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Missy Mumby I know I'm a little late to the group, but I thought this would be a fun way of monitoring how much I actually read in a year!

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Missy Mumby 1. Threats Threats by Amelia Gray by Amelia Gray

I must say this book was a challenge, although not because of the density of its themes (i.e. loss, sanity, inability to cope), but rather because it left me feeling as if I had experienced a loss. This book is reminiscent of a David Lynch movie, never directly answering any questions at the end. I would not recommend this book to anyone who is feeling any type of depression.

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Missy Mumby 2. Gone Girl Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn by Gillian Flynn

I have never hated characters with such passion as I hated the characters in this book! The only character that was even remotely likeable was Detective Boney. I also thought the ending should have dropped another bombshell, but overall it had my attention from page 1.

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Missy Mumby 3. Dark Places Dark Places by Gillian Flynn by Gillian Flynn

Amazingly creepy! I thought this was better than Gone Girl!

4. Sharp Objects Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn by Gillian Flynn

This was good, but I felt like it was missing something. Much like Gone Girl, the characters left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

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Missy Mumby 5. Save Yourself Save Yourself by Kelly Braffet by Kelly Braffet

Very interesting take on loneliness, and how that affects people's decisions and interactions. Wouldn't recommend reading this if you were depressed in any way, as the characters are depressing enough.

☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎ Hey better late than never. Good luck!

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Missy Mumby 6. The Fault in Our Stars The Fault in Our Stars by John Green by John Green

Love, love, love this book! Although I didn't cry like many others who have read this book, I did think it was quite an emotional piece. It came to me as a recommendation from a student.

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Missy Mumby 7. Cell Cell by Stephen King by Stephen King

This is not a typical King novel in that there isn't as much lengthy description, which often gets tiring. However, I did not love the ending...there was much to be desired. The overall premise was decent, but I felt like the ending could have wrapped up the story in a better fashion.

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Missy Mumby 8. The Ocean at the End of the Lane The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman by Neil Gaiman

So entertaining. I did not want it to end!

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Missy Mumby Been awhile since I've posted!

9. Think of a Number - John Verdon
10. Shut your Eyes Tight - John Verdon
11. Peter Pan Must Die - John Verdon
12. Let the Devil Sleep - John Verdon
13. Summer House with Swimming Pool - Herman Koch
14. We Are Water - Wally Lamb

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