryffindor.As to which house I'll be in I think it's close between gryffindor and ravenclaw, especially since I'm in ravenclaw on pottermore. But maybe the sorting hat will take into account that I want to be gryffindor and put me there but either way I'll be happy I guess.

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On Pottermore, I'm a Hufflepuff because I'm loyal and hard working; but I honestly think I belong to Ravenclaw. I prefer using wits to get about. I'm good with school, I like logic. I'm not brave enough for Gryffindor, and I think you need more cunning than planning for Slytherin. And Hufflepuff is a nice house and all, but I still think I should be Ravenclaw. Oh well. The Sorting Hat never lies.

Every quiz I've ever taken has put me into Ravenclaw, and so has Pottermore.

I am in Gryffinclaw. I cannot decide between Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Pottermore says I am more of a Ravenclaw.

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Slytherin...no contest. I am cunning, sneaky, I rely only on myself, I am narcissistic, haughty, and I can be incredibly mean to people I do not like (but my meanness is more verbal than physical)

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I believe I would be in Ravenclaw. I am a clever girl who gets always As and Bs. I would have a blast in there!!! Pop quiz, question to enter, READING!!! I would have the time of my life.

Ravenclaw or Gryffindor
But I think the hat will choose Ravenclaw ؛)

Gryffindor, I value courage and bravery more than anything and in situations I always try to choose the brave thing to do :)

I've been aware of this fact since the third grade, Ravenclaw! I've always been my own person, witty and creative. Although, I've always been so fond of Slytherin. Probably because I admire a lot of their traits.

Ravenclaw for me forever and always :)

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Gryffindor: Maybe..I think I'm like Neville sorta "inner and really deep and hidden bravery"
Ravenclaw: I'm quite witty and I'm good at everything in academics EXCEPT Math. But Ravenclaws are the kind of people who rely on their mind above all and that's just not me because my heart always overpowers my head and mind and I don't always follow logic.
Hufflepuff: *sigh* This is the house that I want to be in. Anybody would be lucky to get into Hufflepuff! If it was your first year to hogwarts they would be the most welcoming house and make you feel at home. I think Hufflepuff is where I belong.
Slytherin: I might have inner Slytherin if you get on my bad side. I'm not to ambitious maybe slightly cunning but I'm not really sneaky I don't really rely on myself and and not that tricky. I like to get what I want but I'm afraid to get it sometimes..

Overall I think I would be...HUFFLEPUFF

I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore and I definitely have to agree. I am very cunning and tricky, and I also have great ambition. I have a lot of pride and I'm not afraid of going after what I want.

Gryffindor: cause i am sort of brave.
Ravenclaw: i'm top in my class
Hufflepuff: i'm an ordinary girl anyway
Slytherin: you never know how many pranks i have pulled : )

I don't know where i'm supposed to be. Let the hat tell where i belong.

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