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The concert hall was already packed. Ferdinand found that to be a very good thing, though. The more fans he had, the more money he got to live off of. He walked inside with Sammy. He said nothing about the scars that he saw on her arms. He didn't want to make things uncomfortable with her. "So, this is the Hullabaloo Hall," he said as they walked inside from the parking lot. He would need to get backstage to let everyone see he had made it, and he needed to practice his vocals.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy's eyes were wide in surprise with how many people were already crowding the place. She knew she did not belong here, it was as obvious as a shark in the desert. Even so, Sammy felt strangely at ease walking next to Ferdinand and the silence between then was oddly comforting. There were no words to really explain the confusion she felt about this as they walked. She blinked rapidly when she realized he had spoken to her, flashing from embarrassment when his words were lost to her. This is what she gets for being caught up in her own world so often. A sigh escaped her lips as they got closer to the building. "Um....I'm guessing this is where we part ways so you can go warm up and all?" She stammered, biting her lip softly and absentmindedly tugging at the sleeves of her shirt.

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He grabbed her sleeve gently while she was in mid pull. He wasn't thinking entirely about what he was doing, just going off of impulse. His fingers grazed softly over her scars, and he stared at them for one second before snapping out of the trance the scars put him in. He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry." He looked up into her eyes and shook his head. "Nope. You are my date tonight. You will be going backstage with me. Unless, you'd rather go and sit with the huge, sweaty crowd?" He raised his brow and lead her towards the hall that went to the backstage. "You'll love being backstage. I think it's my favorite part about a concert."

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Her entire body froze in shock when his fingers suddenly grabbed her sleeve. She opened her mouth as if to say something and was just about to pull her arm away, but the way his fingers felt ghosting over her scars had any protest die in her throat and any movement become lost to her. Her eyes kept flickering from his face and his hands until he let go and his eyes captured hers. It felt like she could stare into those eyes forever. When he spoke, it immediately made her snap from her trance and luckily hear what he said. "D-date?" She stuttered in surprise, a small blush making an appearance on her cheeks. Nevertheless, she still followed him. "That huge crowd? thanks..." She mumbled finally, shaking her head.

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He grinned and looked over at her. "Are you all right with me calling you my date?" He approached the locked doors and typed in the code you had to have to get back there. The security guard nodded at them as they walked inside. His agent bounced up from the couch and moved across the room to them. They did their handshake and patted each other on the back. "And who is this? Your girlfriend, I presume?" Ferdinand chuckled and looked over at Sammy. "This is Sammy." He put his hand on the top part of her back. "Sammy this is my agent Morris. I like to call him asshole." They shared a laugh and his make up artist came up to inspect his hair.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments She bit her lip softly, her hands twisting the hem of her shirt nervously. In all honesty, Sammy had no problems with him calling her his date, it was just surprising. She never thought anyone would call her anything like that after she became distant from the world. "" She shook her head rapidly, her blue curls flying out around her, hoping he wouldn't catch just how red her face was. She followed behind him as they entered the backstage and glanced around with wide blue eyes. "Wow..." She muttered under her breath before her eyes landed on Ferdinand with some other guy. Her already pink cheeks only intensified in color at the man's words. "Me? G-girlfriend? No..." She shook her head again, trying to ignore the comfort of having his hand on her back. "We only meet today...." She waved slightly at him when Ferdinand introduced them. "Hi Morris."

