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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Bergquist (Elizabeth_Bergquist) | 2 comments So much to do in so little space! Flash fiction seems an excellent place to practice techniques that leave the reader guessing, reading between the lines, and imagining. What are some of your strategies and techniques to engage and intrigue the reader while saving words?

message 2: by Mark (new)

Mark | 146 comments Mod
I don't think I have a particular strategy. Fiction writing is spontaneous.

message 3: by H.c. (new)

H.c. Heartland (hcheartland) | 7 comments I have been trying to apply methods I've learned and one of them is mind-mapping. I use it in language learning and have found it to help me with my fiction writing. Although flash fiction implies no need to map. However, even flash fiction should probably be edited and so it could help.

message 4: by Marc (new)

Marc Nash (sulci) | 98 comments It's not a technique as much as how I think about structure. I've never been interested in conventional story telling, that is narratives with beginnings, middles & ends, character arcs and all that. That's what I love about flash, you don't have time to scene set a beginning, you have to plunge the reader straight into it.

So I've written all kinds of different types of narratives as flash; from 100 single word sentences all beginning with the letter 'C', through to a 'story' called "A Series Of False Endings" which is exactly that, no beginnings, no middles...

I also like how you can use flash to examine every side of a theme or an idea, you don't have to fix on any one perspective - I think of it as examining gemstone, seeing how the light strikes it, then revolving it so a new facet presents to the light and how that is reflected differently and so on.

I've made a video talking about these techniques and reading some stories as an example if anyone is interested.


message 5: by Marc (new)

Marc Nash (sulci) | 98 comments And I've also blogged on the notion of twists at the end of flash stories - I'm against them but I invited a flash writer friend of mine to put the case in favour of them. You can read both here -


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