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message 1: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Rasmussen (hooptyson10) This is where you can chat with everyone

message 2: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (droelofs001) Hi my name is Dakota and I like frozen alot and love singing all the songs all the time

message 3: by Jazz (new)

Jazz | 15 comments I love frozen too!!

What a coincidence! ;P

message 4: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (droelofs001) coolio

message 5: by Jazz (new)

Jazz | 15 comments XD

message 6: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (droelofs001) are you a huge fan of disney?

message 7: by Jazz (new)

Jazz | 15 comments yeah! :)

message 8: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (droelofs001) awesomeness Disney is tottaly amazing

message 9: by Lynnaea (new)

Lynnaea | 1 comments Totally!!!!

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