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Yay, journal time...

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Yes! I figured out how to post Gif and Pictures! somerandomtext

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somerandomtext I could do this for forever.

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" I am a fire, gasoline. Come pour yourself all over me." ._. that's an interesting line.

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I was browsing Viria's tumblr, when I noticed this amazing video for the fandom Homestuck, I love Homestuck,and I loved this video. Today I found an expert from the video as a gif. somerandomtext if you are curious the video is called Homestuck animation Lullaby for Gods, it has great music that is amazingly in sync with the animation.

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Today has been kind on Alpa, first I got second place for a charcoal still life I didn't mean to turn into the contest, and I improved on my mile run! So I feel very good right, now also I'm listening to a civil war podcast.

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