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Morris laughed and gave her a wink. "I'm just messing with you two. Ferdinand never brings dates to his concerts. So, I had to say something to discomfort him." He gestured for her to come with him towards the couch. That's where all the snacks and beverages were, not to mention all the girls and guys sitting around playing card games and making out. Ferdinand nodded to let her know that it was okay to go and turned to Lay, his makeup artist. "So, I was thinking about growing out my beard. Any thoughts?" She shook her head and took him to the mirror so that she could comb his hair and pick out clothes for him. A few of the guys sitting down called for Sammy to come on over. "Hey, we're Ferdinand's buddies." One with half his head shaved said, "And the girls are our hoes." The girl closest to him punched him in the arm.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy nodded slowly as Morris spoke, still biting her lip softly. Her eyes flickered to Ferdinand in surprise. She thought he would have dates all the time...she didn't think sure was anything special. She shoved it away, just figuring he was being nice and there was nothing to it. She followed Morris over to the group, keeping her eyes away from the couples that were making out, since she didn't feel comfortable watching them. "Uh....hi....I'm Sammy...." She introduced herself after a moment and stood there awkwardly. She felt so out of place...there was no way she belonged here. How in earth did Ferdinand talk her into coming backstage with him? Oh yeah. It was either that or being with the huge crowd out there. She knew this was probably the better option, since she got the feeling of claustrophobia easily. Even so, she still felt like she didn't belong. She glanced over her shoulder at Ferdinand once more, shaking her head slightly, before turning her full attention back to his buddies.

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"He's a handful, isn't he, love?" The English accented guy spoke up to Sammy. Ferdinand redressed into black, ripped jeans; a black T-shirt, and black Converse. He moved beside Sammy and shook his head. "A handful, aye, Gunner? I don't think that position belongs to me but more to you." He took Sammy's hand and pulled her over to two empty chairs. A girl with light green hair decided to take a turn to speak to their new guest. "I adore your hair." The other three girls nodded in agreement. Morris started turned on the radio and let Rihanna sing to them all. "Where are the drugs?" Gunner whined. "We don't have drugs here, you idiot," Morris spoke up. Ferdinand looked over at Sammy and frowned. "You look very uncomfortable," he whispered to her.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments "I.....uh....." Sammy sighed and lifted her shoulders in a slight shrug. "I wouldn't really know.....I only met him today...." Her she was, taking to a bunch of Ferdinand's friends when shh hardly knew anything about him. She practically jumped out of her skin when he suddenly, magically appeared beside her and closed her eyes for a moment to calm her racing heart. Her efforts were proved useless the second he grabbed her hand, which caused her heart to practically beat out of her chest. "" She smiled slightly at the girls as she followed Ferdinand to the empty seats. A sigh escaped her lips when he whispered to her. "I just...don't know how to act...these people...I know nothing about them...." She glanced up to look in his eyes instead of the floor like originally. "I'm sorry I'm so awkward....I...." She sighed again, casting her eyes back to the ground.

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"You aren't awkward, Sammy. If anything, we're the awkward ones," Ferdinand said while motioning to himself and the other people in the room. "They're actually really cool people. I just never bring anyone here. So, they're showing out for you." He looked over at the girl with green hair then back to Sammy. "We like to call ourselves wallflowers. Don't worry about the drug thing, either. None of us do drugs...well, except for Gunner. He only smokes weed, though." He squeezed her hand reassuringly. "If you want to leave, we can go in another room," he smiled softly. "Hey, we should go get tacos after the show, LB," Morris said. Ferdinand made a face to Sammy like he enjoyed the idea. "How does that sound to you?"

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy's eyes flickered from the floor back up to Ferdinand's face in surprise. "Not awkward?" She murmured mainly to herself, raising a dark eyebrow slightly. It was a new thought for her...not awkward. She'd been called awkward for was an immersing change. Kind of nice. Her blue eyes glanced around to everyone in the room and took a deep breath. "No, no. It's okay. I don't want to take you from your friends!" She replied quickly, almost in one breath, and shook her head rapidly. "I'll be okay....I just....have to get used to everyone." She shout him a timid smile just before Morris spoke up. She listened barely, before nodding slightly at Ferdinand's question. "S-sure. It'll be good to get out...will besides this concert." Her smile brightened slightly, hoping it would show that she really was up for it.

