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Bea entered the classroom. She slid into a seat towards the back of the room. Her grey dress got caught on the edge of the chair suddenly, and she was yanked back. Looking around wildly to make sure no one saw, she undid it and sat down. Maybe it was slightly self indulgent that she cared about people seeing her mistake but...

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Without any hesitation, Bea sprang up from her seat and proceeded to help the girl. "Are you alright?" She asked the Amity girl. Bea did a quick survey of the girl, and she appeared to be unscathed. But who knew?

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Bea nodded. "Don't we all?" She was trying to find loopholes around the self indulgent deal. Maybe there were some things she could say that applied to everyone, so therefore, it applied to her? Hopefully...

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((Lol. Don't worry about it. :) ))

"As long as your skirt is finger tip length, yo should be good to go." Bea said. She may not have been Erudite, but she at least knew that rule. All pants, skirts, shorts, ect... had to be at least finger tip length. And no spaghetti straps for a shirt. People from Abnegation never had to worry about that rule. All their clothes were long. But people from Dauntless always seemed so keen to break that rule...

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Bea nodded and watched the girl carefully. "Make sure you cut it ice and even. The teachers could still send you home if you make it too uneven. You know?"

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Bea shrugged but decided not to press it even further. if this girl wanted to do this, then so be it. She shouldn't interfere.

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Bea sighed and took up her seat back in the back of the room. She pulled out a sketch pad and began to draw. She drew a bunch of lines. Bea actually didn't know what she was drawing, she was just going with it.

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Bea looked up from her picture and raised her eyebrows. "What was that for?" She asked the Amity girl. She hardly ever saw someone from Amity loose their temper so...

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((Remember to post a minimum of four sentences. This is an advanced roleplay.))

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Bea sighed and ran out to go and fetch a teacher. She promised herself that after the teacher came, she would leave her to to the girl. There was no reason for her to stay. And she wasn't Erudite, so she couldn't help much.

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