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Niran | 229 comments Hey, so would you like me to create my character first?

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Yes please:) I'm the guy correct?

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Niran | 229 comments Yes, the guy the King :)

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Okay I'll make mine after yours then since you're going to make your character first.

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Niran | 229 comments Name: Aurora Inna Kaliona

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Status: Leader of The Outsiders


Aurora has light blue eyes and long wavy brown hair that extends down her back. She has an angled jaw structure and a very fine facial structure that is emphasised by her flawless pale skin. Her body is also voluptuous and curvy, and stands at a height of 5ft6.

Aurora is usually wearing leather pants, boots that have fur on them and a white shirt with a armoured corset on top. She usually doesn't wear dresses because she doesn't like them. The people in her village stick to basic materials, fur, leather and occasionally silk.

Aurora is a very strong and independent women who is also opinionated and smart. She doesn't rely on others to help her or to aid her, but instead likes to help and aid others. She can be very mean if she has to be but doesn't necessarily want to be, she is only mean if she feels her people and her family are threatened.
Once her protective barrier is done with she opens up to be a girl of honour, pride, love, kindness, humorous and very gentle.

•Playing cards

•The City
•Stereotype of women
•The King

Aurora remembers her father being a man of wise words and great care for his people and family. Her mother was a beautiful women who took care of her family and people, she respected her husband and stood by him.
But they died, murdered in cold blood when they agreed to meet the kings father, the past King.
Athena was 17 when she became the leader, it meant all her teenage life she was being raised as a hunter, protector and royal instead of a women or child.
She went on ruling and struck up a rebellion against the king, she wanted revenge for her parents deaths and that is what she will get.

-Brother, Alexander 22
-Brother, Sebastian 18
-Sister, Annah 17

-Very good in archery
- Is also skilled in using a sword and protecting herself through combat.
-Has a raven as a messenger
-Dabbles in black magic/ voodoo

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Niran | 229 comments Sorry it took so long!

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Name: Jeremiah Johnson
Age: 29
Gender: Male/Masculine
Job: King of The Empire
Personality: to be roleplayed
Mother--Ingrid Johnson
Father--Jakob Johnson

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Niran | 229 comments Can you start?

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Jeremiah stepped out onto the steps of his quarters. He was going to lead a raid on the Outsiders camp and take them prisoner, the woman who led them was just causing too much trouble for his trading routes and not allowing new people to enter his territory. He put on his leather gloves and took the reins of his black stallion from the stable manager. "Are we ready?" He called to the men assembled to help him with the raid.
He got his answer and mounted the stallion. "Lets ride!" He announced and rode out of the courtyard towards the forest that loomed ahead, Jeremiah could hear the sound of horse hooves pounding behind him as they advanced towards the forest where the Outsiders were staying.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora heard the trampling of the horses, not only that but she already sensed what was happening, as if the trees were whispering to her. She closed her eyes and calmed herself as the children in the camp ran around and played, she calmed herself as women were chatting chirpily, she calmed herself as the men laughed briskly.
"Aurora? What is it?".
She suddenly opened her eyes to see her brother Sebastian looking at her with deep concern. She grabbed his shoulders and looked into his eyes," Brother, take Alexander and Annah with you and go far away from here, do you understand?". He just looked in bafflement, so she shook his shoulders again," Go! Now!".
She watched her brother take the other two away, pretending to be doing something else while she saw them travel deep deep inside the forest.

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The soldiers and Jeremiah raced into the camp on horseback. Jeremiah's stallion reared as he crashed through one of the small cottages, the soldiers were already busy with the capturing. Women and children were screaming and trying to hide but the men found them and threw them into the wagon behind the line of soldiers. "Burn it! Burn it all!" He ordered to the men and flames started licking at the cottages and all the wagons where the Outsiders had stayed. Through the black smoke Jeremiah spotted their leader, she was trying to get away. He kicked his stallion into a run and scooped her up in an arm before turning to take her back to the wagon where the prisoners would be kept until they returned to the castle.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora had no clue as to what was going on, everything happened within a flash and a blink of an eye. Her people were screaming and the men tried fighting for their wives and children, this image infuriated her.
She thrashed and hit the kings chest, clenching her teeth as looked at the bastard," Let me go! Let my people go!".
She felt useless, as leader she should have done more! She should have done more for gods sake! She thrashed even more and clawed at the king so that he would let her go or accidentally let go of her. Aurora hoped that her people were okay, she looked to them and shook her head, telling them that fighting would make it worse for all of them.

