The Elite (The Selection, #2) The Elite question

what do you think the ending of the one will be, or hope to be.
Sammy Sammy (last edited Apr 27, 2014 05:54AM ) Apr 27, 2014 05:44AM
this is one of my favorite series ever! and I really want the ending to be exactly like this, also I'm team Maxson just saying.

Ok I want Aspen to die protecting America in an attack. And while she is grieving his death, Maxson comes along and comforts her. Then bam! he proposes.

ok this ending would be fabulous

i don't think that Aspen can/will/should die - especially after the story that we got in The Guard - i think that there's hope for him still with Lucy. I'm just really cynical and i cant wait to see that Aspen will turn out to be part of the Rebellions or something along those lines - having kept a huge secret for America, and that part of his assignment in the palace was to watch her and get her out in the hopes that she could help his cause.

i'm more curious about what role Kriss is going to play in things and what that will mean for America. I think that we saw America come in to her own, but she's clearly a bit unsettled about her relationship with Maxon even though he told her to begin thinking about how to make the rooms her own, since we learned that Kriss has been in HIS rooms.

I just can't wait. i think that i'm going to go on a binge of the first 2 books this week to make sure that i'm fully up to speed.

i dont care who she chooses. i would appreciate if the author bothers to have a good plot thrown in.

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I totally agree with Sammy. Or there's the possibility that Maxson goes off to fight in an attack and he dies fighting and America is grieving for him and then the only person she has left would be Aspen. If that happens, I swear I will throw the book across the room. That would be the worst ending ever but I'm just saying that it could happen. But i hate Aspen with a passion and he should die. ;) I love your ending though Sammy. :). . . But if Aspen dies, America will be upset and Maxson will find out that she never told him that Aspen was in the palace and he will eliminate her and marry Kriss. That would be the worst thing to ever happen to this series. I would rather Maxson die than marry Kriss, or Celeste. Now that I've brought up those two endings, I'm sure we're hoping for Sammy's. :)

Llama I love what u think and I do love the idea with the rebels :)

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