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Ferdinand nodded at her words and thought about the whole situation. "Well, if it gets too uncomfortable, just let me know, and we'll leave. Oh, and I get to see them at all of my concerts and social events. It's okay if I don't hang out with them this time. I promise," he put his hand over his heart in a symbol of his promise. He asked for drinks and snacks to be passed around. "I want you to make yourself comfortable, okay? Eat and drink whatever you like; although, I have to warn you away from the tuna sandwiches. Morris made them himself. I don't trust his cooking." He looked at the TV and flipped the channel to the movie The Breakfast Club. "Oh, Gunner. Do you remember the first time we watched this together?" The green haired girl asked. Gunner nodded, "I believe it was a year ago when you came over to Ferdinand's house with Mike. I stole you away from him with my charm." Ferdinand rolled his eyes and looked at Sammy. "Gunner and Malla are in this on again off again relationship. Today, they're the happiest couple. Tomorrow, she'll probably be with Morris."

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy nodded slowly and smiled reassuringly. "I'll let you know if it gets too uncomfortable. I promise." She giggled softly at his motion and rolled her eyes. "But I don't care about that. I'm still not going to take you from your friends, even if you do see them all the time." She ran her fingers through her curls and nodded. "Will do, sir!" She straightened up and saluted him. "I don't really like tuna, anyway." Her smile brightened when she saw the movie that started playing. The Breakfast Club was one of her favorite 80s movie. "Ahh....." She nodded slightly, her eyes flickering between Gunner and Malla, then to Morris.

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Sammy's sudden act of happiness and goofiness caused Ferdinand to smile brightly at her. He moved over closer to her, his leg against hers. He took some peanut M&M's for himself and the whole bowl of Italian sausage. "I'm keeping this," he announced to everyone. "Hope nobody minds. Italian sausage is my favorite." He poked a fork into the bowl and pulled out a small piece. "Would you like some sausage?" He gestured to Sammy and chuckled.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy smiled softly and watched the movie intently, completely distracted with it, until she felt Ferdinand's leg brushing against her own. This made her blink and glance over at him with surprise flashing across her face, but didn't say anything. A laugh escaped through her lips when he stole the bowl and rolled her eyes. Wow....I'm surprised I'm already so comfortable. She thought, her smile practically lighting her entire face. "" She looked thoughtful, before nodding. "Sure!"

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Ferdinand smiled happily and handed the bowl over to her. "I believe that Italian sausage is the best meat on earth, right next to Chick-fil-A's chicken. He looked up at the TV and began to watch the movie. He would go on stage before the movie ended, but he decided it would be better to take this time to have some fun with Sammy and watch an '80s movie with her. Malla was proof to him that girls enjoyed watching '80s movies with guys. It was something romantic to them. He kind of wondered what Sammy thought about them.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy smiled back at him as she took the bowl from his hands, setting it in her lap. "Well thanks." She adjusted in her seat so she was more comfortable, the bowl still in her lap. Her elbow was propped up on the arm and her chin was resting on her palm. Of course, her eyes were practically glued back to the movie within second. 80s movies. They were great, so fun and most of them were a huge break from todays movies, which were alright, but somehow paled in comparison. But of course, that would be her little secret opinion.

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((Wow. I agree.))

Ferdinand mindlessly threw his arm around Sammy's shoulders, and he chewed on his bottom lip. How long had Sammy been a fan of his? Why was she a fan of his? Was it his voice or his lyrics or both? Why did she smell so good? Why did she dye her hair the color it was? She had told him what colors she had dyed it in the past, but he didn't recall why she dyed it blue. Why, why, why? So many questions he just wanted to ask her. So many answers he wanted to hear come from her mouth. Then, all of a sudden, the realization of what was going on with him slapped him in the face like an offended girl. He was becoming her fan. They barely even knew each other to call themselves friends, but he was already growing attached. Why? There that word goes again. He sighed deeply.

