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The United States of Apostasy
This topic is about The United States of Apostasy
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Adam Bradford | 2 comments Hello Family In Christ Jesus,

My name is Adam Bradford, and I have written two books; The United States of Apostasy and We Have Seen Them. We Have Seen Them is a book that I wrote in dedication to our military and those that have served selflessly through the years to protect our freedoms. The United States of Apostasy is a chilling look at the United States and its willful turning away from God.

The United States of Apostasy is a non-fictional look at our nation’s foundation and how we have slipped away from what our forefathers had in mind for the moral structure of our land. It divulges on the media’s play on the devil’s agenda to take our nation asunder and the possible future that may await such a wayward nation. It is a quite alarming book, one full of what today’s society would label as controversial material, but it is very sobering to the fact that our nation is in deep trouble. It is a must read for Christians and those in whom they have been witnessing to and have been praying for. It will challenge believers and sceptics alike!

I have entered this book along with the other in the Goodreads giveaway contest, and I would love to see you guys win a copy. Thank you for your interest and should you read my book, may you be richly blessed by it by the many things you shall learn from it!

In Christ Jesus,
Adam Bradford

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Kim Propp  | 6 comments I hope to win! Thanks for telling the truth about our country.

Adam Bradford | 2 comments Kim wrote: "I hope to win! Thanks for telling the truth about our country."


I hope you win too, and will be richly blessed by this book!

God Bless,

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