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message 1: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy | 2 comments Hi! :) This is my first time putting my words out there for people to read and I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

Yelling ricochets in my ears,
I cower down like a dog
Chained up,
Shrunken away from fear,
Tied to a leash
With no slack,
Given commands I am to
Being neglected
The privileges
That are taken for granted,
Wishing there was some
Way out,
But knowing I'm stuck
With the owner
I've been given.

message 2: by Wordy, Modérateur d'un. (new)

Wordy Nerd (wordynerd) | 1809 comments Mod
Wow, I liked this. When I read this poem the feeling I got was pain. I would suggest adding more to this. Love your word choice. I especially like the word ricochets.

message 3: by Marie Danielle (new)

Marie Danielle (mariedanielle) | 527 comments Like it!

message 4: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy | 2 comments Thank you! :)

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