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Sammy's tried staying focused on the movie, but as soon as Ferdinand's arm went around her shoulders, her thoughts went haywire. All of her thoughts stopped, then came at full speed, hardly being able to comprehend them all as she glanced at his arm. Why on earth did it feel so good resting there? What is that sudden, delicious smell? Why is his arm around her in the first place?! She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, forcing herself to slow down a little bit. Her eyes flickered towards his face and at that moment, she couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking about. She shook her head slightly as she tried turning her attention back to the movie and for some reason actually leaned into him a little bit. It was surprising how comfortable he actually was.

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The sudden feeling of her getting comfortable and leaning into him felt kind of nice. Ferdinand started to relax even more and grinned at the TV. What will become of us? He glanced around the room at all of his friends who were cuddling up couple wise. He thought about how each of them had met each other through music. To be more specific, his music. Malla and Gunner first met at one of his concerts. The rest of them had either bought one of his CDs and started chatting about him or was listening to one of his songs really loud in public and the other went to talk to them about it. Then, he became a friend to each of the guys, which made him end up being friends with the girls. Now, he had Sammy because she was a fan. He wondered if he would have become friends with any of them, especially Sammy, if he wasn't famous.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments The state Sammy was in was so relaxing, she could have sworn she could have easily fallen asleep then and there. But since that would be incredibly embarrassing and probably not a good idea, she kept her mind active enough to stay awake, but not so much where she went into hyper drive. Somehow, her head ended up resting on his shoulder, which only increased the comfort. She absentmindedly twirled a curl around her finger as her eyes flickered back up to Ferdinand. " are you going on stage again?"

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"In," Ferdinand checked the clock on the wall, "thirty minutes, I do believe." He stretched out his legs and sighed. "Why? Are you ready to get rid of me?" He joked around with her and nudged her to let her know he was joking. He asked for one of the guys to throw him a Dr. Pepper, which he opened and sipped on for a good five minutes. "You should go stage diving," he looked over at her with wide eyes.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments "Ahh...." Sammy nodded slightly when he answered and glanced at the clock. Her eyes widened at his joke, at first not realizing it was just that. A joke. "Oh, no!" At this point she caught on to the joke and clamped her mouth shut, glancing away. She only looked back at him when he made his suggestion. "What?!" She shook her head rapidly, her eyes wider than before. "Uh...I don't think so."

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Ferdinand shrugged, "Your loss, Sambo." He finished off his drink and watched the movie until Morris cleared his throat. He looked over in his direction and up at the clock. "Ah, time to go. See you after the show?" He looked at her for a moment before running out to the stage.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy laughed nervously and shook her head. "Yeah....doubt it." She sighed softly and turned her attention back to the movie as he did and a smile spread across her lips. She nearly jumped when Morris cleared his throat, her smile faltering for a moment when she realized it was in fact time for him to go. "Of course." She replaced her smile with a larger one just before he ran off, then slouched back in her chair.

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Ferdinand kept thinking about Sammy as he wandered onto the stage. He was hoping that if she didn't go out into the crowd to hear him, she was backstage listening in. He wasn't the only person performing tonight. So, he was only allowed to take up thirty minutes of performance time. He decided that he would sing Get It Right, Security Check, Everything Flows, and That's How Much from his newest album. Then, he sang Healthy Ego, Dark Eyes, Sweet Dreams, VIE, and ended it with I Want To. "Change...adjust, go to New York and blow up or bust. It's just a matter of trust. I want to be someone else or be dust....I want to be someone else or I'll explode." As the crowd applauded, he walked away from the stage with his hands up in the air. He moved through the backstage door, ready to see Sammy and any fans that were receiving pictures with him and autographs.

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Mysti  | 2919 comments Sammy decided against going out into the audience. Instead, she stayed backstage, happily listening to him perform. There was a bright smile on her face as she listened. For most of the songs, she was mouthing the words, since she didn't wasn't to sing in front of people she didn't know. She waited patiently for Ferdinand to come back when he left stage, then beamed when he walked through the door.

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