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                                                       MAY NEWSLETTER

Flag RibbonWe Mods nominated, you members voted.
May's Sub-genre of the month is: Small Town Lovin'.

Small town

We read one book from each of these series every month.
   You’re welcome to lurk, answer questions, make predictions, volunteer, or just say,
   “Hi!” But, please be warned:
Expect Spoilers!
Flag RibbonHighland Guard #2: The Hawk, by Monica McCarty
      Start Date: May 12, 2014. Join us here.
Flag RibbonKurland's Two Series Combo (#5 for us; #8 for series):
       De Piaget & The MacLeods - The More I See You, by Lynn Kurland

      Start Date: May 19, 2014. Join us here.
Flag RibbonThe Dresden Files #15: Skin Game, by Jim Butcher
      Start Date: May 27, 2014. Join us here.
        14000CHALLENGE  FISHY
Flag Ribbon14,000 in 2014 Book Count Challenge. A GROUP challenge!
      Join directly here, and stop by and say, "Hi!" in this thread.
      We invite everyone to help us read 14,000 books this year.
      For further help, check out this link to the “GoodReads How To...”

Flag RibbonGigi’s “Favorite Read of the Month - April”

Flag Ribbon “Wild Card” Birthday Babies Bonus - Tell us your birthday month.
       We’ll use your bookshelves as a “Wild Card” replacement for one of the
       monthly challenge options.
Monthly Challenge:
Flag Ribbon May 2014 Challenge: Gisela’s Birthday Takeover!
NEW Off The Wall Challenge:
Flag Ribbon Definition of a Good Lover: An A-Z Challenge
Quarterly Challenge:
Flag Ribbon“The Sexy Surprise Sub-genre Selections Challenge” - 2Q 2014.
Flag Ribbon We have decided to go for a slimmer look in our monthly newsletter;
    instead of all the recurring threads, we’ve provided you with
    “A Map for Getting Around RLftCI.”
Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends you think would be interested. We appreciate all your comments, this group wouldn’t be as fun as it is without your participation! If you have any feedback / suggestions, feel free to let us know below :-)

Happy Reading!

*This newsletter is a recurring feature, making it easier to notify you of all the new, exciting things going on in our group for the month and a central place to keep track of any carry-over challenges and discussions. As always, this is a joint effort by your moderators, Gisela, CaroB, Susan, ShoSho, Gigi, and Lisa Kay.

Mothers Day

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