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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra trotted her horse through the gates, before stopping her horse and waiting for her companion

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 72 comments Mod
He was talking to a few merchants, Gathering intel, He urged his horse next to hers, dismounting. " Ish'Mal Ahad, Someone we want to meet. "

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Oh?" She asked, "and why might that be?" she slid off her horse, patting it's chesnut next

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 72 comments Mod
He didnt answer her, he walked calmly, up to a building. " Race you to the top.? " ((And the world freezes, going into slomotion, A drop ,enus comes down saying press A To acctep. B To decline. The full syncrinataziotn bar says to beat the Young Assassin to the top))

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ((A of corse!!)) Alexandra smirked, and without answering ,immediately began to scale the building with the speed and agaility of a lemur

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Lucian followed suit. He jumped up, Higher than she did, grabing a ledge and throwing himself upwards. He climbed the tower like a pro. Seeing her fall behind him. Just before he reached the top. a windoseal gave way. Falling down a few feet. He started climbing again. he reached the top to find her already there.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra smirked, a knowinf glint in her eyes, "you almost had me there" the wind at the top of the building blew her hood back, her red hair trailing out behind her like a flame

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 72 comments Mod
He nodded, Out of breath. "Now, That merchant, we need to talk to. His.. Competinion is disapearing. I belive he is by the south gate"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra nodded with understanding, "well, lets get on it then"

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Elizabeth entered the room with her dagger to her side. She had a wound on her stomach and blood was dripping out of it, "Templars..." Was all she could say before she fell to the floor, still conscious."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra leaped down, landing next to the girl and assessing the damage. It didn't look good. Opening a small bag at her hip, she grabbed bandages and began to cover the wound

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Elizabeth's hair had fallen to the side. It's black strands speckled with blood, as was her face. "So... Many." You could tell that she had seen a battle.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Tell me what happened" Alexandra said softly as she dabbed blood away from the girl

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"They just attacked... Everywhere." She said slowly. It took a lot to faze Elizabeth or at least wound her, which they had.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra frowned, "This is bad news..." she muttered to herself, thinking of who she needed to report to

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Elizabeth almost forgot,"They said... I was a message-" she wheezed a little and then continued."To say... That we're not that... Tough."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra frowned, "You did well, love" she said softly, "You're still here. You made it through"

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"But my family, ... They killed my brothers." She said slowly with tears forming in her eyes. She had cared for them like her own blood family.

((Also phone my die))

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ((sadface))
"They will be avenged" ALexandra whispered, "I swear upon it"

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"They were all I had." She said whispering. She closed her eyes and let herself wallow as it really sunk in.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra frowned, "It'll be ok, I promise" she didn't really know what else to say, she wasn't much for compassion

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"Can... Can you just help me up?" She felt like she could stand now. She wanted to lay down in her little spot at the base.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra offered her a hand up, silently

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Anastasia But there was a guard waiting behind for an ambush. what do we do??!!!

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 72 comments Mod
(( can I come back.In)

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Anastasia "We need to run!" Ana said as she threw a dagger behind her killing the ambushing guard.
"I will provide cover."

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 72 comments Mod
(( my spelling sucks.. )

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