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"Too bad sweetheart," Jeremiah taunted. He nodded to the soldier to open the gate of the wagon so he could throw her inside. "Guess you didn't escape this time," he smiled down at her and threw her into the back of the wagon, wrenching her fingers free that clawed at him and beat his chest. She hit the floor with a thump, flames licked at the wagon, "lets get back to the castle!" Jeremiah bellowed, he felt his stallion rear as the flames burned closer to its feet. "C'mon!" He yelled and raced out of the burning forest.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora stopped herself from cursing and hitting him even more, instead she clenched her teeth and balled up her hands. She wanted revenge, for what his father had done to her parents and for what the King was doing now.
She would get her revenge, and it would be a sweet sweet one. For her.
She looked behind her from the cart and hoped to the gods that her siblings were safe and were somewhere they could never be found.
A guard had wrapped her hands with rope, she felt the briskly edge to it hurt her wrists as she tried fidgeting her way out of it.
Aurora simply gave up, she did not rile herself up even more, she knew it would be of no use.
"I will kill every one of you if you hurt my people", she mumbled, scowling at the king and radiating anger.

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"Don't waste your breath," Jeremiah told her as the calvary arrived at the castle. He dismounted from the stallion, and nodded to the soldiers. "Bring the woman to my quarters," he muttered in one of the men's ear. He nodded and Jeremiah removed his leather gloves, he gave the reins of the stallion to the stable manager and walked up the steps of his manor to walk inside and remove his jacket before continuing up to his quarters. He opened the door and stretched his back, he stepped out of his boots and went over to the window where a armchair sat and sat down in it waiting.

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Niran | 229 comments One of the men suddenly grabbed her, taking her by her bound hands and pushing her roughly to where the King had ordered.
Though she had not one clue where she was to be taken and held, she hoped she would not be taken as some sort of slave or serving girl. She would not do such a thing, she would rather be beaten to death than serve these simpletons.
Aurora soon came to find that she was in the Kings chambers, one place she definitely did not want to be in. This was his domain, he ruled and conquered here and had an advantage over her. She was helpless.
"You Majesty", the man said, bowing and leaving.

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Jeremiah dismissed the soldier and stood up from his place in the chair. He gestured to the armchair by the fireplace, "have a seat." He said to the woman, and folded his hands behind his back. "Did you enjoy our little meeting?" He asked as he paced across the room just beside the balcony, "I surely did." A smile played on his lips.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora stood where she was, she did not sit and she would not. She simply held her head high and looked at the King, observing his slow and cocky mannerisms, as if he knew he had the upper hand, and he did.
She looked at him and scowled, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with him:
Kill him, torture him, for what he had done and what his family had done!
"No, I did not enjoy it nor did my people", she said venomously, how dare he speak to her in such a light way, as if this was all a joke.

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Jeremiah spun on his heel, an eyebrow raised. "That's really too bad," he sighed and pretended to be upset. "I'll just have to better next time," he examined the woman's face. "Mind telling me your name?" He asked her and jerked his head to flick a piece of his hair out of his face. Jeremiah stopped pacing and stood in one place watching to woman to see every reaction she had when he spoke to her.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora made sure her expression was a blank every time, she did not want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her annoyed, angry or upset. Because he was thrive off of that, she could tell that much about him already.
"Aurora", she said shortly, looking back at him and looking him up and down.
She simply shook her head and laughed bitterly," You are supposed to be the king? A pompous, arrogant and foolish man like you? A King?". She could not even believe it, the way he presented himself and the way he flicked his head to move his hair, as if he knew himself to be of importance and royal blood.

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"Beautiful name," he commented. "I am Jeremiah, and your lucky I am a kind man. I could've let your people burn back there," he reminded her. "I actually saved you and your people from a painful death," Jeremiah narrowed his eyes slightly. "Would you rather I killed them and had you watch or let them live in my empire as servants?" He asked her, "it's your choice."

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora had finally given into her temper.
She leaped towards the King and looked at him with such hate," How dare you think you did the right thing! How dare you try and make me believe that what you have done is better for my people! You do not know anything, because you are ignorant to what is around you!".
She hoped that her light blue eyes bore into his soul as she looked at him, she hoped that he felt what she was giving him.
Though he was right, she'd much prefer her people to be servants than to die.
But would her people want that?

