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message 1: by Mitali (last edited Apr 27, 2014 02:42PM) (new)

Mitali | 117 comments In the meta sense: I doubt GRRM gave much thought to it at all. He's no Tolkien - he doesn't really seem to be interested in portraying language use in a realistic way.

In the in-universe (and much more interesting) sense: The Common Tongue is Dany's mother tongue*, and a major part of her identity as a Westerosi princess. And the most important function of her marriage to Drogo was to get him and his Dothraki horde to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. So it makes sense that she would teach him the language of the place she comes from, and the one he is meant to conquer.

*Despite what she says in the really awesome 'Dracarys' scene in the TV show, Valyrian is not Dany's mother tongue. She certainly did grow up speaking various dialects of Valyrian, as she lived in the Free Cities her whole life. But her family - i.e. Viserys and Ser Willem Darry (who raised her) - spoke the Common Tongue. There is no suggestion whatsoever in the books that the Targaryens spoke Valyrian among themselves after the Conquest, despite being from Valyria originally.

Yes, I know I'm overthinking this way too much ... ;)

message 2: by Remy (new)

Remy Blas (remyblas) | 247 comments I think overthinking is a common feature among us, the ASOIAF readers.

message 3: by Mitchell (new)

Mitchell Fobbester (the-mad-king) | 18 comments Amen!

message 4: by George (new)

George (acousticguy) | 5 comments Catherine wrote: "I love that you over-think, it means I'm not the only one!"

Overthinking is better than underthinking (except when playing music live).

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