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Marcy Calcagno | 28 comments I need a few Beta readers to give me honest feedback on what they like and what they don't. Here is the book description:

Over the last five years, Jenny has hidden her mother’s drinking that began on her twelfth birthday . . . the day her father died.

Child Protective Services can’t find out or they’ll take her away. For years, Jenny has forged school notes, withdrawn from her friends, and cared for her drunken mother. Senior year starts with a sigh of relief. Only one more year to keep the secret, or so she thought, until the morning she finds an empty bottle of vodka nestled in bed with her mother and the undeniable truth of what her mother did last night . . . that can’t be undone.

Jenny’s heart shatters and yearns for the mother this broken woman used to be. She knew this day might come. Taking out a camping backpack she had hidden and three thousand dollars she squirreled away, Jenny abandon’s her mother and her Connecticut home for good. Where is she going? She’s not sure, but far away from here is a good start.

In this heartfelt and surprisingly humorous story, you will travel with Jenny from the crowded streets of New York City, to the salty air of Virginia Beach, to the trolley cars in San Francisco. Along the way she befriends many interesting people. Love, loss, friendships, betrayal, crazy adventures and finding herself, are all a part of Jenny’s incredible journey.

Maybe along the way, she’ll find it in her heart to forgive her mother too.

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Marcy (marshein) How long is this book?

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Marcy Calcagno | 28 comments The book is 82,000 words.

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Marcy (marshein) Okay, well, I just got a beta project, so I can't take yours on now. Good luck.

PS We share a name! There's a word for that in Spanish, which unfortunately I've forgotten. Do a lot of people spell yours "ie"? I cringe whenever they do.

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Marcy (marshein) I don't see the title here....only A Side of Mom, which, to be honest, I don't much like. I don't like this full title either: Lunacy, Secrets and Mom sounds better....keep working on that, it's "A Side of Mom" that sounds weird, like "A Side of Cole Slaw".

The above description is what I read. It sounds like two books, actually: the first part, drunken mom, sounded typical teen-with-problems, not in a bad way; the second part, when she leaves home, sounds adventurous and fun, altho I wondered if it would include the horrors we hear about kids on the street, which would also be okay. That's about all the impression I had.

I was looking for a beta book, preferably YA, because I've been learning to write them, and I like traditional story-telling: some sci-fi is okay but I don't go for fantasy / time travel / androids at war / entering other dimensions and all that genre stuff unless it's outstanding, like by Margaret Atwood. I chose yours because it sounded real.

Hope this helps.

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Marcy Calcagno | 28 comments Thanks for your comments Marcy!

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