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"I know I did the right thing!" Jeremiah yelled back at her, "if you don't believe me imagine what my soldiers would have done to the women and children in your village if I hadn't been there to lead them. They would've done more than just gather them up and throw them in a wagon. Imagine what they would've done to you if I hadn't been there." He ground his teeth together waiting for her reaction.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora simply looked at him from under her lashes, she gave him a look of firmness and strength. She would not be a victim in all of this.
"You are the King, you may do as you please, you command and they obey. Is that not how it is?", she asked. She knew exactly what his bastard soldiers would have done if he had not been there, they would have probably raped the women and then burnt the rest of her people.
"What would they do to me, Your Majesty? Would they share me like a common whore? Like a harlot?", she said, edging closer as she continued to look at him with anger.

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"Some of those soldiers are boneheads that have no idea who they should listen to, their commanding officer or their king." Jeremiah admitted, he watched her take a step closer. "You should be grateful that I was there, and they didn't go by themselves." He turned and went towards the balcony, leaning against the railing, watching her out of the corner of his eye.

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Niran | 229 comments She simply sighed, though she was slightly confused as to the affairs of the city and court already. She was glad that she had not been raised here like her ancestors had, it all seemed to be so much. Aurora looked down at her bound hands and saw that her wrists had gotten sore and red, she saw a fire in burning in the kings chambers and slowly went to it.
She knelt in front of it and quickly placed her hands on top, though it stung slightly it unbound her hands to which she quickly took them back.
She bit down on her tongue to stop herself from screaming in slight pain as she lifted herself from the floor and into the chair the King had previously told her to sit in.

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"I see your smart," Jeremiah said and walked back into his chambers. "I was planning on untying you anyway," he shrugged. "But you saved me the trouble." He went to sit behind his mahogany desk and relaxed into his chair. "I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us." He smiled a bit.

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Niran | 229 comments "I am so glad that I saved you much effort", she replied bitterly and sarcastically. She simply sat there and closed her eyes for a brief moment, hoping that all of this was as just a nightmare.
But it wasn't, it was very much real.
She re-opened her eyes and avoided his last comment, no, she and her people would not enjoy the stay for they were not free.
"What will you do with me?", she asked, curious.

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Jeremiah shrugged. "I don't know, there is much I could learn about your people from you." He crossed his arms, "much you could teach as well." He muttered the second part under his breath. "Is there anything I can get you?" He asked taking out a pen and pad of paper.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora was taken aback at him, and so she reflected that with a look on bafflement and slight shock," Excuse me?".
Why was he being nice? Why was he asking her when he could simply command anyone? He was the King of England.
"You want me to teach you of my ways?", she asked, confused again as to why he wanted that.

((Sorry but I've got to go! I'll reply as soon as I can))

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Jeremiah nodded. "I'd like to learn about your ways," he told her and flipped to the nearest empty page in the notebook and dipped his pen in ink. "There is much difference between our worlds, religions, I'd like to learn about it."

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora's face creased even more in more immense confusion, why would he want learn about the Outsiders? Unless he wanted to use it as another excuse to create another religion and make it his own.
"No", she said, shaking her head," Do not use my religion and tradition to make it your own".
She looked away from him and then looked at him from nude her lashes," Unless you truly want to just learn".

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"I would truly like to to learn," Jeremiah told her leaning into his desk somewhat. "So that I may understand your ways better," he leaned back into the chair. Balancing the pad of paper on his knees as he looked at her, waiting.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora smiled slightly to herself, but she looked down quickly so that he did not see that himself. She felt the silence and knew that he was waiting for something, but what?
She looked at him and arched an eyebrow," Well...ask me something, I do need some sort of guidance".

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Niran | 229 comments ?

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Jeremiah pondered over what to ask her for a moment, his eyes wondering around the room. "What is your religion, what's it like, who do you worship?" He asked her, his pen ready to write as he waited for her to answer. That was actually three questions but oh well, he mentally kicked himself for asking more than one question at a time.

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Niran | 229 comments Aurora let out a slight sigh, she was actually going to teach this man of The Outsider religion and tradition and ways of life.
"We pray and worship the Sun, Moon, Water. Anything natural in our forest. Before we take our feed from an animal, we thank it. We do not believe in one god", she stated. She looked into the fire as she spoke, not wanting to look to look directly at him.

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Jeremiah wrote that down. He nodded. "Interesting, is there anything specific that your gods stand for other than the Sun, Moon, and Water?" He asked her and turned to look out into the courtyard for a moment before turning back to look at his notepad as he waited for her to answer his question.

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Niran | 229 comments Ayva shook her head," We have many gods, there are gods for everything. For example we have pray to the god of weaponry to teach us well. We pray to the sun so that our crops are well, therefor our food is better", she stated.
She still didn't understand why she was telling him, but maybe he would be gentler with her people if she did cooperate with him.

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Niran | 229 comments ?

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