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You are fighting verbally with a guy who is bigger and stronger than you. He punches you in the face. You...
A. Punch him back
B. calmly try to stop the fight
C. Try not to draw attention to yourself and just stand there letting him punch you

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Bloodyhell B.

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You have a huge crush on a girl and she likes you back. She is already dating a bigger tougher guy. You...
A. Fight the guy for your girl
B. talk to the guy calmly and hope he understands
C. Leave it up to the girl to decide
D. Let the other guy date her

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Bloodyhell C.

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You went to the mall and saw a girl standing there crying. You...
A. Go see what's wrong
B. tell her she looks like shit
C. Ignore her, it's not your problem
D. Stay with her until she feels better

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Bloodyhell A.

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Your result is amity

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